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26-05, 07:25 mantrisha
26-05, 07:02 mantrisha
I wish Trump was as worried about the rich paying their fair share of taxes as he is about NATO allies supposedly not paying their fair share. Hypocrite.
25-05, 15:52 Balls-Deep Bieber
He was, after all, the man who stated that black people will never get along with white people. He also sang of his unbound joy to be going to the National Front disco.
25-05, 15:51 Balls-Deep Bieber
Musically, morrissey is a genius, but little attention should be paid to his words (even though *some* of what he says may have merit).
25-05, 10:37 ihno
Her name was Jo Cox.
25-05, 08:45 ihno
Last year a british politician was murdered during campaign by a radical or lunatic. I guess M. doesn't remember.
25-05, 07:20 Gideon
not a big fan of his music but kudos to Morrissey for his FB statement on the Manchester Terror Attack: http://www.uploadhouse.com/viewfile.php?id=25111820


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