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12-01, 16:08 Gideon
the ence to Girl, Interrupted is what throws me off; I love Nicole Kidman and it may be an okay movie but the title tells me it’s another Hollywood cookie cutter exploiting a serious Gay tragedy like they did Matthew Shepherd.
12-01, 12:33 ihno
I'll wait for that one till it's available on the internet. :D
12-01, 06:50 Gideon
sorry MT i hadn't noticed your post til now but i have not see Boy Erased and like you say the title alone put me off so yeah, no, it's not gonna be on my watchlist any time soon
12-01, 05:11 mantrisha
ok no one else bothered to see it either I guess, I guess I was right about it being kind of boring-seeming
10-01, 14:01 mantrisha
yeah it's an Honorary Gay Card Movie I guess , but I didn't make an effort to see it so maybe I got a demerit haha
10-01, 10:04 Gideon
well, you're granted a Honorary Gay Card with full privileges for your tireless efforts on behalf of the Gay community at large with all the privileges entitled to bona fide Friends of Dorothy ... so conversion or not you're still Gay :) ... M'kay?
10-01, 06:13 mantrisha
Boy Erased, it was talked about so much I felt like I didn't have to see it lol. But maybe it was good, idk


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