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WELCOME to "gay-pirates.com"!

Forum "gay-pirates.com" dedicated to gay-topic and is intended for specialized communication registered users and an exchange of ences to thematic files between users. If You are under 18 years of age or subjects of a site is causing your rejection, please leave our forum.

For full access to the forum users need to pass the registration procedure. By Registering, you certify that you are 18 years or more, you agree to the forum rules.

To stay on our forum, it was all nice and simple, we ask each user to abide by the general rules.


1. Registration
You should use only one account.

2. Identification
In the login name, avatar and signature do not use obscene or offensive words or images, advertisements, information or links to web-sites red into paragraph 3.4. Avatars and signatures with prohibited content will be deleted without notice.

3. Messages / Posts
3.1 Place the message in the appropriate content sections and topics. Small topics will be merged with larger.
3.2 On the forum it's recommended the use of only Russian and English languages.
3.3 In the forums "Images" or "Video", please stick to the additional rules of publication of messages posted in the appropriate sections.

3.4.1 Publish information that violates the norms of international law.
3.4.2 Publish threats, insults, lies, slander, discriminatory information on any grounds, provocation. To this kind of messages are also implicit cues.
3.4.3 Use of materials or links to files with persons under the age of 18 years .
3.4.4 Use the edit/delete their own messages in order to distort or conceal their original meaning.
3.4.5 Copy own messages and the messages of other users. Uncover hidden the author of the information.
3.4.6 Post on the forum addresses, phone numbers, passport details and other personal information.
3.4.7 Use the links to the photohosters and the filehosters, working only for money or its equivalent (for example, for sending the SMS), as well as any of the links available only premium-users after the acquisition of the account.
3.4.8 Use scripts or programs for the automatic publish messages without the presence of the author on the forum. The administration and the moderators must have the possibility of quick communication with the authors of messages. Ignoring the appeals administrators/moderators within 24 hours or continuation of the publication (5 posts or more) after receipt of the request may result in a ban.
3.4.9 Post links to any sites and files that contain viruses and other malicious programs.
3.4.10 Use intermediate sites redirect links (i.e. AdF.ly, Linkbucks, Youfap, Usercash and etc.).
3.4.11 Use the direct link to the paid sites or blogs (without using anonymizer - anonym.to and etc.).
3.4.12 Use the forum for commercial purposes without the consent of the administration.
3.4.13 to Place the information, which does not correspond to the purposes of creation of the forum and infringes the interests of the users.
All prohibited materials will be deleted!

4. Spam and flood
The forum is strictly prohibited distribution of spam, as well as any other obsessive information not expressly requested by users.
Please, do not post duplicate trivial messages. Do not publish a single word of thanks the comments, for this there is a button "Тhanks".

5. Inquiries and requests.
All queries and requests are only published in the corresponding section "Просьбы / Requests". Requests are accepted only from active users, with more than 25 messages.

6. Penalties
6.1 The moderators and the administration have the right to edit, move or delete messages, move, close or delete any threads, close and delete social groups, accounts, etc.
6.2 Attitude to the requests and remarks of the moderators and administration with due attention and respect.
6.3 In violation of the Rules moderators and administration shall be entitled to apply the penalty in the form of warnings in a personal message, the issue of violations with accrual of penalty points, temporary or permanent ban (if the number of penalty points exceeds 10).

7. Assistance and resolution of issues.
7.1 In the case of problems on the forum, use personal messages for communication with moderators or administration. You can also use the channel "Contact Us" via e-mail.
7.2 In the case of detection of violations of the rules or broken links, You can report it to the moderators (the triangular button "exclamation mark" in the upper right corner of the window)
7.3 Is not recommended public discussion of the actions of moderators and administrators. If You think that, in respect of You or of Your messages were made illegal actions and You have been unfairly punished, then You can appeal against the actions the moderators of the administration, taking advantage of a personal message, or via the "Contact Us". The appeal has to be subject and contain complaints to specific actions of moderators. If possible, you should specify the URL of the threads or messages, in respect of which have been taken described actions. Abstract complaint without specific claims will not be considered. The decision of the administration is final and not subject to appeal.

8. VIP-status of users.
VIP-status is awarded for great contribution to the work of the forum. At the forum, there are two status: "Trusted" (VIP-status for active users), "Irreplaceable" (VIP-status for the most active users, having a large number of interesting messages).
If You are not violated the rules and You have more than 50 interesting messages, You can apply for reception of VIP-status.

9. The administration reserves the right to make changes and additions in the Rules as needed. Please, browse to the page with the General Rules.

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