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По умолчанию Chapters 3 & 4

We finally arrived at the room - I had two keys, my laptop bag and was followed in the elevator by Alex and the porter. The porter took my keys and opened the door at which point Alex walked through as the porter turned on the lights. I struggled through with my bag, plopped it on the desk. Alex had started walking the room, glasses still on, gloves on and was examining the coffee machine, fridge, bathroom, bed lamps - checking out the room as if he were paying for it himself.

I tipped the porter and he left.

So, it was just me and the boy. In the room, alone.

He continued pacing and examining. He wasn’t going to speak first.

“So, you speak English?”


“My name is Cooper”

“I know who you are, Mr Cooper” said Alex in a not-too-thick Russian accent.

He took off his beanie which revealed long, very, very blond hair. It was very well kept, extremely even in length as if it had just been cut and was tied in a small ponytail at the back.

He then took off his gloves revealing those amazingly-long fingers and bright, white, shiny square, fingernails. He used those fingers to take the beanie and gloves and put them on the desk, on top of my bag.

He then reached up to take off his glasses. He slowly removed them to reveal dark brown eyebrows and very thick, long eyelashes. He had almond-shaped, almost Asian-shaped eyes that seemed to turn up a bit at the ends.

But it was the color of his eyes - no not the color but the intensity of that color that was both shocking and stunning at the same time. In the most literal sense of both of those words.

I felt myself completely captivated by how blue the eyes were. The magnitude of the blue, the brightness of them, the emphasis that they created in the room was beyond comprehension.

“Why don’t you take a seat, Trent?” asked Alex pointing to the seat behind me.

He stood over me, looking at me as if he was trying to read me. This allowed me to get a better look at the features of his eyes, how they had a dark circle around the outside of the iris, the bright, white, clearly defined striations that radiated out from the pupil - or were they originating at that dark blue circle on the outside in towards his small pupil - it was hard to say, but they filled the space between those long, black eyelashes and were perfectly bordered by his eyebrows as they seemed to now fill the room.

Chapter 4

Despite not really understanding what Alex was really doing there, I took a seat as he suggested. I still had my wallet in my right hand which was now on the armrest of the chair, hand facing downwards covering up the wallet.

Alex’s gaze shifted towards that hand - he had spotted the wallet.

He casually reached over with his left hand to take my wallet. My immediate, and natural reaction was to tighten my grip on the wallet - it was mine after all and contained my credit cards, drivers licence, a whole wad of receipts and about $500 in US cash.

He didn’t resist my grip on the wallet, but he did shift his gaze to my face. I met his eyes with mine - was that the right thing to do, after all he had just tried to grab my wallet?

But his eyes remained as captivating as when I first saw them. He tilted his head as if he wanted to intensify the effect that his eyes were having on my concentration on his.

Without me knowing, he had moved his left index finger to the back of my right hand and started drawing circles on the back of my hand. Slowly, in a counterclockwise motion. Circling around and around. The feeling was indescribable. I couldn't really quite make out if the circles were from him or from inside me.

I wanted to look over to see what he was doing, but it was hard to break my gaze away. When I finally was able to move my neck so that my eyes had to move too I saw that his long fingers were now lifting my hand up from my wallet. He wasn’t drawing circles any more but...funny thing was I could still feel the circles being drawn. My hand was so heavy and those circles…

I couldn’t move my hand - he had my wallet and there was apparently nothing I could do about it. The rest of me was listless, fixated with the fact that those circles continued yet he had already started rifling through my wallet - saw the money and pocketed it.

“H..h..how,...what are you doing…?” Slurred words emerged from my mouth as my heart started beating quite a bit harder. I started to emerge from my chair, ready to confront Alex.

“Just relax, Trent,” said Alex - and with that I felt so heavy in the chair with all will to move suddenly drained from my body. Alex smirked seemingly knowing exactly what was happening.

“This is all part of the plan for your trip. You need to just RELAX and enjoy it,” he said as he cast his blue eyes towards mine. They became more irresistible as he spoke.

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