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По умолчанию Hypnosis Story - Moscow

This is a story I wrote myself. There are many chapters to it but the main theme is hypnosis.

Please write to me if you want me to post more.

The flight was extremely long so it was good to finally be on the ground in Moscow. It was night-time in mid-winter, not the most hospitable time to be coming to this place. I was to meet our agent who represents our business interests in Russia.

Sergei was a tall man with greying hair and a loud, booming voice. He made sure that we had lots of business and had ample reason to come back to Moscow on a regular basis.

He picked me up in the latest Mercedes S600, only this one had been stretched so that it was very long. His driver opened the door for me, dressed in his long overcoat and gloves for the freezing Moscow winter. He had sunglasses on even though there was hardly any daylight given the time of year.

Sergei was already waiting for me in the back of the limousine dressed immaculately in a dark suit with silver tie. Business had been particularly good. Sergei was in a really good mood but I was just tired after the long journey.

“Great to see you Trent, my friend” declared Sergei.

“Great to see you too Sergei, it’s been a while.”

I sat in the car facing backwards on the driver’s side so that I was facing Sergei.

“I promised you something very special if we did really well in this quarter and I always make good on my promises. I’ve put you up in a suite in the Four Seasons - it’s really quite a treat.”

The driver got in the car, removed his coat but left his sunglasses on and pulled away. The glass privacy screen went up with a whirring sound. We drove away from Sheremetyevo airport and chatted away. Throughout the ride, Sergei had a bit more of a smile than he usually has.

We drove away from the major city lights for a bit, down some side streets in a part of Moscow I had never seen before. All of a sudden, the driver pulled over at the kerb.

“A little something extra for you, my friend.”

At this stage, I was getting a bit worried - it is Moscow, after all. It was dead silent, made even more silent by the snow that was on the streets.

A shape moved towards us from under a street light - it was difficult to see, but it was definitely a person.

The door to the car opened.

In came a sneaker covered in snow - followed by a leg and then another and...he was wearing jeans - in this freezing weather.

It was, what seemed to be a young guy. Hard to see in the car, but he seemed to be wearing jeans, white Nike high top sneakers, and a sweater over a tshirt. He had a gold chain - customary in this part of the world. He was wearing knitted gloves, very thin given how cold it was.

It was hard to see his face because of the light, but from what I could see he was also wearing sunglasses and a black beanie.

He didn’t speak or offer his hand. He just got in the car and sat there as we drove off.

“I know you will find him...interesting, Trent.” said Sergei, a little opaque as to what the reason was that this boy got in the car.

“He’s my special...gift. All for you.”

I was a little scared at this point, since I didn’t know Sergei had any idea about my interest in young males. Last time I was in Moscow, I discretely slipped out for a massage from an amazing young guy. There’s something really nice about the Russian boys.

The whole scene was surreal. Here was a boy sitting there, confidently, not moving, not speaking. By rights, he should have been freezing, but he showed no signs of being the least bit cold.

Sergei spoke to the boy in Russian - I couldn’t really understand much other than something about confirming whatever they had agreed with the boss.

The boy went to take his sunglasses off - Sergei was as firm as I have ever heard him in his booming Russian voice - “Ne Delay”. Unmistakeable - that was the command to not do something.

The boy still had his gloved thumb and index finger on the rim of his sunglasses. They had only come down a couple of millimetres. The boy turned, looked at Sergei, then took his index finger and pushed the glasses in the centre of the frame back up onto his face, as if with disdain.

That was a strange moment. I wonder what all that was about - all he wanted to do was take his glasses off, I’m sure. It would be - and is - strange to leave them on.

We drove off another 10 minutes or so, with no-one saying anything. The boy just sat there, as did Sergei - as did I.

“His name is Alexei,... Alex. He speaks English very well. Have a good night, Trent - don’t rush in tomorrow, take your time.”

With that, Sergei got out of the car which had by then pulled over, and exited, leaving just me, Alex and the driver.

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