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По умолчанию Nightmares of Metropolis Part One

Chapter 7

Jimmy had never felt so great in his entire life. He was sitting in a plane on its way to Athens. Not only was he flying to Athens but he was flying first class. Normally he would never have been able to afford to fly anywhere especially not first class, but he managed to seduce the cute guy at the ticket counter to letting him fly for free. The ticket guy was absolutely enraptured with Jimmy which was something he never experienced before. Sure some guys thought he was cute, but he never had someone willing to do anything for him just because he flirted. He did pay a sort of price for the tickets. As he led the ticket counter guy to the staff men’s bathroom and locked the door, he started passionately kissing the ticket guy. Even the kiss was enough to send the poor lad to moaning and begging for more. Jimmy almost started laughing on how easy it was to turn this guy on. Ripping open his victim’s pants, he found there was a huge boner in there just from some kisses. Jimmy ripped off the boxers covering that erection and began to pump fast and hard. Within 30 seconds, the poor ticket guy has cummed all over his shirt and was panting on his hands and knees. Jimmy patted the cute guy’s head before grabbing his ticket to board the plane. It was so incredibly easy to seduce this guy. It made Jimmy feel powerful and totally irresistible. Ever since he got that ring, his luck has been incredible. Now he was on his way to Greece. He was unsure why he was going, but there was something he had to do there. He did know without a doubt that this was going to be the best vacation he ever had.

Several hours after he fell asleep, Superboy woke in a panic; he had no idea what time it was. He knew he was supposed to be in Mr. Porter’s room before he awoke. He jumped up and almost collapsed from the pain in his ass. Even though he felt that his powers were in full force again, his ass still hurt from last night’s violation. He had almost hoped that it was a dream, but it wasn’t. He was the great hero Superboy, and last night was reduced to a fuck toy. He quickly went to his dresser and opened it up to reveal his second shock of the morning. The only clothes in there were tiny white briefs with his Superboy insignia on the middle of the briefs. He was supposed to wear this? He thought in alarm. Remembering the time, Superboy shoved his shock away and slipped into a pair of these briefs. They were way too tight for his comfort and it barely covered the bulge of his super cock. He rushed out of his room and quietly went into his Master’s bedroom. Superboy sighed with relief to see Mr. Porter still asleep. He waited by the foot of the bed, so he would be following his orders. After last night’s punishment, he did not want to repeat that. As he waited, the door suddenly opened and Superboy’s face turned red as a servant entered with a tray. She smiled as she saw Superboy just clad in those tiny briefs. Her eyes scanned every part of his mostly naked body as she quietly set the tray on the table next to the bed. Before she left, she walked over to the hero and brazenly grabbed his cock through the briefs and squeezed. Superboy suppressed a gasp as she softly laughed and left the room to return to her duties. How was this happening, Superboy thought in despair? He was reduced from Earth’s greatest hero to a boy toy to be used as anyone wished.
“Good morning, Superboy,” William said as in a soft voice as Superboy was jerked from his thoughts. “I am glad to see that you can indeed follow instructions. Mr. Porter motioned for Superboy to come closer. “Hand me my breakfast tray, boy.” Superboy rushed over and placed the tray on his Master’s lap. Mr. Porter patted the hero’s crotch with approval. “Do you like your new uniform? I had them designed just for you.” Superboy turned red in the face as his attention was turned to his almost nakedness. “Now for your first task for today, you will give me a blow job.” The redness in his face grew more, but he did not hesitate. Last night he learned what would happen when orders were not done immediately. Superboy uncovered the covers and shuddered as he slipped his Master’s pajamas off revealing his hardening cock, the same cock that took his virginity last night. Superboy pressed his lips to the head of the cock and fell even deeper in despair, the great Superboy giving another man a blow job. As Superboy ran his tongue over his Master’s cock, William enjoyed his breakfast. Superboy then engulfed his mouth over the cock and moved his head up and down on it. Thanks to his powers, he did not have to worry about oxygen and he took the entire cock in his mouth. Soon Mr. Porter exploded with cum in Superboy’s mouth and the hero continued to suck on the cock until he was told to stop. He felt dirty when he was forced to swallow his captor’s cum.
“Very good stupid boy,” William laughed. “I must say that you are very good at giving head. It could be your super powers or maybe you have done it before. We will find out soon enough. It is time for my morning shower. Your duty will to wash me.” Superboy followed his captor to the bathroom. William had the boy of steel turn on the water and make sure that the temperature was perfect. As William disrobed and entered the shower, Superboy went to take off his briefs. However he was stopped and told to enter the shower in his uniform. The water hit the white briefs and the material become very see through with the exception of the Superboy insignia. Superboy felt even exposed than before. He washed every part of his Master as his body was touched and fondled. Superboy almost heaved a sigh of relief when the shower was over. Mr. Porter instructed Superboy to go to see Scot Peters and not to change but to go with his wet briefs on. Superboy turned red yet again knowing that several servants will see him like this. However there was little he could do and like an obedient dog, he was on his way to his next task.

Lois Lane was stumped. She was working on the story that Perry wanted her to get. So far she got the copy of the police report of the murder of Allen Tripp. It definitely was an explosive that killed the man who was spying on the Daily Planet. But she could not figure out where the bomb came from. What she needed was a second opinion, but the only person she would bring this information to was Kent and he was off living it up with one of the wealthiest men in the world. However the more she thought of it the more she decided that he could take time to listen to what she had so far. She walked over to his desk and started looking for a phone number where to reach him. As she was looking she knocked over a folder and papers fell out of it. Cursing, Lois scooped up the papers and suddenly stopped. The top piece of paper was descriptions of bombs that were set off in Hong Kong. He face turned white as she scanned the details. There were a lot more details than what she had, yet what she did have of the bomb was almost exactly like the bombs that were supposed to kill her and Superboy. The same person who killed Allen Tripp was the same who tried to kill her. She hurried over to the copier to make copies and placed the papers back where Kent had left them. This was exactly the connection that she needed. Only one person had the technology available to make this type of bomb and try to kill Superboy. The only question is how Allen Tripp fit into the picture.

Superboy finally entered the lab where Scot Peters worked. The way to the lab was humiliating as it seemed every servant in the mansion walked by the hero. Wearing only his wet briefs, Superboy might as well been naked. Some servants smirked at the defeated hero while others were brazen enough to fondle different parts of his body. Some grabbed his crotch, while others tweaked his nipples. Superboy felt like very degraded at the entire experience. As he entered the lab, Scot looked up and smiled at the hero. “Get a little wet did you?” The scientist smirked. “Well I would tell you to put on dry clothes but I am afraid that you either have to wear what you are wearing or just be naked. Either is fine with me.”
Superboy did not know what to do, however he did opt to wear his wet briefs. Scot motioned for Superboy to follow as he led the hero to a darkened room with lead wall. “I am sure you have figured out that I will be conducting experiments on you. If you cooperate, things will go well, however if you do not then I will have to send you for punishment. You see, Superboy, it was I who discovered what I like to call Kryptonite. By the data collected from your first experience, I can tell you never encountered it before. As you have stated in your interview with Clark Kent, you come from a planet called Krypton. The planet died but not before you was sent here to earth. Well when your planet exploded, it sent pieces of your dying sun all over the universe. Some of the pieces fell here on earth and I have been analyzing the pieces ever since. I was unsure how it would affect you however. It seems kryptonite had enough lethal radiation not only to strip you of your powers, but to also kill you. If Ms. Lane did not save you then you would have perished from the exposure even if the bombs were not placed. “
Superboy stood in shock trying to absorb all this new information, so many pieces fell together except why William Porter would try to kill him then blackmail him. One thing was in his favor; his secret was not common knowledge yet. Perhaps he could use it to his advantage.
“It is not Mr. Porter’s wish to kill you however, Superboy. He has instructed me to find out if we can keep the radiation at a point where it just strips your powers and not a lethal amount. That is where I come in. I will also be doing other experiments on you for other data. The first is a semen sample so I can study it while you are doing your other duties. I could just have you masturbate, but I think I would rather do this slowly to find out more about you. “
The scientist took out a lead box as Superboy looked at it with dread. He motioned for Superboy to come close to him as he opened the box. The hero cried out in pain as he recoiled, but Scot had grabbed him by his arm and kept him in place. “Interesting,” he mused. “The kryptonite at this close exposure causes the patient pain and nullifies his powers completely.”
He closed the box and helped Superboy to the table. The hero moaned as the pain faded. When the hero was situated on the table, Scot picked up a note pad and started writing notes. He sat besides the table as he recorded his findings. After a few minutes he reached over and pinched Superboy’s nipples. Still weak from the kryptonite, Superboy gasped. “So you are still weak from the exposure, I see. Tell me Superboy, how long was it until you to recover in Hong Kong.”
Superboy moaned. “About 15 minutes, but I was outside.”
“Outside?” Scot asked thinking. “Does being indoors or outdoors matter when it comes to your powers?”
Superboy gulped to himself. He had let too much information slip. He hesitated but ultimately decided to answer the question to prevent more exposure to kryptonite. “My powers are generated from exposure to the sun.”
Scot thought about it and then suddenly smiled. “Now it all comes together.” He started writing very fast in his notebook as Superboy lay on the table glumly. Fist his freedom was taken away and now his secrets were being siphoned from his one by one.
“I want you to tell me about your sexual experiences,” the Scientist said as he stopped writing.
Superboy turned red as he was raised in Kansas and some things were not talked about. “I have never had sexual experience before last night.” The hero said softly.
Scot could not believe his ears. He put down his pad and pen and stared at the hero. “Let me get this straight, Superboy. You are probably the most powerful being on this planet. You could have your pick of women and you have never had sex.”
Superboy blushed even more as he shook his head. He was raised with conservative values and taught he should wait until marriage to have sex.
Scot stood up and walked to the table and pushed the hero down, grabbed his face and started to passionately kiss the hero. Superboy wanted to fight it, but he knew that if he did, he would be exposed to more of this kryptonite and would be forced to go through this. Scot ended the kiss and whispered in his air. “Does that feel good, Superboy?”
Superboy shook his head. Scot looked coyly at Superboy. “Perhaps you need some exposure to kryptonite to unlock your pleasure sensors.” He mused.
Superboy gulped. “Please don’t do that, sir. The kiss felt very nice, really it did.”
Scot looked at Superboy and tapped his finger against his lip. “Is the subject lying to avoid a little pain or is he telling the truth?” he said to himself. “Tell me Superboy, what are you attracted to?”
Superboy grimaced as these were questions he did not want to answer. “I am attracted to women sir.” He answered his face blushing once again. Scot took out a notepad and started to take notes.
“Tell me about your sexual fantasies.”
Superboy blushed even harder. “I have never had any sir.”
Scot almost dropped his pen in surprise. “What do you mean, Superboy? You have never thought about sex before?”
“I always was focused on my duty as a hero, sir. “
Scot wrote in his pad furiously. “I see. So have you ever masturbated? If so what did you think about? How often do you have an erection?”
“I have never masturbated and never really had any erections. Up until last night, I was not sure I was able to. I found women attractive but they never made me have an erection before. My powers allow me to have total control over my body. I was always told that lustful thoughts could potentially destroy my powers.”
Scot never stopped writing. “Interesting, in my wildest dreams I never knew this could be possible. Who told you to avoid lustful thoughts?”
Superboy nearly groaned. He had said too much and now another secret of his is in danger of being exploited. Scot looked up from his notes and noticed Superboy not saying anything.
“Answer my question, Superboy.” He said quietly.
“I am sorry, sir, but I can’t.” Superboy said softly.
Scot looked disappointed. “Very well then, you may report to Spike and tell him that you have been a naughty boy. When he is done with you, then you may report back here and I will try to heal you the best I can.”
Superboy’s shoulders sagged as he left the room. Yet he had to be strong, it was bad enough that his Master knew his secret identity, but he could not reveal this important secret, even if it meant to be tortured. As the hero went into the dungeon with the criminal Spike waiting, he was greeted with the door slamming shut and a green glow from the dreaded kryptonite. Superboy gasped as pain sharply cut into him.
“Welcome, Superboy!” Spike grinned evilly. “I have been waiting for you.” He bound across the room and punched Superboy in his gut. Superboy doubled over and threw up on the floor. “Not so super any more are you boy?” Spike taunted as grabbed the hero by the hair and tossed him across the room. Superboy landed on the floor and instinctively went into fetal position. He had never felt such pain in his life. His tormentor came over and kicked Superboy in his ribs. “Is that all you have, Superboy? The great hero down for the count and I barely had to lift a finger? Well if you think you are going to get off easy, you are wrong!” Spike slammed his foot into Superboy’s balls making the hero howl in pain. Laughing, he forced the hero up to his feet and then sucker punched him across the face. Grabbing the hero around his throat, the villain slammed the boy of steel against the wall. “Dr. Scot says that you have been a bad boy. Are you ready to be good?”
Superboy looked at his tormentor teary eyed with blood streaming down his face. His body ached and pain was now a familiar friend. He hurt so badly and yet he could not reveal his secret. “No!” His defiant answer barely registered as a whisper. Spike smiled at the answer and leaned close to the hero and whispered in his ear. “I’m going to have fun breaking you!”

Chapter 8

Never in Superboy’s life had he felt such pain. The kryptonite was the start but not close enough to him to kill him. But his rough treatment from an ex-con named Spike was the reason. He had been slapped around and hit in almost every part of his body. He remembered screaming when his arm snapped. Pain was no longer a familiar friend but now a constant companion. Spike laughed as he tossed the hero on the table. Superboy tried to gather the strength to roll away but all he could do in lay there a bruised and bloody heap.
“This is what jail is like Superboy. You either hurt or are hurt. A pretty boy hero like you would not last 5 minutes in the slammer.” Superboy moaned as Spike twisted his nipple. “I don’t know how this rich guy managed to capture you, but I love this arrangement!” He slammed his fist into the boy of steel’s stomach. “Now tell me boy, are you ready to cooperate with Dr. Scot?”
Superboy wanted to give in. The pain was too much for him to handle. Death would have been a welcome sight, but he knew that would not happen. He was sure that this room was monitored and Spike would be stopped before doing what most villains dreamed, killing him. He had a choice of giving more ammunition to his captors and truly being defeated or enduring this torture more. Resolve began to form in his mind. He would escape this hell! If it meant risking his parent’s lives then so be it. They would not want him to be in this situation just to have them live. Breaking his word would also mean the end of his hero career however. Could he leave the people of this planet to the mercies of Lex Luthor or Brainiac? No, he had to escape but he had to keep his hero code of conduct and be victorious against this evil that had him. If he told his secret, then they would find much more about him and his duty as a hero would be compromised. However the time it will take for them to unearth this information would give him an opportunity to turn the tables on them. It was a risk, but it was one he had to take. “Yes, I will be a good boy.” He whispered.
Spike looked a little disappointed, but he nodded and patted Superboy’s matted down head. “Then get your pansy ass back to the lab!” He purposely grabbed Superboy’s broken arm, causing him to scream in pain, and dragged the hero to the door and threw him out. Superboy fell to his knees as he started crying. This was not so much for the pain, but the fact that his torture was over. Sobbing, he used his good arm to get him on his feet and he stumbled half blind to the lab. As he entered, Scot Peters dropped his notes and rushed to the hero. He helped Superboy into another room with an exam table in it. Superboy sobbed as he was helped on the table and the doctor started to treat his wounds.
“Sunlight,” Superboy whispered. “I need sunlight to heal and regain my strength.” It was more than he wanted to reveal but it was the quickest way to heal his broken body. Scot looked intrigued by this new piece of information, but he nodded and told the hero he would be right back. He returned 10 minutes later with a small backpack on his shoulder. Dr. Peters helped the hero to his feet and half carried him to the elevator outside his office. He pressed the button with the top floor and helped Superboy to the door to the roof. This was the highest point of the island and would have maximum sunlight. Lucky for the hero it was a cloudless day and very warm. He laid a blanket on the roof and then the hero on the blanket. As Superboy soaked up the rays he could feel his body healing and his powers slowly returning. Scot used a wet cloth to wipe away the blood and tears to help the hero feel better. As he did he ran his hands over the hero’s chest softly caressing it. As the rough treatment earlier, it felt very good to the hero. Scot lay down besides Superboy and softly kissed him. The kiss nearly took Superboy’s breath away. It was so soft, tender, and gentle. Superboy opened his mouth to ask the doctor to stop, but Scot placed a finger on his lips.
“This is because I am sorry I put you through this torture.” The doctor said gently as he caressed the hero’s cheek. Superboy felt uncomfortable with such attention from a man, but it was nicer than his rape last night and his beating today. If he could get the doctor on his side, then he had a much better chance of escaping. His thoughts were interrupted by another kiss that grew more passionate. Superboy moaned softly as Scot broke the kiss and started to move down to his nipples. As his nipples was softly kissed and sucked, Superboy felt pleasure rising in him. In his half weakened state, he was vulnerable to such pleasures. Soon his nipples were abandoned as Scot went to where the treasure was. He ran his tongue of Superboy’s bulge which was getting bigger as the doctor buried his face into his crotch. Scot slowly worked a finger his Superboy’s ass searching for his prostate to further pleasure the hero. Superboy gasped at the intrusion, but as pleasure hit in even more, he found he did not have much strength to stop it. Soon his cock was at full mast and ripped through the tight briefs that tried to imprison his cock. As Scot ran his tongue of Superboy’s perfect erection, he knew that he had hit a jackpot. He made sure the backpack was near him as he took out his own erect cock and coated it with a special lube that he had worked on creating the moment he discovered what kryptonite would do. He gently pushed his cock into Superboy’s ass causing the hero to gasp. Scot then slowly started to fuck the hero. Superboy moaned as he was violated again, however this time was without the pain of kryptonite and much gentler than last time. His cock was gently yanked as his ass was fucked by the doctor. Scot reached into his bag and took out a flask. This was made from the strongest material that he could find. He was unsure how strong Superboy’s orgasm would be, but in his half weakened state, it should be able to withstand the force. As he jerked Superboy closer to orgasm, he felt his own orgasm building. As much as he wanted to fuck Superboy silly and cum in his ass, he had work to do. Besides if his plan worked, he would have Superboy’s sweet ass anytime he wanted. He jerked Superboy faster as he slowed down his fucking. Superboy’s moans grew louder and louder until he gasped as his second orgasm was upon him. Dr. Peters made sure that the flask caught every drop of the prize he worked so hard to get. Once every drop was harvested, he put the flask in his backpack and withdrew his own cock from Superboy’s ass. Superboy lay on the roof paralyzed by his orgasm. Numbness and pleasure flooded his mind and body is such a degree, that when the doctor bent down to kiss him, he actually kissed back.
Scot stroked the hero’s hair as he leaned close to Superboy. “Tell me the secret that you have been hiding from me.”
Superboy looked dreamily into the doctor’s eyes. “I have a Fortress of Solitude in the Arctic, which has been constructed by my race’s technology. It has all the history and knowledge of the Kryptonian people. It is there I can find out about my origins and the source of my powers.”
Scot smiled as he kissed Superboy again. He patted Superboy’s softening cock. “Thank you Superboy, you are done with me for today.” He tousled Superboy’s hair and left the hero in his orgasmic daze.
Everything went exactly to plan.

Lois Lane was a bit nervous as she rode the elevator to Lex Luthor’s office. Superboy has not been seen in a few days and she did not relish making this confrontation without his help. She laughed to herself as she realized how much she was dependent on the hunk of hero. She firmly told herself that she took care of herself before Superboy and would be able to do so again if he was not around. She shook her head as she realized how much love could make your brains turn to mush. She after all dated Lex before Superboy and she knew that she could handle the Tycoon if she was careful. Luthor was a brilliant man and one mistake would mean that he would be on to her. She did not think that he would actually kill her, but if her suspicions were correct, he already tried once. As she left the elevator, she walked into Luthor’s waiting room and let Mercy know that she had a lunch date with him. Mercy gave her an unreadable look that sent Lois’ heart to fluttering. Could he already know why she was here? No, she indicated nothing over the phone. However knowing Luthor’s intelligence, she began to think that maybe she should have brought Superboy along. She kept her composure of confidence as she waited for Lex to call her in his office.
Five minutes later, Mercy came out to escort her to Lex Luthor’s office. He stood up from his desk and warmly smiled at Lois. “My dear Lois, it has been too long since I have seen you. I simply devoured your and Kent’s story of the battle in Metropolis a few weeks back. Brilliant writing, my dear, but that is nothing new for you.”
Lois smiled as she embraced Luthor. The man would never change, charming but equally as lethal. “Thank you Lex. I am glad that I still got it. Thank you for seeing me on such short notice. I know that you are busy. I am told that Lexcorp has graciously offered to help with the rebuilding of the city.”
Lex nodded, “This is also my city too, Lois. It pains my heart to see Metropolis in such a way. I guess that is the price we pay for depending on an alien to protect us. So my dear any exciting stories that you are working on?”
Lois nodded. Luthor’s hatred of Superboy was still there. It was a clue that made her feel a bit cautious. She had to tread very carefully. “I don’t know if you heard on the news, but there was a dreadful explosion in the Ritz Hotel a few days back. It seemed to be a terrorist attack, but no one seems to know why. I was wondering if I could use your connections to see if I can identify the man. His name was supposedly Allen Tripp, but I suspect that was not his real name.” Lois took out a picture of Allen and handed it over to Lex. She watched as Lex studied the picture and was disappointed when there was no glimmer of recognition. Lois’ heart sank. She was almost sure that Allen was connected to Luthor in some way. “I also managed to get the police report on the bomb, but they could not identify the make of it. It was too well put together to be a work of an amateur.” She handed the information to Luthor and watched as his face darkened. Bingo, so it was his bomb after all.
“I recognize this make since it was my labs that created it. However a few weeks back some prototypes were stolen. We are trying to investigate who did the theft and think it was done by one of my people.”
Lois nodded. He was too smart not to admit this was his bomb, since he knew that eventually it would be tracked to him. The problem was that he was either telling the truth or this was an alibi to discredit his involvement. The best thing to do was to get Lex to give her information on his investigation and see if anyone of his employees end up dead. The bad part was that he knew that she was looking and suspected him since she come to him for information. He would have her watched to see if she gets too close to pinning anything on him. It was a game of cat and mouse and she definitely was the mouse.

Lex continued smiling until Lois left his office. There was nothing she could pin on him about those bombs. How she was able to figure out that those were his was remarkable. But then again, he dated her because she was remarkable. Though she was nowhere as skilled as he was when it came to maneuvering. The fact that she still suspected him was evident.
“Mercy,” Lex said. “I want Miss Lane watched, but very carefully. She will be expecting to be watched after showing me what she had uncovered. Send one of my best men to do the job.” Mercy nodded and left to make the arrangements. The advantage that he had was that his bomb that killed this Tripp character was not by his doing. The bomb was indeed stolen and he already knew who did it and why. The fact remains how he could turn this into his advantage.

Chapter 9

Jimmy Olsen walked the streets of Athens admiring the sights. This trip has always been a dream of his and thanks to his new found confidence he was able to take it without paying a cent. No matter where he went there was a man who was willing to pay for him. In the past few days, he had sex with 15 men and all of them in awe of him. It got him a suite in the best hotel. He ate at the best restaurants, and he got in to all the best clubs. Never once did he take off the ring with the red jewel on his hand. Something in his head told him it was not time yet. As his adventure in Athens continued, he walked the streets trying to find what it was that drew him here. As he walked he noticed a good looking man and smiled. The man caught his eye and shyly smiled back. Jimmy walked over and ripped open the man’s shirt and felt up his well developed chest. The man moaned softly and became putty in Jimmy’s hands. Oh yes, Jimmy would find what drew him here. Fortunately he had plenty of entertainment until he found what he sought.

As Superboy finally felt recovered from his beating and then seduction, he picked himself up from the roof. Feeling more powerful than he felt for a long time, he hovered a few feet from the roof embracing the rays of the sun. His first gentle encounter with sex had felt incredible, more incredible than he liked to admit. He had always considered himself to be straight; he never felt an attraction to other men before yet feeling of pleasure that he had when getting fucked was enough to make him have doubts about his own sexuality. Being raised on a farm in Kansas, he had grown up with very conservative ideals. Even when the Fortress of Solitude was built, he carefully avoided most of the files about Kryptonian sex. Perhaps it was time to finally review these files the next time he was there. He gently landed back on the roof and tried to decide his next move. He had not planned to tell Dr. Peters about his fortress, but the afterglow of his orgasm made him tell the information that he tried hard to conceal. If the doctor told William Porter, then his enslaver would have more ammunition to keep Superboy in check. He was supposed to be a hero not a plaything for anyone’s amusement. Superboy decided that he needed to meet with the Doctor before he acted on sharing the information. He went back to his room and put on a new pair of briefs. Then he went into the lab where Scot Peters works. The doctor was working on his notes and looked up and smiled at the hero entering. Superboy gave his most winning smile and approached the doctor.
“Can I have a moment of your time, Dr. Peters?” Superboy said respectfully.
Scot smiled back at the hero and motioned to a chair. “Sure, have a seat. I can only spare a few minutes though as I have much I still need to do.”
Superboy took the seat and smiled again. “I was wondering if we could come to some sort of arrangement. I really would like what I shared with you to remain a secret.”
Scot sighed and shook his head. “Don’t you know that this room is monitored as is much of the rest of the mansion? Making an alliance with you would cost me my life. As much as I like you, I cannot take that risk.” The doctor reached over and fondled Superboy’s bulging cock as Superboy slumped in his chair in defeat. There had to be another way, his mind raced for a solution, but the attention to his crotch made it hard to think.
Superboy stood up and tried to cover his expanding bulge with his hands. “I am sorry to waste your time then Doctor.” Scot looked at Superboy thoughtfully as he left. Superboy thought for sure that the doctor would help him. But if everything was truly monitored then his chances of finding allies are slim. As he walked down the hallway back to the elevator, Superboy suddenly jumped as his ass was slapped.
“Do you want to come back and see me Superboy?” Spike said with an evil grin. “Today was just the first lesson and I have much to teach you boy.”
Superboy paled at the thought of more lessons and ran down to the elevator. As the doors closed, he heard, “You will be back to see me Superboy and I will break you once and for all!” Superboy heard laughter as the elevator started to go to its destination.

Later that night, after Superboy serviced Mr. Porter and was allowed to catch a few hours of sleep, Superboy entered his hovel of a room and tried to lie down. Although William Porter did not use kryptonite this time, he did have to suck his cock during dinner. Then Mr. Porter had a group of employees come in to watch Superboy dance and play with himself. Superboy’s face still turned red at the thought of those men leering at him while the hero acted like a slut in heat. When he hit his mat, he felt something poking him from under mat. Superboy reached his hand and pulled out a note.
I know I said I could not help openly, but I have not told Mr. Porter what you told me this afternoon. I will keep that secret away from him, but I would like you to meet me on the beach at midnight. Please be careful, both our lives are on the line.
Superboy read the note in disbelief and excitement. At last something was going his way. This could be his chance to escape from the clutches of this nightmare. He slowly crept out of the room scanning for the cameras in the hallway. His room had no windows so he could not escape that way. Lucky for him the stairs to the roof was near his room, he used his super speed to rush to the roof before the cameras could pick up that he was there. Once on the roof, he hovered in the shadows to see where Scot was waiting. He quickly picked up his location and silently flew to where his could be savior waited.
Scot smiled as Superboy landed and embraced the hero giving a steamy kiss. Superboy gently pushed Scot away and shook his head. “Please do not do that, my night has been tough and I am not much in a mood.”
Scot nodded though his smile turned to a frown. Superboy wondered if he made a mistake. If the doctor was in love with him then even a gentle rejection could be disastrous for the hero. “I have kept your secret from Mr. Porter and I do not think he suspects that I am holding back, however I am not sure I can help with whatever secret that he already knows. I can help with that if you can trust me or I can leave you to figure it out on your own. However I do have some contacts that could be willing to help as a favor to me. It all depends on how much you trust me. “
Superboy nodded slowly. He was unsure on what to do. The Doctor was doing him a great favor with withholding the information of his Fortress of Solitude, but he was not sure he could trust Scot with the secret of his identity. Even if he helped him escape that information could make him a slave to the doctor instead of Mr. Porter. What Superboy wanted most was just to be free. He could feel the doctor’s eyes on him as he thought and the lustful look on his face was enough to know what he wanted from the hero. “I must think on this,” Superboy said as he flew back to the roof. Leaving the Doctor without and answer was a risk, but he would just not transfer ownership to another man even if the man had good intentions toward him. As Superboy crept back to his room, he was suddenly grabbed by the wrist and pulled all the way into the room. Spike was there with an evil grin as he opened the dreaded lead box. Superboy weakened immediately as the deadly rays hit him. There wasn’t enough room in his room to keep the kryptonite safely at a distance. Superboy felt sharp pains as he fell to his knees.
“I don’t think you had permission to leave your room, Stupidboy!” Spike snarled. He grabbed the hero by his hair and rubbed his face against his crotch. The criminal was watching his room and he failed to notice! Superboy struggled weakly as Spike took out his cock and slapped Superboy’s face with it. The thug’s precum smeared across the hero’s cheek as it kept slapping his face. “Not that it matters, I am going to get what I want, I will be the one to finally kill the great Superboy!”
Superboy felt himself getting weaker and weaker. The pain from the kryptonite was throbbing in his body and he felt he would not have been able to stay up on his knees if Spike did not have an iron grip on his hair. The criminal forced Superboy’s mouth open and started to fuck his mouth with his cock. “When you die, the last thing you will remember is that you died sucking my cock!” Spike laughed as Superboy gagged on his cock. As darkness started to overtake the hero, he was suddenly thrown to the ground as his door was smashed open. “What the fuck!” Spike yelled as he was shot in the head. The criminal fell to the ground dead as Superboy heard the click of heels enter the room. The kryptonite was picked up and placed back in the box. As Superboy felt his life entering his body again, he heard the sounds of gunfire as it seemed that a war broke out across the island. He felt strong soft hand haul him to his feet as he was brought to Mr. Porter’s room. Superboy was thrown to the ground and saw that Lex Luthor was in the room confronting his master. Behind him, Luthor’s body guard, Mercy, was the one who rescued him from death.
“How dare you invade my home!” William snarled. He glanced down at Superboy. “You did this all for that pathetic hero? Superboy is mine!”
Lex laughed. “You always thought you were smarter than you are, William. Did you not think I would find out who stole my bomb to kill your lackey? It was a nice try at a frame job, but you should know that I keep track of all my people and weapons, especially the kryptonite. As far as Superboy is concern, you can just consider him mine for now on.”
William glared as a group of armed men entered the room. “The island is secure, Mr. Luthor. Communications have been jammed and all personnel have been apprehended.” The leader of the group stated.
“Superboy!” William Porter barked. “I command you to take these men out! If you want your secret safe then you will do this immediately.”
Lex laughed. “It seems your little hero is in no condition to help you, William. He was being attacked by one of your men. He was nearly dead when we rescued him. Judging by the way he looks, he still is weakened. No, William, I am afraid that you are out of luck. It will be a long time before someone even notices that you are gone. By then Superboy will be mine, body and soul. But first we have to talk. You know things that I am dying to find out. Dr. Peters, you may come in now.”
William Porter glared as Scot entered the room. “You, you betrayed me!” he screamed.
Scot smiled slyly as he winked at Lex Luthor. “No, I deceived you. Did you really think I could steal a bomb and kryptonite without Mr. Luthor knowing? When you came to me with your little proposal, I went straight to him. It was his idea for me to come to work for you. I was his eyes in your operation. It was a great opportunity since I got to study this alien and the bonus I get will be worth delivering him to Mr. Luthor’s hands.” William sputtered as Scot turned to Lex. “Sir, I think I know of a way to keep Superboy docile while you transport him to his new home.” He took out a small piece of kryptonite the size of a pebble. “This amount should not be enough to kill him, but it will keep his powers from returning. With your permission, I will insert it where I think it will do the most good.” Lex motioned to go ahead as Scot bent down and pulled Superboy’s briefs down. Superboy tried to get away as Scot pushed the pebble into Superboy’s ass and placed it against his prostate. Superboy moaned as the green rock only burned slightly but against his prostate, it caused his cock to harden. “I think you will like the side affect, Mr. Luthor.”
Lex laughed as Superboy was turned over and saw his hardening dick. “Good work, remind me to send you another bonus for this delicious humiliation.” He turned to his group of armed men. “I want this place thoroughly searched. Bring me all video feed, papers, and books in the house. Dr. Peters I want you to take Superboy to the yacht and make him comfortable in my quarters. I will be there momentarily to see that the hero’s accommodations are adequate. He and I have a long talk ahead of us. “
Superboy moaned as he was roughly picked up by a huge guard and was lead out by Dr. Peters as Lex closed in on William Porter. “Come William, we have a lot to talk about.”
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