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Старый 23.04.2013, 05:32
Domeor вне форума Domeor

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По умолчанию Tutorial of HTNX and HIDE

How to use the HIDE and HTNX function.

If you ever reply or posted in the forum before, I'm sure you are familiar with this:

But you are here to figure out how to hide link(s) so members have to click on "Thanks" button before they can actually see it, set a Reputation on the link so only those who have enough Reputations can see it, or a combination of both.

If you hover your cursor to the HIDE or HTNX buttons, it will give you the information which is self explanatory; but I'm sure not all members could understand it quickly and I'll explain it more in detail--we all have been a newbie once and sometimes people need more visual information than others.

For those not familiar with posting, instead of using the "Quick Reply", click the "Go Advanced" on the bottom of the "Quick Reply". This will able you to have other editing tools options, and more importantly, a preview of what your post would look like before actually publishing it to the public of this forum.


HIDE is to set limit for those members who has certain amount of Reputations. If you set your limit for example to 33, only members who have Reputations of 32 to 0 can't access what is hidden. Those members are force and encourage to somehow contribute to the forum to raise their Reputations to see what you have hidden.

1. In the Reply thread, type your information and link. Then you must HIGHLIGHT the information and link(s) you want to be hidden and click the HIDE button:

2. A pop-up window will appear which you will then set the number limit of Reputations you want:

3. Once you set the number and you click OK, you will notice that a new additional text is added in the beginning and at the end of the text you have highlighted. This is what they mean when they say "wrap" it. Those seemingly gibberish text at the beginning and end are commands in HTML codes.

4. Click the Preview Post button to see what it would look like. Since it is your own post, you can see what is hidden.

5. For other members, this is what may look like for them:


Unlike the HIDE, HTNX is just to hide the information you want hidden until they click the "Thanks" button. Anyone can click "Thanks", whether they are a spy or rat, VIP, or an average member, they can see what is hidden once they click the "Thanks" button.

1. Once again, HIGHLIGHT the information you want to hide and click the HTNX button.

2. The HTNX code has been wrap in the chosen text, once you finish clicking the HTNX button.

3. It is always a good idea to preview to check if it works.

4. This is how it will look like for other members seeing your post.

Once you learn the basic of wrapping, you can re-wrap HTNX with HIDE, or vice versa, by highlighting the whole text including the tag (HTML code) and pressing the HTNX button or HIDE.

Then don't ever forget to preview before submitting it, until you get used to it.

Other links that is also helpful for beginners that was previously posted by "...":
For beginners posters
Ограничения / Limits / Limiti

NOTE: Please don't use HIDE/HTNX to hide information in the Communication and Question & Answers sections, we want that section to be more active and free for all members. Also read the rules before posting, certain section in this forum requires you to give information (name of the FileHost) outside of the hidden area when using HIDE or HTNX.

Последний раз редактировалось Domeor; 23.04.2013 в 19:19.
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Старый 26.04.2013, 10:37
ihno вне форума ihno

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По умолчанию

Thank you very much, Domeor,

this is a very good and handy tutorial with both written information and pictures (for the lazy ones). I learned something too, since I'm using a pop-up blocker.

Every forum is a little different, the "hide" tag alone without entering a number comes out as a "reputation required of 50".
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Старый 09.03.2014, 08:53
adisabad вне форума adisabad

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По умолчанию

than u so much this is what i need. but i still need info on how to post
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Старый 06.02.2015, 16:01
alexandru вне форума alexandru

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По умолчанию Tutorial of HTNX and HIDE

yes thank you very much. I assume their is alot of trial and error in this till you get it perfect?
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