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Местный - Neighbor

Gay pirates Гей пираты
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The Other Side Of Aspen Vol. 2

Studio: Falcon

The follow-up to the smash that ushered in a new era of gay porn is an instant classic. A new crop of Falcon stars hits the slopes as Falcon star Kurt Marshall narrates the action and shares tales of his friendswho always find a good time together.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:22:33
Video: 640x464, AVC (H.264), 1386kbps
Audio: 160kbps

File size: 938.0 MB

Download The Other Side Of Aspen Vol. 2

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markusss на форуме markusss

Местный - Neighbor

Gay pirates Гей пираты
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Take It

Release Year: 1984
Studio: Falcon Studios
Cast: Sky Dawson, Bill, David, Michael, Peter, Philip
Genres: Shot on film, Collection, Anal, Oral, Vintage

Features the famous Michael and Philip duo with superhung Peter in Dammit Take It Easy. Also includes the classic Behind the Barn Door and If You Want It, Work For It.
1. Behind the Barn Door (Falcon)
Peter OrgAtbMgrRrg, David OgrAbtMgrRgr
David stood outside leaning against the weathered old barn, peering through the dirty window. He often watched Peter working on his vintage car. He wanted Pete, he wanted him bad. David lowered his hand and felt himself. He was hard, very hard. Damned if he only had the balls to go inside. When Pete told me about David-I asked him if he would make it with the guy. Peter immediately said "fuck yes, but the guy just stands outside and stares. 1 get my rocks off just teasing the guy." The next day we were ready. When David appeared at the window. Peter put his tools down and walked over to him. Staring straight into David's eyes and in a dominant voice, said "look man, if you want to suck my cock, or eat my ass out, thene on in, if not, then fuck off." David stood frozen-he did want Pete's ass. He wanted it bad. How many times had he teased his own cock to a heavy climax just thinking of Pete's strong hands moving over his body-the sweet moist odor of his crotch and shorts. How many times did he think of what it would be like to run his tongue along the crack of Pete's tight muscled ass and finally sink it deep into Pete's body.
His throat was dry and his hands shook as he opened Pete's pants and lowered himself down before him. Pete stood there like a stud thoroughbred-his huge cock throbbing in David's face. Reaching down, Pete places a hand behind David's head and shoves his oversized cock deep into David's mouth. As quickly as he shoved it in he pulls it out, turns and bend over, exposing a fantastic muscled ass. Pulling David's face into his ass, Petemands in the same dominant voice: "eat it-heat my fucking ass out." When David removes his tongue and replaces it with his rock hard pulsating member-Peter finds the feeling too great. So great, he loses control and without even touching himself, his huge cock begins to spurt. He tries to hold back but it's too late. He gives in and lets it explode on the barn floor. This entire film is hot and spontaneous. We will want more from Pete and David and so will you!
2. Dammit, Take It Easy pt 1
Michael (phillip) OgAbMgrRg, Phillip (michael) OrgAtMgRr, Peter OrAtbMr
Michael and Phillip are lovers in real life but both have the open mind that allows them to enjoy the sexual beauty of another man.
Self gratification bes a necessity while viewing Michael and Phillip as the be involved with this incredible young European. It was with great envy that I watched them as they eagerly satisfied their own desires and yet, attempted to satisfy each other. Peter displays the strength of a young bull as he delivers his service to one and then the other. However, it soon bes obvious what Peter is really into, as he bes deeply involved with the excitement and intrigue of enjoying his sexual encounters. An encounter with two young Americans that crave his pleasure the kind of pleasure that he knows his body can give, as he plunges flesh into flesh with total disregard for pain, as Phillip yells out-"Dammit, take it easy!"
3. Dammit, Take It Easy pt 2
Michael (phillip) OrgAbRrg, Phillip (michael) OgrAbt, Peter OrgAtbRgr
4. If You Want It, Work For It
Bill (falcon-bl)
After we began dinner Bill looked up at me and asked, "Is it true what they say about Marines?" I knew what he meant, but I laughed and said, I don't know but I've heard some rumors. With that, Bill touched my foot under the table I was super horny and feeling the wine. Looking Bill straight in the eye, I said - "You want to suck my cock don't you?" Bill blushed and lowered his eyes to the table "Yeah, I guess I do." "OK! You can suck it, but you're going to get it up the ass too!" I looked at Bill and noticed for the first time how good looking the guy was and how much he and his friend resembled each other. I thought to myself "If I can't have Diane this weekend, her will do." We got up from the table and moved to a morefortable spot. I pushed Bill's head down and said. "Suck it Bill, suck that horny ache right out of my fucking hot nuts!"
Bill went down on my now swollen cock and I damned near shot my nut right then.
It was too soon. I pulled it out of his mouth and said. "Show me how bad you want it Bill, get down there and lick my balls-oh yeah. Bill that's good keep licking, yeah, that's great man, real fucking great!" I raised my legs and shove my ass into his face. "Eat it, eat my fucking ass!" Bill pulled back, but I pulled him into me and said, "Eat it. Eat it! Or you don't get any more cock!" With that, Bill buried his face in me and shot his tongue up my ass. The feeling made my toes curl. By now I was so damned hot I couldn't wait any longer. Rolling him over I saw his cock for the first time. It was big, but he was even bigger. It made me even hotter as I place my cock against his ass and plunged it in.
He jumped and groaned but I held onto him and plunged it deeper. Bill was breathing hard and fast now as I repeatedly drove it to him harder and harder. Bill's body jerked and he yelled, "I'ming. I'ming!" This was the first time I saw another guy shoot his load and it made me so horny I knew it was over for me too as my ass tightened and I blew my own nut. Hot and heavy spurts ejected from my bursting cock giving me the greatest fucking feeling I've ever felt in my life. It was great to be home.

Format: avi
Duration: 58:57
Video: 704x576, XviD, 1257kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 601.0 MB

Download Take It

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