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По умолчанию Nightmares of Metropolis Part One

Chapter 22

Clark Kent gasped as he woke. He looked around wildly as he saw that he was in his own bed wearing his pajamas. Was it all a dream, he thought. He looked at his calendar and saw that is was July 12th. If this was the case then everything that happened was indeed a dream. The attack on Metropolis from Brainiac, William Porter blackmailing him, being captured by Lex Luthor and his battle against the demon Torjorion never happened. As he slowly woke up, the details of the dream faded away. As Clark climbed out of his bed, he noticed jet fighters flying past his apartment building. Sensing there was trouble; Clark ran to his secret compartment and transformed into the hero, Superboy. Leaping out of his window, he flew at top speed to where the fighter jets were flying. A giant spaceship in the shape of a robotic head hovered in the center of Metropolis. The fighter jets fired upon the ship but their weapons had no effect on it. Superboy sped to battle the ship.

As Superboy battled this being called Brainiac Lex Luthor watched on the roof of Lex Corp with his assistant Mercy. Ever since this so called hero made his appearance in Metropolis, he had taken away his influence of his city. Lex vowed that he would destroy Superboy if it took all of his wealth, power, and influence. He hated Superboy with a passion and he even opened a separate department just to research ways to defeat the alien. One way or another, Superboy will fall by his hand.

Scot Peters watched as Superboy fought Brainiac. He smiled as Superboy would have totally forgotten the events that had occurred when the demon, Torjorion, was freed. However his banishment back to his prison caused all those events to be erased. It was only the benefit of his new powers that he was able to remember what had occurred. It worked well to his advantage as Superboy did not remember that he existed. He opened the door to Clark Kent’s apartment and looked around. So this was Superboy’s apartment. It was quite modest for a boy of his powers. He went through Superboy’s dresser. The boy was going to have to get new clothes. Next time he visited, he would have to bring more appropriate clothes for the hero that would be his. Going to the closet he found the false panel where the extra costumes would be stored. Everything was where he remembered. With his new powers, he could easily take Superboy as his slave, but he decided it would be fun to play with the hero before enslaving him. Scot took one of Superboy’s costumes from his secret compartment and made sure the rest of the apartment was the way the hero left it. Before he left, he took Superboy’s pillow and rubbed it all over his body. Superboy was going to fall by his hand. And when he finally took him, it will be the sweetest victory of all.

Superboy flew into his apartment. The battle with this being called Brainiac was tough, but he managed to defeat the villain even though he escaped. This was the toughest foe that he had ever faced and he would have to be alert for his next attack. As he got undressed from his sweat stained uniform, he used his super speed to quickly clean it and went to his secret compartment to put the uniform back. As he grabbed a fresh uniform, Superboy frowned. Was one of his uniforms missing? The only people who knew his identity was his parents and he would have known if they came to visit. Could it be that someone figured out his identity? If they did, why did they just take one uniform? He came to the conclusion that that was silly. His secret identity was safe and would be as careful as he was. As he got into his uniform and then his Clark Kent attire, Superboy could not help but to feel good. He saved the city that he has come to love since coming here in the last few months. Superboy noticed he had a few minutes to kill before he had to go to work. He lay down on his bed and caught a whiff of a strange odor. Wondering what it was, he suddenly was aware that his felt a little horny. Usually he was able to control his lust with is powers, yet the feeling he know had felt good to him. Superboy started to fondle himself absently as he closed his eyes to rest. His cock came alive in his hands and started to get hard. Superboy moaned softly as he groped himself. Opening his eyes, he realized what he was doing. Forcing himself to sit up, the boy of steel turned his thoughts to non-sexual things to calm his mind and his cock. What had come over him, he thought. As soon as his cock was flaccid again, Superboy combed his hair and put on his glasses. He wanted to get to work so he could possibly be assigned to write the story of this morning’s battle. As he left his apartment, he did not notice the man who stood in the hall. As soon as Clark was gone, he crept to his apartment door and broke into the apartment. As he opened his bag, he laughed to himself. Scot Peters hummed to himself as he started clearing out Superboy’s underwear drawer. It had been filled with boxers, but Scot thought that was wrong for the hero. As he opened his bag, he filled his drawer with white briefs. With Superboy’s exquisite body it deserved to be shown off with these briefs. After he was done, he left the apartment and went to the next door. He was the new tenant in this apartment building. His new plan was going exactly as planned so far and soon Superboy will be his.
The End

To be continued?
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