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По умолчанию Nightmares of Metropolis

Nightmares of Metropolis

Chapter One

In the deepest part of the night, Metropolis stood quiet in all her glory. A full moon watched over the city as it slumbered. For once there were no lights from the huge buildings that rose from the ground to touch the sky. This proud city was the jewel of the east coast, its metallic beauty the envy of other cities. Yet it was in this darkest night that Superboy ran as fast as he could down a deserted alley. His lungs burned as he was out of breath. The muscles in his legs ached. Discarded newspapers and garbage tossed in the wind as he stopped running to catch his breath. He leaned against the brick wall of a building peering towards the street to see if he was still being pursued. The wall felt dirty and cool at the same time as he rested his naked back against it. In fact the hero was completely naked. His baby blue searching eyes found no signs of pursuit and he heaved a relieved sigh. He shivered slightly as he scanned the alley and saw that it was a dead end. His pursuers could still be searching for him. How he wished he could fly again! Hope blossomed in his soul as he spotted a fire escape ladder in the corner of the alley. He could get away via the rooftops. He could not risk getting caught again. He actually shook with fear at the thought. To his mortification, his half hard cock also twitched at the thought. With great effort he heaved himself from the wall and quietly stalked over to the fire escape. Trying not to make a sound, he started to climb to the top of the building. The old fire escape moaned and shook as he took each step slowly. Stopping every few seconds, he searched for anyone coming after him. His luck seemed to be holding out as he reached the top of the roof without getting caught. A cool night breeze seemed to caress Superboy’s body causing his nipples to harden and his balls to retract. The gravel on the roof dug deep into his bare feet. The breeze meant something else to Superboy. It represented freedom. He may not have his powers, but he was free from his oppressors. Plans of action formulated in his mind as he crossed the roof. Looking down below on the street, he could see no activity at all. Even at a late hour such as this, it was very unusual in Metropolis. Superboy suddenly felt a shiver down his back. Before he could react, his head was suddenly jerked back. Superboy yelped with fear as a cold clammy hand was entangled in his hair.
“Do you think you could escape me, boy?” A dark whisper echoed in his ear. “You belong to me forever!” Superboy whimpered as he felt his willpower crumble and his cock harden. He knew he would lose this battle and he would serve his Master. Another cold clammy hand encircled his hardening cock and began to tug. Superboy cried out half with fear and half in pleasure as he weakly tried to struggle from the grasp of this being. The once mighty hero begged and whimpered as his body was brought to supreme pleasure by the sadistic being that controlled him. Superboy knew that if he was brought to orgasm that his fate was sealed and he would forever be enslaved to his Master.
Suddenly a brilliant white light appeared and pushed Superboy to the ground as it met that shadow. “You will not have him!” The Light thundered.
Superboy moaned as the gravel of the roof pressed into his naked body. His cock was still hard and as he struggled to his feet, he tried to will his cock to go down.
The Shadow laughed as it faced the Light. “My prison is weakening, soon I will be free and you will not be able to stop me. This so called hero of yours will be no match for my power.” The shadow grabbed Superboy by his throat and threw him across the roof. The hero hit the roof hard as he crumbled in exhaustion and pain. That brief touch from the shadow was enough to send the boy of steel into fits of ecstasy again. His cock was hard and throbbing against the gravel of the roof. Not having the energy to pick himself up, he lay on the roof moaning waiting to be taken as a trophy in this battle between the dark and the light.
“That has yet to be decided. However today you will not have him.”
The Shadow laughed as it faded away. “ I will let you have him for right now, but you cannot protect him forever. Soon…..” The last word echoed in Superboy’s ears. The shaken hero gathered up his courage and staggered to his feet. “What is going on?” Superboy asked. His voice trembled and his eyes filled with tears.
The Light embraced Superboy and he soon felt a pulsing heat fill his body. His emotional scars seemed to heal and he once again felt like his old self. “Do not worry my young hero.” The Light said soothingly. “You are safe for the time being. But there is much for me to tell you. I broke many precepts coming here to save you. I do not know if I will be able to come to you again. You must listen to my warning.”
Superboy nodded but suddenly felt himself being jerked away. “Wait!” The Light commanded. Superboy tried to stay but he was jerked away even harder. “You must be ready!” The Light said faintly as Superboy was flung from that place. “You must be ready or the world will fall to darkness!”

Superboy jerked awake, his body in a sweat. His body felt like it was on fire and his cock throbbed under his covers. His hand reached underneath and grasped his erection. He wanted to get release badly. Realizing what he was doing, he gasped and hastily pulled his hand from his cock. He closed his eyes and forced himself to think of thoughts that would not turn him on. When his raging hard on finally went down, he looked around groggily and found himself in his apartment in Metropolis. The full extent of the dream suddenly hit him. That was the weirdest dream that he had ever had. It seemed so real to him. He shivered on how easily he was manhandled and turned on about it. The warning from the being of light filled him with dread. If he was to meet this evil being, he did not know if he was strong enough to win. His thoughts were interrupted as fighter jet planes zoomed past his window. All thoughts of his dream were swept away as he leaped towards the secret compartment of his closet for his uniform. If the Air Force called their fighters, then there must definitely be a need for Superboy. In less than a second he was suited up and in the sky to see what was going on. A huge alien space craft in the shape of a robotic face was hovering over Central Metropolis. Fighter jets circled the monstrous vehicle shooting at it, but their weapons were useless against this alien technology. Superboy braced himself and flew towards the space craft. Using his super lungs to amplify his voice, he shouted. “Who are you and what do you want?”
The Fighter jets all started to retreat when they saw that Superboy was on the scene. They still flew in large circles around the hero and space craft ready to jump in the fray if needed. The mouth of the space craft opened and a holographic screen appeared showing the form of a highly evolved robot. “I am called Brainiac!” The machine said. “I have come to conquer this world for its resources and ancient knowledge. Do not try to stop me Kryptonian, or I will destroy you as well.”
Superboy was shocked that the robot knew his race. As much as he wanted to know what this being knew, it was a threat to his adopted planet and he had to stop it. “Turn away from this planet, Brainiac. If you try to conquer earth, I will stop you.”
The holograph was suddenly distorted as an alien missile shot from behind the holograph. Superboy braced himself and punched the missile out of orbit. “It’ll take more than that to kill me, Brainiac,” Superboy thundered as he shot towards the space craft.

It was a beautiful July afternoon; the sun was shining on the technological pearl of Metropolis. It was the sort of afternoon that you just wanted to leave work early and enjoy the day. This is exactly what Scot wished when he left Lexcorp that sunny afternoon. As he left the building, whistling a happy tune, he was suddenly cut off as a destroyed car slammed into the ground from the air as it was mere inches from hitting him. Scot fell to the ground cursing as he tried to shield himself from the shrapnel that flew in all directions of what used to be a car. Scot looked up at that perfect sky and saw a figure battling a spaceship in the air. 2 Months ago he would have thought that this was impossible, but that was before a mysterious being who called himself Superboy appeared battling the crime of the city. This Superboy has powers that were only possible in stories and myths. The debut of this hero seemed to spawn villains of equal strength. Scot pulled himself together and ran for the cover of the nearest subway entrance as the battle ensued. This was beyond anything he had witnessed. The beings that Superboy was battling seemed to be more robotic than human. Superboy darted in the air, wearing his now famous blue and red suit with a cape and a styled ‘S’ on the chest, dodging most of this foe’s punches. Then with superhuman strength, Superboy smashed his fist through the robot’s chest totally destroying his foe. Superboy grabbed the robot by its feet and spun it around with what seemed to be super speed and flung it towards an alien ship shaped like a robotic face that hovered above the battle. Before the robotic carcass could hit the ship it was destroyed by an explosion. At first Scot thought it was the ship that destroyed the robotic corpse, but he soon realized that it was the robot itself that exploded. This Superboy glared at the ship and his sharp blue eyes suddenly turned red and beams of heat leaped from his eyes toward the ship. The beams almost hit the ship but some sort of shield seemed to protect it from Superboy’s heat vision. Superboy continued to hit the ship with his heat beams until the ship fired some sort of ray at this boy of steel. Superboy was hit square in the chest and was flung to the ground like a limp doll. As he hit the street, a huge crater was formed with the hero in the middle. At first Scot thought that Superboy was dead, but in a flash of red and blue, the boy of steel was in the air again speeding faster than any plane he had ever seen towards the ship. 3 More robot monsters emerged from the plane to engage the hero. As Superboy battled them, an eerie voice boomed from the ship.
“You have exceptional powers, Kryptonian. Know that the next battle will be more challenging for you. Brainiac will defeat you!”
Superboy was too busy fighting robots to reply as the ship suddenly started moving at extremely fast speed and within seconds was out of sight. However he was victorious against his foes and then took off towards the ship and soon he was gone. Scot leaned against the wall breathless. This battle was better and more real than any movie he had ever seen. This Superboy was god like in his power and he was in awe of the hero. The beautiful day seemed marred as he looked at the destruction from this epic battle. He heard sirens from police, fire trucks, and ambulances. Black smoke from the battle seemed to make the perfect blue sky seem depressing. In a way Scot was relieved that Metropolis had such a powerful champion, but the destruction of the battle was the worst that he had ever seen. His perfect sunny afternoon plans forgotten, Scot went down the stairs to the subway to head home.

Several feet above Scot, on the top of the Lexcorp building 2 figures stood watching the battle. One of them was no other than Metropolis’ most powerful man, Lex Luthor. That is he was until 2 months ago when this alien showed up in his town. This realization sent him into fits of rage. He had worked too hard to lose his power to this god like alien. One way or another, he would find his weakness and destroy him. It was only a matter of time. Lex was a patient man, he had built his empire and company with his brilliant mind and patience, and it would only be a matter of time until he dragged this ‘god’ from his pedestal.
“His powers are amazing, Mercy.” He mentioned to his bodyguard who stood beside him. Mercy, who looked like a beautiful blonde supermodel, has always served him well and has saved his life several times from men who wanted him dead. She may have the look of a beautiful woman but her skills in martial arts surpassed even his. “I must find a way to harness this power to my use.” He had tried to get this Superboy to work for him, but he was rudely refused and Lex Luthor will make him pay for the insult. He shielded his eyes as beams of heat leaped from Superboy’s eyes toward the ship. If there was some way from him to meet with this master of this amazing technology, then Lex was sure he would have an ally to help him destroy this so called hero. Luthor smiled of the possibilities of not only destroying Superboy, but stealing this advanced technology for himself. There was mass potential in this alliance, but he must tread carefully as one bad move and his life could be forfeited. As the ship fled and Superboy finished defeating this robotic foes, Luthor turned to Mercy as he headed back to his office. “Send out a crew to salvage whatever is remaining from this battle. Move quickly so we can beat the authorities. I want my Director of Science in my office ASAP.” He would use this battle to his advantage. In the end, Lex Luthor always gets what he wants.

As Lex Luthor went back to his office, another man was watching the battle from the top of another building with interest. He was paid to watch this boy of steel and glean any information about him. He was one of the best Private Detectives in the world and he was paid a huge amount of money to get whatever information on this Superboy he could. This was possibly his most challenging assignment and his success could mean that his future fees could be raised to even a higher price. As Superboy flew away to pursue this ship, this detective went to analyze his data. He would wait until he could watch Superboy again. This was his ticket to greater fame as the World’s Greatest Detective.

Chapter 2

Superboy grew frustrated as he flew at full speed in the sky. He could find no trace of Brainiac. At first he was hot on the space ship’s trail, but one obstacle after another was thrown in his path. This is the first time he failed to apprehend someone who he was bringing to justice. His two months of easy victories had spoiled him when it came to fighting crime. Well he would not let his failure bring him down, he would stay alert for Brainiac to resurface and next time he will be ready for him. With great speed he reached his apartment in seconds and changed back in to his secret identity Clark Kent. He looked in the mirror and made sure his wavy black hair was gelled in the way Clark has his hair. As he put on his glasses, he completed his disguise. Even though he was called Superboy, he was 23 years old. He looked younger that he actually was. Even in his Clark Kent disguise, he still looked too young to be a star reporter. He went back to his closet and made sure his secret compartment was totally hidden. His greatest weakness was the fact that if anyone discovered his identity, his friends and family would be in danger. Superboy worked hard to make sure that no one would be able to deduce his identity. He looked at his clock and saw that he was an hour late for work. The nice thing about being a news reporter is that he could cover his time as Superboy as chasing stories, since no matter where Superboy appeared it was news. He was already forming the story that he would write about the battle in his mind. His boss, Perry White, hired him initially for writing the first interview with Superboy. It seemed to him at the time to be a little dishonest, but as his parents pointed out to him, if people found out Superboy was Clark Kent then everyone he loved would be in danger. This was one career that he could work and co-exist with Superboy. He needed money to live, but also needed to be able to keep this world safe from evil. Clark made sure that his super suit was in its secret compartment and hurried to get to work.

Jimmy Olson arrived 15 minutes early to work. He was a photographer at the Daily Planet. He absolutely loved this job. Although he only started this job 2 months ago, he had already seemed like he had been working here for years. It might have been tougher on him if a new reporter had not started about the same time as he did. He become fast friends with Clark Kent. Mr. Kent’s quick rise to fame also helped him with his budding career. Clark Kent was the only reporter to exclusively interview the new hero, Superboy. Since he wrote the story, people have treated Mr. Kent like Superboy’s personal agent. There was not a day when he got new job offers to switch to another media outlet. For some reason, Mr. Kent always turned them down. He seemed content to stay where he was at and Perry White, the Chief, was willing to give Mr. Kent whatever he wanted to stay. Not that Mr. Kent took advantage of it; the new star reporter was quite meek in personality and did not have much ambition as far as Jimmy could tell. And that was quite alright with him. It was one of the qualities that Jimmy liked about Mr. Kent. Of course Mr. Kent’s quick rise to fame was not all sweet and rosy among the staff. Lois Lane in particular was furious that she was not the only star reporter for the Daily Planet. The Chief seemed to make things worse by having them work together on many of the top stories that the Planet wanted to cover. From what Jimmy had heard Ms. Lane wanted to scoop on Superboy badly. Apparently Superboy saved Ms. Lane from being mugged and whispers said that she had a huge crush on the hero. Not that was usually a big deal, most women and even a lot of men had crushes on the boy of steel. Jimmy also had a crush on Superboy. There was something about so much power that made Superboy a very sensual being. The hero was the perfect man and he would do almost anything to get the boy of steel in bed. Many nights he would lie in bed fantasizing the things he would do to Superboy if he had the chance. Just the thought of Superboy was enough to cause his cock to stiffen. Turing red, Jimmy expelled the thoughts so his erection would go down. He told himself for the thousandth time that he could not fantasize at work. When he was sure that there was not a tent in his pants, Jimmy entered the main press room. He saw the Chief giving someone a tour of the facilities.
“Jimmy!” Mr. White called. “I would live to introduce you to Allen Tripp. He will be around the Planet for a few weeks writing an expose on the Daily Planet. I want you to show him every courtesy. He will be even shadowing you on a few shoots so he can see what you do for us.”
Jimmy shook Mr. Tripp’s hand. Allen Tripp was medium height, but a bit taller than Jimmy. He had wavy blond hair with a few grey hairs at the temple. It was quite a contrast to Jimmy’s bright red hair and freckles. Mr. Tripp had a very firm handshake and a smile that seemed to send warmth to anyone who he was looking at. Jimmy could see that many of the Planet’s workers were watching this strapping man. “It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Tripp.” Jimmy said without stuttering. Part of him wished he was like Allen Tripp.
“Please call me, Allen, and may I call you Jimmy?” Mr. Tripp said in a soft bass voice. “I look forward to working with you. “
Jimmy nodded and could not help smiling. It seemed like he would have another friend here at the Daily Planet. As he checked out his man, he hoped that he would be more than a friend. Sure he was older than him, but he would love it if Allen Tripp would take advantage of him. He blushed as he banished those thoughts. Luckily for him he heard the elevator ding and saw Clark Kent walking onto the floor.
“Kent!” Mr. White barked. “This is Allen Tripp. He is doing an exposé on the Daily Planet. Allen, this is one of our star reporters, Clark Kent.”
Mr. Tripp smiled at Mr. Kent who seemed immune to his charms. “It is an honor to meet you, Mr. Kent. I have read your articles and am quite impressed with your work. Your interview with Superboy was ground breaking.”
Mr. Kent mumbled a ‘thank you’ and excused himself. “Mr. White,” Mr. Kent said before he went. “I will have the story on this morning’s battle ready for you in a few hours if that is ok. I was lucky enough to get a good view of the battle on my way to work.”
“That’s great, Kent! Lois also got a great view; maybe you two can work together with your shared knowledge to write the story.”
Mr. Kent nodded, “Yes sir, I will find her right now.” He glanced at Mr. Tripp before scurrying away.
Mr. Tripp turned to Mr. White. “Your Clark Kent seems to be quite a character,” he said dryly.
Mr. White laughed. “I don’t care how Kent acts as long as he keeps getting me great stories. Now is there anything you need right now? I am late for a meeting.”
“Don’t worry, Perry. I think I will finish the tour with Jimmy if that is okay.” He placed his hand on Jimmy’s shoulder. Jimmy felt the warmth of his hand and felt a small glow inside of spending more time with Mr. Tripp.
Mr. White nodded, “If you need anything, my office is always open for you Allen. Jimmy, take good care of Allen here.” He turned and hurried to the conference room.
Mr. Tripp turned to Jimmy and gave another amazing smile. “How about we go to lunch, Jimmy? With all the events this morning, I have not had a chance to eat something and this way we can get to know each other.”
Jimmy smiled back. “I think that would be great, Mr. Tripp. I know this great place near the Daily Planet that has awesome food. I just hope that it was not damaged during the attack.
Mr. Tripp winked. “If not then we will find another place.”
Jimmy had a feeling that this was going to be the start of a great friendship and if he played his cards right a great sexual experience.

Lois Lane was typing furiously as she wanted to be the first to give Perry the story of the battle this morning. She was on her way to the Planet when the battle started. Luckily she was not near enough to be hurt but she was taking notes the entire time. That is until Superboy showed up. There has never been a man who was as sexy as this hero. She has met him once when she was being mugged and he was every inch the hero. Ever since that encounter, she tried hard to arrange a meeting with him. The hero was in her dreams and even her fantasies. Although Lois could really get any guy that she wanted with her long curly brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, and curvy figure, she had the looks to turn any straight man’s attention on her. She had even caught the attention of Metropolis’ most eligible bachelor, Lex Luthor. She dated him for a time, but his first love is power. Then Superboy showed up on the scene. There was no man alive who could compare to this young man of a hunk. She vowed then and there that she would nab this hero for her own, and when Lois Lane wanted something, she did not stop until she got it.
“Miss Lane?” a soft voice said behind her. She stopped typing and turned. His smile turned to a frown to see Clark Kent. Somehow this fool got an interview with Superboy before she could and now he was her top rival not only for Superboy’s attention, but being the top reporter for the Daily Planet. Looking at him, she could see that if he had any type of fashion sense that he would be very good looking. If he styled his hair, wore contacts, and had proper posture, he would be good looking enough for her to pay attention to him. Most of the time he seemed like a puppy the way he followed her. It was obvious that he had a crush on her, but he was no Superboy.
“What do you want, farm boy?” Lois asked. “I am trying to finish this story.”
Clark looked abashed at the nickname. “Mr. White wants me to work with you to write the story. It seems we both saw the battle.”
Lois smirked. Perry thought that, she thought. “Well you are too late, I am almost done. It looks like you lose out this time.”
Clark sighed, “I am not trying to compete with you, Miss Lane. I wish you would not make everything a competition.” He turned to walk to his desk and Lois felt a pang of guilt. Clark really was a nice guy and she was a bit unfair with him.
“Wait, Clark.” She said. “I am sorry for that last comment. I guess I am still shaken up from this morning. How about I make it up to you by taking you to lunch?”
Clark’s face brightened and he nodded. “Apology accepted Miss Lane.” He rushed to get his coat while Lois grabbed her notepad and notes. He definitely was like a puppy, but puppies can be cute. Plus she could get to Superboy through him. Yep, she always got what she wanted when she decided she wanted something.

Lex Luthor frowned at the data that his science team had collected from the battle. It was tough to get there before the authorities. He was sure they wanted all the evidence of the battle kept secret, but he was able to gather some of the shrapnel from Brainiac’s robots. This technology was truly amazing. It surpassed his wildest dreams. He could several ways to advance his own business with this technology. Even though the robots themselves could not stand up to Superboy, the ship obviously did and from what Lex can gather, it got away from Superboy also. Lex had contacted his entire network around the globe to track down where Brainiac had set up his base. The satellite feeds did not show the ship escaping to space, so Brainiac must be here on the planet still. And if that was truly the case, then Luthor will find him. And if Brainiac did not want to cooperate then he would use Superboy to do the dirty work. And if he was lucky Superboy would be venerable after that battle to where Lex can take him out. His thoughts were interrupted as his intercom buzzed.
“Mr. Luthor,” Mercy said. “I think you might want to see this. One of your technicians, Scot Peters, discovered a new meteor a few weeks ago and his findings are intriguing enough from your personal attention.”
Lex raised an eyebrow. It was rare that Mercy would have him direct his attention to one of his technicians. But Mercy was never wrong when she suggested his attention somewhere. He pressed the talk button on his intercom. “Send him up to me with all his data, Mercy.”

Clark Kent was working late that night at the Daily Planet. He was working on a new story that was due tomorrow. As he typed he heard footsteps behind him.
“Working late?” a deep voice asked behind him. Clark turned and saw Allen Tripp standing there.
“I didn’t know that anyone else was here,” Clark said in his most sheepish voice. “I am working on a story that Mr. White wants done by the morning.
Allen nodded. “You look like you could use a break; do you want to have a cup of coffee with me?”
Clark hesitated, but for the sake of being nice, he agreed. “Sure I would like that.”
They walked to the break room in silence. As Clark sat, Allen went to make the coffee. “I noticed that you are a bit nervous around me,” Allen said gently. “Is there anything I can do to help you feel more comfortable?”
Clark shifted nervously. There was something about this man that made him nervous for some reason. “I’m sorry, Mr. Tripp, but I am a bit shy.”
Allen laughed. “An interesting trait for a reporter, I would think from your article about Superboy that you would be quite bold. It was a story that every reporter dreamed getting.”
“It may be against my nature to be bold, but I can be when necessary.”
Allen walked over to Clark as the coffee was brewing. “Well I would like to see you bold sometime.” He said as he patted his shoulder. Clark shifted uncomfortable by the sudden touch. “You look tense, Clark,” Allen said with a wink. “Let’s see if we can work some of that tension out.”
He started to massage Clark’s shoulders cutting off his protest before it could come out of his mouth. Clark oddly felt good from the massage. He moaned softly as he felt his tension leaving him.
“Does that feel good, Clark?” Allen said as he massaged the reporter.
Clark moaned in response as he melted at Allen’s touch. It felt so good to him, too good really. He hardly felt any alarm as Allen reached down to loosen his tie.
“You are a very sexy man, Clark.” Allen whispered in his ear as he slipped off the tie. Clark wanted to get up and stop this seduction but his limbs felt so heavy. Allen came around in front of the reporter and lifted Clark’s chin and started to kiss him softly. “I want you right now!”
Clark grunted in agreement as they both stood up and started to kiss each other passionately. He felt his cock come alive as it hardened from the erotic touch of Allen Tripp. As he ground his crotch against Allen’s he felt that his cock was also hard.
Allen broke off the kiss and started to unbutton Clark’s shirt revealing his Superboy costume. He gasped as he saw what was underneath Clark’s clothes. “Oh my god, you are Superboy!” he gasped
Superboy stood in shock as his greatest secret was discovered. How could he be so stupid? He thought. Allen got over his shock and kissed Superboy once again more roughly this time. As they kissed, he ripped of Clark’s shirt totally exposing the Superboy jersey.
Superboy back away and stopped when he hit the break room table. “Please, Allen, you must keep my secret.”
Allen smiled as he pressed against Superboy ripping off his belt and dropping his pant revealing his tights. “What will you do for me if I keep your secret,” he teased as he caressed Superboy’s erection.
Superboy moaned as he was played with in a way he never experienced before. He was pushed on the table as Allen lay on top of him. He could have easily over taken Mr. Tripp, but for some reason he could not gather up the strength to stop him. “I think I just found my new toy,” Allen said gleefully as he smacked Superboy’s erection. “You now belong to me!”
The boy of steel gasped as his erect cock was smacked. “Please!” He begged as Allen pinned him on the table and began to bite and kiss both of his nipples through his jersey. The act sent erotic jolts through his body as he felt his cock throbbing with excitement. As his new Master began to undress the hero, Superboy could not help but to feel helpless as he was stripped from the symbol that made him a hero. Soon he was totally naked in front of Mr. Tripp his erection throbbing and a drop of precum sliding down his cock.
Allen smiled at his prize as he grabbed Superboy’s erection enticing a moan from the hero. “Who would have thought the great Superboy is all hot and helpless for a dominate man. I think I found your weakness boy.” The boy of steel whimpered as his body shook from jolt of pleasure. He was pushed back on the table as his legs were flung over his head. As he felt Allen’s cock press against his ass, he prayed for a miracle to happen to get him out of this situation. As his Master’s cock was thrust inside him, Superboy screamed in pleasure and humiliation.
Clark Kent gasped as he woke up in his bed. He was covered in sweat and his cock throbbed in his underwear. He looked around and saw that he was in his bedroom. He shuddered as the memory of the dream faded. Soon he was back asleep unaware of how much danger that he was in.

Chapter 3

When the story of the Battle in ‘Metropolis’ hit the headlines of the Daily Planet, it received very high reviews. The combined effort of Lois Lane and Clark Kent was so impressive that Perry White decided to make them an investigative team. At first Ms. Lane did not like the idea but Mr. Kent proved to be a great partner and eventually her pride eroded to where she could share her status of top reporter. Two weeks after the battle, life in Metropolis seemed to be getting back to normal. Mr. Kent and Ms. Lane seemed to be getting along better. Jimmy became close friends with Allen Tripp. Mr. Tripp was always asking questions and he always seemed to pop up where he was not expected. This did not cause much alarm as he is a reporter and reporters are good at being where the story is at. Jimmy was quite excited when Mr. Tripp wanted to use Jimmy as a photographer in his expose. Jimmy found himself becoming very fond of him. Not only did they work together on the expose, but Mr. Tripp took Jimmy around to the elite of Metropolis and introduced him to several contacts that would be helpful in his career. Mr. Tripp became a mentor to Jimmy and he was willing to divulge any information to him. He asked a lot of questions about Mr. Kent, which was understandable since Mr. Kent is a contact for Superboy, and what reporter did not want to know more about him. Jimmy’s life has never been better. His career was going great; he has a mentor that he always wanted. Not only was Mr. Tripp a great mentor but last week, he finally got to kiss the man. He remembered that night very well as they finished dinner and went back to Jimmy’s apartment. It has started with a passionate kiss and ended with both of them exhausted in bed. Jimmy never felt so wonderful in his entire life. He had madly fallen in love with Mr. Tripp and would do anything for him. As he entered the offices of the Daily Planet, his spirits were high. However it was not the case for everyone else. Panic seemed to be everywhere as he came off the elevator.
“What’s going on?” Jimmy asked.
“Lois has been kidnapped!” An editor said as he hurried to the phones. Jimmy rushed to Mr. White’s office where Mr. Tripp was in there helping as he could.
“Olsen!” Mr. White shouted. “Thank god you are here. I want you to find Kent and let him know what is going on. The note said that Superboy needs to respond to a phone call in China in order to find where she is being held. Kent is the only one who may know how to contact Superboy.”
“I’m on it, Mr. White!” Jimmy exclaimed.
Mr. Tripp nodded. “I’ll go with you Jimmy.” Even when not smiling, Mr. Tripp had an air of confidence that made Jimmy feel better. Both of them left running for the elevator. Since Jimmy always came to work earlier than Mr. Kent, it meant that they would have to go to his apartment. They both grabbed a cab and within 20 minutes they were knocking on Mr. Kent’s door. Mr. Kent answered the door still in his pajamas.
“Jimmy? What’s going on?” he asked still sleepy.
“Mr. Kent, Ms. Lane was kidnapped. The kidnappers left a note for Superboy to answer a call in China in order to find where she is at. I have all the information written down here. Can you contact Superboy?”
Mr. Kent suddenly became alert. “Yes, I will contact him ASAP! Thanks for coming to let me know. I am sure Superboy will rescue Lois.” He ushered them out of his apartment and shut the door. Mr. Tripp arched an eyebrow at the door and seemed distracted when Jimmy suggested they return to the Daily Planet. The ride back was uncomfortably quiet mostly because Mr. Tripp seemed deep in thought. Jimmy thought it was because of the kidnapping. When they returned to let Mr. White know that their mission was successful. Mr. Tripp said he had to be somewhere and took off. Jimmy wondered if something significant had happened.

Superboy flew at top speed across the Pacific Ocean. The note said he had to answer a call in Bangkok in 15 minutes. To fly across the country and then the ocean, it meant that he had to fly near full speed. Why would anyone want to kidnap Lois? It must be a trap he thought. But who set it? His first guess was Brainiac, but he had not seen any sign of the robotic fiend since their initial battle. He used his x-ray vision to see if there were any traps as he landed. Several of the natives gawked as he landed right when the pay phone began to ring.
“Superboy?” a muffled voice asked over the phone.
“I am here! What have you done with Lois?”
“She is alive and you must come to Happy Burger Warehouse in Hong Kong is you want to rescue her.” The phone hung up and the dial tone started to sing. However Superboy was already in the air and halfway to Hong Kong by the time that happened.
He landed in front of the warehouse and ripped open the doors. He marched right in to find 3 thugs waiting for him. “Welcome, Superboy!” The Leader sneered.
Superboy marched right up to him and lifted him in the air. “Where is Lois?” he demanded.
The Leader just smirked as one of his partners opened a lead case that emitted a green glow. Pain suddenly hit Superboy as he dropped the Leader. What is happening to him? He thought as he tried to stagger away. The thug took out a silver chain with a glowing green pendent on it. As Superboy tried to run, the third good grabbed his cape and yanked him back.
“You’re not going anywhere, big boy!” The goon laughed as Superboy stumbled backwards. Superboy tried to muster strength to get free but he was already too weak. He was whipped around as the three thugs circled him. He had to get away, he thought weakly as pain wracked his body.
“What’s wrong, Superboy?” A thug sneered. “Not so tough anymore are you?” He laughed as he punched the hero in his gut with all his strength. The boy of steel cried out as the wind was taken out of him and he fell to the ground. “Looks like you aren’t so super anymore boy!”
The next goon walked over to the cowering hero and slammed his boot against Superboy’s impressive package. Superboy screamed in pain as he curled up in fetal position holding his crotch and whimpering. “It’s about time you were knocked down a few pegs, Superboy. Too bad you had to learn respect the hard way!”
The thug with the deadly pendent came over to the weakened hero and put the chain around Superboy’s neck.
The Leader smirked and then laughed. “I can’t believe this worked!” he exclaimed. He walked over to Superboy and yanked his head up by his hair. “In the future, boy, you will be polite when wanting something from me. Do you know how rude boys are punished?” The Leader sat down dragging Superboy over his lap. He tossed his cape aside and started to spank the hero. Superboy did not even have the strength to struggle. The pain of the pendent plus the pain of the spankings was almost too much for him to bear. He tried not to cry out, but after a few swats he could not help himself. The thugs seemed to get great pleasure of punishing the once invincible hero. Superboy was helpless to fight back as tears rolled down his cheeks crying out with each slap to his ass.
After what seemed like an eternity, the spanking finally stopped. “Will you be a good boy now?” the Leader asked. He lifted Superboy’s head up by his hair again and Superboy’s eyes rolled back. “It looks like this boy is almost a goner. But just to sweeten the deal, this building is going to explode in 15 minutes. Your girlfriend is in the next room and once the explosives go off, you both will be killed!” The thugs laughed as they ran for the exit.
Superboy tried to get off the ground, but the beating, spankings and the kryptonite was too much for him to even move. New tears formed as he knew he failed Lois and himself.

Lois struggled in her bonds as the thugs talked to Superboy in China. She was infuriated for getting herself in this situation. She had been typing late at night in the Daily Planet when these thugs came behind her and knocked her out. When she came to, she was tied to this chair. When the thugs when to the main room of the warehouse, Lois looked for anything she could get to set her free. The only thing she saw was a table. That was her only hope of getting free. Superboy did not know this was a trap and if it worked, then she was his only hope. She dragged herself and the chair to the table and used the corner of the table to try to cut her ropes. She was able to get free with one hand and then hurried to untie the other. She ran to the next room to see Superboy slumped on the floor. When she got to him, she saw that his skin was a pale green and a silver chain with a glowing green pendant was around his neck. She ripped the chain from his neck and threw it as far as she could. She then tried to drag the hero out of the warehouse. She knew about the bombs and did not know how much time they had. When she got halfway to the exit, Superboy seemed to stir. She helped him out of the warehouse and both of them jumped in the water of the pier right when the warehouse exploded. Fire and debris seemed to fly everywhere as Lois tried her best to swim away while keeping Superboy afloat. Right when she thought they were home free another building near the warehouse exploded. What the hell was going on, Lois thought. Superboy seemed to have regained consciousness and he blinked at the carnage around him.
“Lois?” he mumbled. “You saved us.”
Lois smiled as she caressed Superboy’s face. “I would not let you die so easily.” She dragged herself and the boy of steel to the edge of the pier where Superboy had gathered enough strength to lift himself up. “How are you feeling?” she asked trying not to stare at his soaked uniform molding to his body.
“I am feeling better, Miss Lane.” He answered as he smiled weakly. “If you give me a few minutes more, I will be able to fly us both home.”
Lois nodded. “What was that rock they put on you? I have never seen anything like it before.”
Superboy’s face darkened as he thought of his humiliating experience. “I do not know, but I intend to find out as soon as we get you home.” He stood and flexed his muscles. Lois was in awe as his wet costume showed every muscle in his luscious body. She wanted to make love to him right then and there. Superboy took a deep breath and hovered a few feet in the air. “It seems my powers have returned in any case. Let’s get you home.” He took her in his arms and they both flew towards the US.

The three thugs gleefully entered the building across from the warehouse. They had done it. They have defeated Superboy and even spanked him. In a few minutes, he would be dead and they would make history. The phone rang and the leader rushed to answer it. “Is your task complete?”
“Yes, Mr. Luthor. Superboy has been defeated and the building will explode in 2 minutes. We sent the footage of his defeat to you already.”
The warehouse exploded in a fiery blaze. “I finally defeated Superboy. Now you will get your reward!”
The thugs did not even get a chance to scream when the building exploded.

The Detective hurried as he walked up to Clark Kent’s apartment. His intuition told him that Kent was hiding something. He had been suspicious of Clark Kent for 2 weeks now since the battle of Metropolis, but he was always with that Lois Lane. He could not risk being exposed since he knew how smart Lois was. He had been very careful around her. But with her kidnapped and Superboy contacted to find her, it was a golden opportunity. He knocked at the door not really expecting Kent to be home. Using his lock pick, he easily got the door opened and started to look around the apartment. He opened his briefcase and took out several cameras that he would place in the apartment. But first he wanted to look around. He walked into the bedroom and found something strange. Kent’s wallet and keys were on his nightstand. He also noted that his pajamas that he wore when he answered the door were discarded on the unmade bed. He tiptoed to the bathroom and peeked in and saw that no one was here. Where would he go without his wallet and keys? Snooping around some more, he looked in the closet for any clues about this new mystery. He saw that the clothes on the hangers were pushed to one side. He reached over and knocked on the closet wall behind the hangers. A hallow echo answered him. He looked around for any type of switch. What was Kent hiding in there? Finding the hidden switch, he pushed open the false wall and gasped at what he saw. There were several Superboy costumes hanging in there. Clark Kent was Superboy. All the clues suddenly fell in place. Such a clever disguise for Superboy to have, no one would even think that the nerdy Kent was the all powerful Superboy. This was the jackpot he needed to have to complete his job. He quickly packed his equipment; he could not put cameras in the room since Superboy could tell with his x-ray vision. The Detective quickly made sure things were the way it was before hurrying out to his hotel room. He had to contact his boss as soon as possible.
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По умолчанию Nightmares of Metropolis Part One

Chapter 4

Jimmy walked off the elevator to the Daily Planet a bit wary after yesterday’s events. Even though Mr. Lane came back safe and sound thanks to Superboy. She refused to give any kind of detail of the kidnapping. It frustrated the police to no end. Mr. White said he understood but he also wanted the entire story. It was unlike Ms. Lane not to disclose details. Even with her mugging, she turned it into a front page story especially since Superboy was involved. She just seemed to shrug off her kidnapping and dive right back into work. She and Mr. Kent were working on a story about mysterious disappearing across the globe. Every single person who disappeared had the same demographics; male, good looking, in early to late 20s, and athletic. The latest disappearance was Ashton James, a supermodel. Ms. Lane thought that it might be a slavery ring, but Jimmy had never heard of anything like that for males usually it was females. He was sure though that Ms. Lane and Mr. Kent would be able track down the story behind it.
“Jimmy,” Mr. White said gently. “Come into my office.” Jimmy was startled. Mr. White has never talked to him like this before. Something must really be wrong. He went into his boss’s office and took the seat that was offered to him. “Jimmy, Allen was killed last night in his hotel room. Someone planted a bomb and it went off while he was in the room. I am very sorry to have to tell you this.”
Jimmy went numb with shock. Mr. Tripp in a very short time had become his lover. He never fell for anyone like this before. It was hard to believe that he was murdered.
“The Police are doing what they can to investigate, but from what I understand there is very little they can go off from. They might come to talk to you since you spent a lot of time with him. “
Jimmy nodded still in shock.
“You are welcome to take the day off if you need to. I understand if you don’t want to.”
“No,” Jimmy said. “I think I will feel better if I have something to do. Thank you Mr. White.” He got up and left the office.
Perry watched him go with sadness in his eyes. He liked Jimmy and went to great lengths to spare him of the details. The one thing he got from the police is that Allen Tripp was not who he said he was. The police tried to keep it from him but he has been in the reporter game far too long to be fooled. Whatever Allen’s game was, he would discover it and find out why he was trying to find here at the Daily Planet not only for his curiosity but for Jimmy’s sake. He walked out his office and bellowed, “Lois, I need you in here now!”
Lois looked at him like he was crazy, but stopped what she was doing and came right in.
“I am taking you off the disappearance story. You can let Kent do that alone. I have another story I want you to find.” Lois opened her mouth to protest. “This is a personal favor for me, Lois.” Lois closed her mouth clearly intrigued. “Allen Tripp was not who he said he was. He was murdered last night by a bomb in his room. I think he was sent by someone to snoop around the Daily Planet and apparently found what he was sent to find and then murdered. I want you to find out who he was and what he was went to find. I also want you to keep this to yourself. Jimmy was quite close to him and I don’t want the boy to be hurt if he finds out the truth.”
Lois nodded. “I’m on it Perry. I’ll get in touch with one of my boys at the Police Station to get a copy of the report. I am sure it will give me clues on where to start.”
Perry nodded and dismissed Lois. If anyone could find out what happened it was her. He had spent too much time and money invested in the newspaper to let it crumble away.

Clark returned to his desk as Lois was called into Mr. White’s office. In the past few weeks it has been great working with her. His initial attraction to her has grown into a huge crush, but he was unsure it would work. She was infatuated with Superboy and before he could reveal his secrets, he had to be sure she loved Clark Kent and not just Superboy. His painful encounter yesterday still had shaken him up. Even though his physical hurts had healed in very little time, his confidence was shot down a little. He was going to have tread very carefully until he knew what that green rock was. One thing was certain; it was lethal for him to be near it. Before he thought he was invulnerable that nothing could hurt him, but yesterday proved to be wrong. After dropping Lois off, he flew back to see if there was any evidence to be found. The only thing he found was that both bombs were identical in make. It means that however hired those thugs to take him out also killed them. When he returned to the Planet he wrote down notes of the bombs used and placed it in his desk. He was not sure what good it would do, but it was good to have just in case he encountered another bomb like it. He would track down who tried to kill him one way or another. When he reached his desk, he saw a fancy envelope on his keyboard. Quickly using his x-ray vision, he saw there were no traps in the envelope. In fact it was an invitation to a charity dinner hosted by William Porter, one of the richest men on the planet. Lex Luthor’s fortune looked small compared to Mr. Porter. Why would he be invited to a dinner such as this? Grabbing the invitation, he went to Mr. White’s office.
“Mr. White?” Clark asked. “Do you know anything about this charity dinner invitation from Mr. Porter?”
Mr. White looked at Clark and nodded. “I meant to tell you about it earlier. William Porter wants you to attend this dinner. He has read your work and has offered a generous donation to the Daily Planet if you would attend. So whether you like it or not, you will be attending. He usually just picks one journalist to attend these fancy dinners, and no one from the Daily Planet had been chosen before. So go get changed into your Tux. Mr. Porter’s limo will be here in 2 hours to pick you up. You are representing the Daily Planet, so I expect you to be on your best manners. What are you still doing here, GO!”
Clark slowly nodded and left for his apartment. It sounds like this might be good for his career if he went. When he reached his apartment, and changed into his tux, he automatically wore his Superboy uniform under his tux unaware that he was being watched. When he finished getting ready he returned to the Daily Planet to a limo waiting for him which took him to a private air port that whisked him away to a private remote island. Little did he know how much danger he was in.

As Clark was getting on the private jet, halfway across the country Martha Kent was preparing dinner for her and her husband, Jonathan Kent. She was busy peeling potatoes when she suddenly felt drowsy. Within seconds she was passed out on the floor not even away of the team of men who used a tranquilizer gun to take her and her husband out. Each was taken to a separate car and both cars went their separate ways.

Chapter 5

As Clark’s plane landed, he was in awe of the entire island. In the center was the biggest mansion he had ever seen. It was elaborately done in the style of ancient Greek Columns with ivy artistically woven around the columns. Marble walkways led from the plane to the front gates of the house. Other guests had landed in their own private jets and were dressing such fine cloths that it made Clark look like a bum. Three guards stood at the gate and looked at Clark’s invitation. One of the tried to hide a smirk, but did not do a very good job.
“Welcome, Mr. Kent. I have been instructed to escort you to the Head Butler. Please come with me.”
Clark tried to ignore the smirking guard and nodded and followed the guard. He was taken to the front doors where a distinguished gentleman took custody of him.
“I am Jeffrey, Mr. Kent. Mr. Porter wishes for you to get changed into cloths that will not stand out as much. “
Clark was taken back. “I am sure what I am wearing is fine for the party,” he said lamely even though from the few guests that he saw he knew it was not the case.
“I am just following orders, sir. You will not be allowed in the party unless you change into something more appropriate. Do not be embarrassed sir, there are several guests who have to change as well. You are not the only one. “
That did make Clark feel a bit better. He was taken to a room where such fine furnishings make him be in awe. He had never seen wealth like this before. A single tux hung in the front closet complete with undergarments and shoes. Clark started to get undressed but remembered his costume, what was he going to do? He thought. Seeing a bathroom on the other side of the room, Clark went in there and ran the water for the shower. Using his super speed, he took off his costume in seconds and hid it behind the toilet, and then he took a quick shower and again used his super speed to get back in his uniform with the new tux hiding his secret. Everything fit perfectly. Mr. Porter really did go all out to make his guests feel comfortable. As he left the room, Jeffrey was waiting for him.
“May I escort you to the party, sir?” he asked as if Clark’s answer was going to influence what happened next. Before they got 5 feet, a group of men intercepted them.
“Mr. Porter would like to speak with Mr. Kent now.” Their leader said.
Jeffrey nodded and left Clark in their hands. “Come with me, sir.” They formed a ring around him and escorted him to an elevator that took them to the top floor of the mansion. The first door on the right led to an office. The office made the room Clark was in before look cheap. Along the walls were trophies that seemed to be very rare and expensive. Sitting at a conference table was a distinguished middle aged man with dark brown hair. Although he was middle aged, he seemed to be in great shape.
“Thank you, Greg, for bringing Mr. Kent in. We have some business to talk about before the party starts. Please wait outside until I call for you.” The group of men nodded and filed out the room. Mr. Porter waited until they were all out before he smiled at Clark and motioned for him to sit. “I hope the accommodations have been to your satisfaction so far. This is the first time; we have had anyone from the Daily Planet as a guest. I am sure your boss; Perry White was quite thrilled at having one of his reporters as my guest. I am sure you know I am William Porter. I am also sure that you know that I know you are Clark Kent. What you may not know is that I also know you are Superboy.”
Clark gasped and then laughed. “I don’t know where you got your information, Mr. Porter, but I am no Superboy.”
“Don’t play games with me, Superboy. I have been investigating you for months now. I know that Clark Kent is Superboy. When you went to change at your apartment I had you watched, you were seen changing into your Superboy costume with your tux over it. When you left, I had your other costumes extracted and brought here. You know the ones in the secret compartment in your closet?”
Clark’s face went pale as he knew his biggest secret was revealed. His mind started to think of a way out of this mess.
Mr. Porter smiled and picked up a remote control. He pushed a button and two televisions came out of a wall. They turned on and Clark’s parents were on each screen tied up and guarded. “I also took the liberty of taking your parents. They are in two separate places and will die unless you cooperate.”
Clark’s face went from pale to rage as he stood up.
“I would hold your rage in check, my dear Superboy. My men can see what is happening here and if you as much touch me, your parents will die. If you try to leave my grounds, they will also know and your parents will die. “
Clark clenched his fists in frustration and reluctantly sat back down. “What do you want?”
Mr. Porter smiled sweetly. “I want you, my young man. I am a collector of rare trophies and there is no trophy in the world as rare as you. You will remain here as my guest and do whatever I ask. In a sense you will work for me now. Don’t worry I will not ask you to do anything illegal. I am one of the wealthiest men on the planet. I have everything I need. You will cooperate with me until I am ready to release you. I will keep your secrets if you play along.”
Clark wanted nothing more than to rip this man apart, but he would not risk his parent’s lives. He would have to play along for right now and wait for a time to strike. If this man thought he could cage Superboy, he was gravely mistaken. “I will play your game for right now, but if you think that you will get away with this, you are mistaken.”
Mr. Porter laughed. “You are a fool indeed, Superboy. Now I want you to call Perry and let him know that Clark Kent has been asked to do a story about William Porter. This will be the excuse for Clark Kent remaining here. “
Clark nodded and picked up the phone. When Perry answered, he told him that he was asked to do an exclusive on Mr. Porter. Mr. White was so excited that he gave his blessing right away. Clark hung up the phone and looked at his captor. “What now?”
“Stand up.”
Clark nodded as he got up from his chair and stood in front of his captor. William also stood and circled his most precious trophy. He stopped in front of the hero and slowly took off the glasses. “I did not go through all this trouble to get Clark Kent.” He said softly. “I want Superboy.” He reached over and untied Clark’s bow tie and discarded it on the table. He then went around to his back and slid of the coat.
“I can do this myself,” Clark stated feeling disgusting being undressed as he was.
William stopped and grabbed Superboy’s chin. “I did not give you permission to speak, Superboy.” He said menacingly. Clark fought with all his power to stay still. With one though he could burn this man to a crisp with his heat vision, however it would mean the death of his parents. He would take what he had to and find his opportunity to turn the tables.
Mr. Porter let go of Superboy softly laughing to himself at the helpless state the hero was in. It was quite the turn on for him. Such a powerful being he had caught in his net, yet his love for his parents left him helplessly at his mercy. He started unbuttoning Clark’s tux shirt growing more excited as he saw the blue from Superboy’s jersey. He could not help himself as he ripped the shirt open to totally reveal the top half of Superboy’s costume. He traced his fingers of the ‘S’ emblem basking in the feel of the costume and the hard chiseled chest that was underneath. It took a lot of his will power to stop and undo Clark’s belt. He slung the belt around Superboy’s neck making plans as he gazed to the button of the hero’s slack pants that would reveal the rest of his costume. Slowly savoring this moment, William undid the tux pants and let them fall to the hero’s feet. Superboy was almost totally exposed in his costume. His cameras had picked up every detail and it gave him more control over the boy. He once again circled the hero. He moved Superboy’s cape aside so he could marvel and squeeze the hero’s perfect ass. When he got back to the front, he ran his hands up and down the boy of steel’s arms feeling the muscles. Then he reached over and fondled Superboy’s bugle. It looked like Superboy was definitely Superboy where it counted.
Superboy stiffened and gasped as he was touched in a place that no one had touched him before. “Please don’t touch me there!” He exclaimed. He was unsure how much of this he could endure. But his parent’s lives have to be worth this humiliation.
William squeezed Superboy’s bulge as hard as he could, knowing it would not hurt the hero. With his other hand he grabbed Superboy’s jersey and pulled the hero’s lips close to his. “This is only the beginning, Superboy.” He whispered softly.
Superboy shivered has he was dominated in a way he never experienced before. Despite his protests, he did feel his cock twitch a little. William felt it to and smiled as he suddenly released the hero. He walked over to his desk and pulled out a thick stack of papers. “If you sign this contract Superboy, I will make sure your parents are well taken care of. They can return home and go on with their lives. I will even stage a rescue for them so they think that their captors are caught. However you must promise me that you will remain here until I release you from my service. If you break your work, I will guarantee that everyone you ever care about will die. Even if something happens to me, your secret will be revealed. I have the information secured in places all around the world. At my word or after my death, it will be released. Do you really think your enemies will be as generous as I have?”
Superboy looked at the contract like a viper. If he signed this then he was truly stuck. His code as a hero would make him follow this contract to the letter. But what other choice did he have. If his parents were safe, then that all is what mattered, plus his friends at the Daily Planet were at risk. “I will not commit crimes for you.” He demanded.
Mr. Porter laughed. “What crime would I have you commit. All services will be here on my island. You will not be forced to commit any crimes. If you are truly a good boy, I will even let you fight crime again. But that depends on your cooperation, Superboy.”
Superboy sighed; he could not see a way out of this trap. With heavy reluctance he picked up the pen and signed the contract.
Mr. Porter cleared his throat. “I want you to sign as Clark Kent also since that is your legal name.”
Superboy nodded and signed both names to the contract. His shoulders slumped in defeat he wondered what would happen to him now.

Chapter 6

Hours after he found out Mr. Tripp was murdered, Jimmy still felt numb. It was just his luck that a man who was a great friend and lover would be taken away from him. As he went into his apartment, he wanted nothing to do than to curl up on his bed and cry. He went into the kitchen to see if there was anything that may get his appetite back but nothing he saw in the fridge looked appetizing. He turned and saw a strange package on the table. His curiosity got the better of him and he opened the box. Inside was a ring with a stunning red jewel. He had never seen a jewel like this before. The ring felt warm in his hand and he tried to figure out who would give him a gift like this. Maybe Mr. Tripp sent this to him before he died. He felt tears fill his eyes. He was a great friend right up to the end. He slipped the ring on his finger and felt a sharp pain. The pain grew larger and larger until Jimmy started to scream. He clawed to get the ring off, but it seemed stuck on his finger. He screamed until his voice gave out and then he passed out from the pain. Hours later he woke up with no memory of the pain and wondered why his throat was hurting. He gave no thought of the ring that adorned his hand. In fact he felt good. Smiling to himself he realized he had never felt this good in all his life. Energy ripped through his body and he stretched as if he had been locked away for years. However when he looked at his new ring that glittered on his hand, his blue eyes suddenly turned to a emerald green from a second before turning back.

Superboy followed his captor, William Porter. He had just signed his life away to this vile man who discovered his secret identity. He acted like he was confident and here on his own accord. Of course, he could crush the man within seconds, but it would mean the cost of his parent’s lives and everyone else he loved. However he was trapped by his code as a hero since he signed his life away and gave his word. William led the boy of steel to a room and motioned for him to enter. Inside was stark with a light hanging over a single table and 2 chairs. It looked like a crude interrogation room. Inside was a grizzled man who looked like he could chew bullets. Superboy might have been intimidated if he was anyone else, but with his powers, he knew he had nothing to worry about.
“This is one of my employees, Spike.” William Porter said smiling. “You may not recognize him but you captured him while he was robbing a bank and sent him to jail 2 months ago. He escaped from jail last week and brought here to see you. He has wanted to see you for some time and I promised him that if you misbehave that he could have that time with you. “Spike smiled evilly and winked at Superboy. Superboy was confused. How could this criminal hurt him? Mr. Porter opened the door and motioned for Superboy to follow him out the room. They walked down the hallway to another room that looked like a laboratory. Inside a handsome young man worked typing at a computer.
“This is Scot Peters. You will report to him every morning at 1000 so he can do experiments on you. If you fail to cooperate with him, he will send you to Spike for punishment.” Scot looked up and smiled at Superboy. Superboy got the feeling Scot could not wait to get his hand on him. William motioned for Superboy to follow him out the room and they went to the elevator. The elevator took them to the top floor where there were two rooms. William led Superboy to the first room and opened the door. Inside was a tiny bedroom with a mat on the floor and a simple dresser. “This is your kennel, Superboy. In the dresser you will find appropriate clothing to wear while you are here on the island.” Mr. Porter closed the door and opened the second door which led to the most beautiful bedroom Superboy ever saw. “This is my room, Superboy. You will be here every morning when I awake. If you are not here then I will send you to Spike. You will service me in any way I want until it is time for your appointment with Dr. Peters. After your appointment with Dr. Peters, you will have an hour of free time before you are to report to my office for more duties. You will be kept very busy during your stay here. I am sure that you will learn your new routine and follow it like a good boy.”
Superboy was in shock of what he was hearing. He could not believe he was trapped so easily. But in his shock he could not think of a way to escape from this nightmare.
William led Superboy back to the elevator. “I must make an appearance for the party. I did after all go through a great deal to trap you like this. You will also attend. You shall be my guest and you will behave yourself. If you do not, I will humiliate you in front of everyone.” He patted Superboy’s crotch as the hero stared sullenly at his captor.
As the elevator descended, Superboy tried with all his might to figure out a way out of this elaborate trap. As he thought, he did not even notice William push a button on the elevator. The elevator suddenly stopped and Superboy looked up blinking in surprise. The elevator was not moving, yet the doors did not open.
William pushed the hero against the wall as he pressed his body against his. His lips brushed the boy of steel’s lips as he softly laughed. “You belong to me now, Superboy.” He whispered. The hero shivered as his master’s hands ran all over his costumed body. Again he felt his cock twitch as he felt helpless to stop this molestation. William sighed as he backed away and pressed the button for the elevator to continue. “As much as I want to ravish you now, Superboy, I must wait until we make an appearance at the party.”
Superboy sighed in relief as he tried to hold back tears. This could not be happening to him, he thought wildly. He was just molested and almost raped. Yet all of his powers could not save him against this sensual assault.
The elevator stopped and William walked out proudly with the most powerful being on this planet following him like a puppy. Superboy took a deep breath and forced himself to look like his confident self. He had to act like nothing was wrong or else William might do something dreadful to him in front of these people. They came out on a platform where a band was playing music. At their appearance, the music stopped as the party attendance quieted down as their host approached the microphone. There were several gasps as they noticed Superboy. They never expected a hero of this stature to make an appearance at a high society party.
“Welcome guests and friends.” William said smiling. “As you can see we have a special guest this evening. The mighty hero, Superboy, has decided to grace us with his presence. I hope that you all will enjoy his company as I have. Superboy will you greet us?”
Superboy looked confident as he approached the microphone, but inside he was frantic. “Thank you, Mr. Porter for having me here tonight. You have been a gracious host and I have had quite the experience so far.” Superboy struggled to word his comments in a way that he was not lying. As he left the stage, he went to mingle with the party. He was never good at this sort of thing which is why he never really attended functions like this before. As soon as he was on the party floor, he was flocked with several guests. After several minutes of guests cooing at him and asking questions, Superboy actually managed to forget his troubles for a while. William also circulated the guests for all appearances looking like a grand host. Superboy was quite startled when a guard tapped him on the shoulder.
“Mr. Porter requires your company, Superboy.” The guard said respectfully. “He wanted to remind you that it is the time that you had to leave.”
Superboy covered up his surprise and nodded. He rejoined his captor on the stage as he gave a farewell speech. As he left with William, he was led back to the same elevator that he went down in. They went back up in silence as Superboy once realized how much trouble he was in.
William motioned him to enter the bedroom and he shut the door. Superboy warily did as he was told and waited for instruction.
“I want you to take off your costume, Superboy.” The hero’s eyes got wide and he froze on the spot. No one has even seen him naked before. Even in school, he would wear shorts to the showers after PE. William took an angry look and grabbed Superboy chin and jerked his head up. “I gave you an order boy and if you cannot follow orders then I will have to teach you the hard way.” Mr. Porter takes out a small lead box and opens it revealing a glowing green stone. Superboy recoils back not only from the pain of the exposure but of the humiliating experience that he suffered the first time he encountered this strange stone. William took out the stone and held it in one hand and then backhands Superboy with the rock in his fist. Superboy cried out as the slap knocked him to the ground.
Feeling weak and nauseous, Superboy struggled to get to his feet as Mr. Porter stepped back and put the rock on the far end of the room. Its deadly rays still weakened the hero but he was barely able to move. Superboy reached for his caped but he did not have the strength to unfasten it. William rolled his eyes and grabbed Superboy by his hair. “It looks like I have to do everything myself.” He grabbed a remote control and pressed a button. A panel on the ceiling opened and chains descended. William dragged Superboy to his feet and chained the hero’s arms above his hear.
Now that Superboy was forced to stand, his captor reached over and unfastened his cape. He took his and threw it on the floor like it was garbage. Superboy could not do anything as he felt the urge to vomit. The damned rock was sapping his powers and making him feel sick. William moved Superboy around like he was a rag doll as he removed both boots. He then reached over and took off the hero’s belt. Next were his red briefs which left Superboy only in his blue tights and jersey. William roughly yanked down his tights revealing for the first time, Superboy’s cock and balls. Superboy’s face burned with embarrassment as he was exposed to his captor. He tried desperately to gather strength to free him, but the mysterious rock kept him weak and nauseous. William grabbed his remote and the chains holding the hero up suddenly unfastened. Superboy fell to the floor like a lifeless doll and he struggled to get back to his feet. William gave him no time as he yanked the jersey off causing the boy of steel to be completely naked.
Mr. Porter smiled at the perfect young man before him. He lunged at Superboy grabbing him by his hair and dragged him over to the bed. Pinning the hero on the bed, he forces his tongue into Superboy’s mouth and starts to kiss him. Superboy tried to struggle but the exposure to the rock was sapping away all his energy away. The rough kiss was having another effect on him though. He felt his cock twitch a little which sent his mind reeling. He should not be enjoying this, but a part of him did. William moved down to Superboy’s nipples and bit them hard causing the hero to cry out in pain. Then without ceremony, he unzipped his pants and revealed his cock. Superboy’s eyes grew very wide at the hard monster that was revealed. This middle aged oppressor had a huge cock. As his legs were lifted up, Superboy realized what was going to happen. “PLEASE! DON’T!” he screamed as the monster cock was thrust hard into his ass. Superboy howled in pain as he was invaded like he never had been before. The pain was the worst he ever felt before. As his ass was used for Mr. Porter’s pleasure, Superboy’s mind snapped. How could he call himself a hero when he was being used as someone’s bitch? He was supposed to superior to these humans, yet here he was being fucked in the ass and helpless to stop it. The greatest horror was when his cock started to stiffen. There was still pain, but pleasure began to creep in also. Soon pleasure overtook the pain and Superboy experienced his first true hard on. Superboy tried to push away the pleasure but it was like nothing he ever felt. How could he feel pleasure about being violated like this? Soon his cock was rock hard and Superboy started moaning for pleasure. He felt the pleasure building slowly in his balls and part of him did not care. This sort of pleasure was foreign to him and part of him wanted more. Mr. Porter began to moan louder from pleasure too, as he fucked the hero’s virgin ass. Soon he could not hold back any more and his cock exploded with orgasm send sprays of cum into Superboy’s ass. As cum exploded within the hero, Superboy felt a surge he never felt before. His cock also exploded as cum flew everywhere. It hit his stomach, chest, face and even the wall behind him. William continued to fuck to poor hero until his orgasm was done. It made Superboy’s first orgasm as more intense but it also brought back the pain in full force. After what seemed like eternity, his enslaver pulled out of him and Superboy lied on the bed completely numb and in a strange euphoria.
“Shit!” William swore breathlessly. He looked down at the violated hero and realized that it was the best fuck of his life. He was going to enjoy having this young man around. But his mind refocused on his plan and he pushed Superboy off the bed. “You may leave now, Superboy. Get some rest for in the morning I expect you to be here when I wake up. Leave your costume; you are too pathetic to wear that now. Maybe if you are good, I will let you wear it again.” He got up and put the glowing rock back in the lead box. He watched as Superboy struggled to his feet and hobbled out of the room and into his new sleeping area. William smiled as he crawled into his bed. Yes, this was all worth the time, effort, and money to break this hero.
Superboy barely managed to crawl into his mat on the floor of his sleeping area. His ass hurt worse than his spanking by those thugs in Hong Kong. How could he let himself get in this position? He realized that he was truly defeated. Even as his powers slowly regained from the exposure to that damned rock, he know he still would not risk his parent’s lives to escape this mess. As sleep overtook his exhausted body and mind, he knew that his dreams would not let him escape this hell that he has been caught in.

Superboy found himself standing in front of a curtain. He looked around and saw that he was on some kind of stage. He also was shocked as he was stark naked. What was going on? He thought. Without warning the curtain rose and before him stood a crowd of people. His face turned red as he covered his genitals.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the great Superboy!” William Porter said as he stood next to the blushing hero. “He is my newest acquisition.”
Superboy struggled to take flight and flee but his body refused to obey.
“Now Ladies and Gentleman, I would like to introduce Superboy’s trainer, Scot Peters.”
Scot stepped forward and slapped Superboy’s hands. “Now now, Superboy, You know that you shouldn’t cover your cock. There are for everyone to look at and enjoy.”
Superboy uncovered his genitals reluctantly for the crowd. They all clapped as the hero’s cock and balls was exposed.
“You must be punished, Superboy.” Scot scolded. He turned to the crowd. “Observe as I punish Superboy. One of his pleasure zones is his ass.” He turned Superboy so the crowd could see his ass. “As Superboy is usually an alpha, it turns him on when he is reduced to a submissive.” Scot slapped one of Superboy’s ass cheeks. Superboy gasped and jumped as a wave of pleasure came over him. He had no idea how the doctor made him feel pleasure, but his cock twitched as his ass was smacked. Scot turned Superboy sideways so the crowd could see the light spanking and the effect that it was having on his cock. Soon his cock was fully erect and Scot stopped the spanking to show the crowd how aroused Superboy got from the spanking.
“Did you like that Superboy?” Scot asked as he stroked Superboy’s cock.
Superboy felt ashamed as he whispered, “Yes.”
Scot used his other hand to smack Superboy’s ass. “Louder, everyone needs to hear. Do you like it?”
Superboy gasped as he came closer to orgasm. As Scot stroked him, Superboy moaned. “Yes, I like it!” he shouted as his cock exploded in orgasm.
Superboy opened his eyes as he felt the heat of his own cum on his stomach and chest. He looked around and saw that he was in his new slave quarters. It must have been a dream. He lay back down as he realized that he had an erotic dream about being dominated by a man. What was happening to him, he thought in despair as he slowly fell back asleep.
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По умолчанию Nightmares of Metropolis Part One

Chapter 7

Jimmy had never felt so great in his entire life. He was sitting in a plane on its way to Athens. Not only was he flying to Athens but he was flying first class. Normally he would never have been able to afford to fly anywhere especially not first class, but he managed to seduce the cute guy at the ticket counter to letting him fly for free. The ticket guy was absolutely enraptured with Jimmy which was something he never experienced before. Sure some guys thought he was cute, but he never had someone willing to do anything for him just because he flirted. He did pay a sort of price for the tickets. As he led the ticket counter guy to the staff men’s bathroom and locked the door, he started passionately kissing the ticket guy. Even the kiss was enough to send the poor lad to moaning and begging for more. Jimmy almost started laughing on how easy it was to turn this guy on. Ripping open his victim’s pants, he found there was a huge boner in there just from some kisses. Jimmy ripped off the boxers covering that erection and began to pump fast and hard. Within 30 seconds, the poor ticket guy has cummed all over his shirt and was panting on his hands and knees. Jimmy patted the cute guy’s head before grabbing his ticket to board the plane. It was so incredibly easy to seduce this guy. It made Jimmy feel powerful and totally irresistible. Ever since he got that ring, his luck has been incredible. Now he was on his way to Greece. He was unsure why he was going, but there was something he had to do there. He did know without a doubt that this was going to be the best vacation he ever had.

Several hours after he fell asleep, Superboy woke in a panic; he had no idea what time it was. He knew he was supposed to be in Mr. Porter’s room before he awoke. He jumped up and almost collapsed from the pain in his ass. Even though he felt that his powers were in full force again, his ass still hurt from last night’s violation. He had almost hoped that it was a dream, but it wasn’t. He was the great hero Superboy, and last night was reduced to a fuck toy. He quickly went to his dresser and opened it up to reveal his second shock of the morning. The only clothes in there were tiny white briefs with his Superboy insignia on the middle of the briefs. He was supposed to wear this? He thought in alarm. Remembering the time, Superboy shoved his shock away and slipped into a pair of these briefs. They were way too tight for his comfort and it barely covered the bulge of his super cock. He rushed out of his room and quietly went into his Master’s bedroom. Superboy sighed with relief to see Mr. Porter still asleep. He waited by the foot of the bed, so he would be following his orders. After last night’s punishment, he did not want to repeat that. As he waited, the door suddenly opened and Superboy’s face turned red as a servant entered with a tray. She smiled as she saw Superboy just clad in those tiny briefs. Her eyes scanned every part of his mostly naked body as she quietly set the tray on the table next to the bed. Before she left, she walked over to the hero and brazenly grabbed his cock through the briefs and squeezed. Superboy suppressed a gasp as she softly laughed and left the room to return to her duties. How was this happening, Superboy thought in despair? He was reduced from Earth’s greatest hero to a boy toy to be used as anyone wished.
“Good morning, Superboy,” William said as in a soft voice as Superboy was jerked from his thoughts. “I am glad to see that you can indeed follow instructions. Mr. Porter motioned for Superboy to come closer. “Hand me my breakfast tray, boy.” Superboy rushed over and placed the tray on his Master’s lap. Mr. Porter patted the hero’s crotch with approval. “Do you like your new uniform? I had them designed just for you.” Superboy turned red in the face as his attention was turned to his almost nakedness. “Now for your first task for today, you will give me a blow job.” The redness in his face grew more, but he did not hesitate. Last night he learned what would happen when orders were not done immediately. Superboy uncovered the covers and shuddered as he slipped his Master’s pajamas off revealing his hardening cock, the same cock that took his virginity last night. Superboy pressed his lips to the head of the cock and fell even deeper in despair, the great Superboy giving another man a blow job. As Superboy ran his tongue over his Master’s cock, William enjoyed his breakfast. Superboy then engulfed his mouth over the cock and moved his head up and down on it. Thanks to his powers, he did not have to worry about oxygen and he took the entire cock in his mouth. Soon Mr. Porter exploded with cum in Superboy’s mouth and the hero continued to suck on the cock until he was told to stop. He felt dirty when he was forced to swallow his captor’s cum.
“Very good stupid boy,” William laughed. “I must say that you are very good at giving head. It could be your super powers or maybe you have done it before. We will find out soon enough. It is time for my morning shower. Your duty will to wash me.” Superboy followed his captor to the bathroom. William had the boy of steel turn on the water and make sure that the temperature was perfect. As William disrobed and entered the shower, Superboy went to take off his briefs. However he was stopped and told to enter the shower in his uniform. The water hit the white briefs and the material become very see through with the exception of the Superboy insignia. Superboy felt even exposed than before. He washed every part of his Master as his body was touched and fondled. Superboy almost heaved a sigh of relief when the shower was over. Mr. Porter instructed Superboy to go to see Scot Peters and not to change but to go with his wet briefs on. Superboy turned red yet again knowing that several servants will see him like this. However there was little he could do and like an obedient dog, he was on his way to his next task.

Lois Lane was stumped. She was working on the story that Perry wanted her to get. So far she got the copy of the police report of the murder of Allen Tripp. It definitely was an explosive that killed the man who was spying on the Daily Planet. But she could not figure out where the bomb came from. What she needed was a second opinion, but the only person she would bring this information to was Kent and he was off living it up with one of the wealthiest men in the world. However the more she thought of it the more she decided that he could take time to listen to what she had so far. She walked over to his desk and started looking for a phone number where to reach him. As she was looking she knocked over a folder and papers fell out of it. Cursing, Lois scooped up the papers and suddenly stopped. The top piece of paper was descriptions of bombs that were set off in Hong Kong. He face turned white as she scanned the details. There were a lot more details than what she had, yet what she did have of the bomb was almost exactly like the bombs that were supposed to kill her and Superboy. The same person who killed Allen Tripp was the same who tried to kill her. She hurried over to the copier to make copies and placed the papers back where Kent had left them. This was exactly the connection that she needed. Only one person had the technology available to make this type of bomb and try to kill Superboy. The only question is how Allen Tripp fit into the picture.

Superboy finally entered the lab where Scot Peters worked. The way to the lab was humiliating as it seemed every servant in the mansion walked by the hero. Wearing only his wet briefs, Superboy might as well been naked. Some servants smirked at the defeated hero while others were brazen enough to fondle different parts of his body. Some grabbed his crotch, while others tweaked his nipples. Superboy felt like very degraded at the entire experience. As he entered the lab, Scot looked up and smiled at the hero. “Get a little wet did you?” The scientist smirked. “Well I would tell you to put on dry clothes but I am afraid that you either have to wear what you are wearing or just be naked. Either is fine with me.”
Superboy did not know what to do, however he did opt to wear his wet briefs. Scot motioned for Superboy to follow as he led the hero to a darkened room with lead wall. “I am sure you have figured out that I will be conducting experiments on you. If you cooperate, things will go well, however if you do not then I will have to send you for punishment. You see, Superboy, it was I who discovered what I like to call Kryptonite. By the data collected from your first experience, I can tell you never encountered it before. As you have stated in your interview with Clark Kent, you come from a planet called Krypton. The planet died but not before you was sent here to earth. Well when your planet exploded, it sent pieces of your dying sun all over the universe. Some of the pieces fell here on earth and I have been analyzing the pieces ever since. I was unsure how it would affect you however. It seems kryptonite had enough lethal radiation not only to strip you of your powers, but to also kill you. If Ms. Lane did not save you then you would have perished from the exposure even if the bombs were not placed. “
Superboy stood in shock trying to absorb all this new information, so many pieces fell together except why William Porter would try to kill him then blackmail him. One thing was in his favor; his secret was not common knowledge yet. Perhaps he could use it to his advantage.
“It is not Mr. Porter’s wish to kill you however, Superboy. He has instructed me to find out if we can keep the radiation at a point where it just strips your powers and not a lethal amount. That is where I come in. I will also be doing other experiments on you for other data. The first is a semen sample so I can study it while you are doing your other duties. I could just have you masturbate, but I think I would rather do this slowly to find out more about you. “
The scientist took out a lead box as Superboy looked at it with dread. He motioned for Superboy to come close to him as he opened the box. The hero cried out in pain as he recoiled, but Scot had grabbed him by his arm and kept him in place. “Interesting,” he mused. “The kryptonite at this close exposure causes the patient pain and nullifies his powers completely.”
He closed the box and helped Superboy to the table. The hero moaned as the pain faded. When the hero was situated on the table, Scot picked up a note pad and started writing notes. He sat besides the table as he recorded his findings. After a few minutes he reached over and pinched Superboy’s nipples. Still weak from the kryptonite, Superboy gasped. “So you are still weak from the exposure, I see. Tell me Superboy, how long was it until you to recover in Hong Kong.”
Superboy moaned. “About 15 minutes, but I was outside.”
“Outside?” Scot asked thinking. “Does being indoors or outdoors matter when it comes to your powers?”
Superboy gulped to himself. He had let too much information slip. He hesitated but ultimately decided to answer the question to prevent more exposure to kryptonite. “My powers are generated from exposure to the sun.”
Scot thought about it and then suddenly smiled. “Now it all comes together.” He started writing very fast in his notebook as Superboy lay on the table glumly. Fist his freedom was taken away and now his secrets were being siphoned from his one by one.
“I want you to tell me about your sexual experiences,” the Scientist said as he stopped writing.
Superboy turned red as he was raised in Kansas and some things were not talked about. “I have never had sexual experience before last night.” The hero said softly.
Scot could not believe his ears. He put down his pad and pen and stared at the hero. “Let me get this straight, Superboy. You are probably the most powerful being on this planet. You could have your pick of women and you have never had sex.”
Superboy blushed even more as he shook his head. He was raised with conservative values and taught he should wait until marriage to have sex.
Scot stood up and walked to the table and pushed the hero down, grabbed his face and started to passionately kiss the hero. Superboy wanted to fight it, but he knew that if he did, he would be exposed to more of this kryptonite and would be forced to go through this. Scot ended the kiss and whispered in his air. “Does that feel good, Superboy?”
Superboy shook his head. Scot looked coyly at Superboy. “Perhaps you need some exposure to kryptonite to unlock your pleasure sensors.” He mused.
Superboy gulped. “Please don’t do that, sir. The kiss felt very nice, really it did.”
Scot looked at Superboy and tapped his finger against his lip. “Is the subject lying to avoid a little pain or is he telling the truth?” he said to himself. “Tell me Superboy, what are you attracted to?”
Superboy grimaced as these were questions he did not want to answer. “I am attracted to women sir.” He answered his face blushing once again. Scot took out a notepad and started to take notes.
“Tell me about your sexual fantasies.”
Superboy blushed even harder. “I have never had any sir.”
Scot almost dropped his pen in surprise. “What do you mean, Superboy? You have never thought about sex before?”
“I always was focused on my duty as a hero, sir. “
Scot wrote in his pad furiously. “I see. So have you ever masturbated? If so what did you think about? How often do you have an erection?”
“I have never masturbated and never really had any erections. Up until last night, I was not sure I was able to. I found women attractive but they never made me have an erection before. My powers allow me to have total control over my body. I was always told that lustful thoughts could potentially destroy my powers.”
Scot never stopped writing. “Interesting, in my wildest dreams I never knew this could be possible. Who told you to avoid lustful thoughts?”
Superboy nearly groaned. He had said too much and now another secret of his is in danger of being exploited. Scot looked up from his notes and noticed Superboy not saying anything.
“Answer my question, Superboy.” He said quietly.
“I am sorry, sir, but I can’t.” Superboy said softly.
Scot looked disappointed. “Very well then, you may report to Spike and tell him that you have been a naughty boy. When he is done with you, then you may report back here and I will try to heal you the best I can.”
Superboy’s shoulders sagged as he left the room. Yet he had to be strong, it was bad enough that his Master knew his secret identity, but he could not reveal this important secret, even if it meant to be tortured. As the hero went into the dungeon with the criminal Spike waiting, he was greeted with the door slamming shut and a green glow from the dreaded kryptonite. Superboy gasped as pain sharply cut into him.
“Welcome, Superboy!” Spike grinned evilly. “I have been waiting for you.” He bound across the room and punched Superboy in his gut. Superboy doubled over and threw up on the floor. “Not so super any more are you boy?” Spike taunted as grabbed the hero by the hair and tossed him across the room. Superboy landed on the floor and instinctively went into fetal position. He had never felt such pain in his life. His tormentor came over and kicked Superboy in his ribs. “Is that all you have, Superboy? The great hero down for the count and I barely had to lift a finger? Well if you think you are going to get off easy, you are wrong!” Spike slammed his foot into Superboy’s balls making the hero howl in pain. Laughing, he forced the hero up to his feet and then sucker punched him across the face. Grabbing the hero around his throat, the villain slammed the boy of steel against the wall. “Dr. Scot says that you have been a bad boy. Are you ready to be good?”
Superboy looked at his tormentor teary eyed with blood streaming down his face. His body ached and pain was now a familiar friend. He hurt so badly and yet he could not reveal his secret. “No!” His defiant answer barely registered as a whisper. Spike smiled at the answer and leaned close to the hero and whispered in his ear. “I’m going to have fun breaking you!”

Chapter 8

Never in Superboy’s life had he felt such pain. The kryptonite was the start but not close enough to him to kill him. But his rough treatment from an ex-con named Spike was the reason. He had been slapped around and hit in almost every part of his body. He remembered screaming when his arm snapped. Pain was no longer a familiar friend but now a constant companion. Spike laughed as he tossed the hero on the table. Superboy tried to gather the strength to roll away but all he could do in lay there a bruised and bloody heap.
“This is what jail is like Superboy. You either hurt or are hurt. A pretty boy hero like you would not last 5 minutes in the slammer.” Superboy moaned as Spike twisted his nipple. “I don’t know how this rich guy managed to capture you, but I love this arrangement!” He slammed his fist into the boy of steel’s stomach. “Now tell me boy, are you ready to cooperate with Dr. Scot?”
Superboy wanted to give in. The pain was too much for him to handle. Death would have been a welcome sight, but he knew that would not happen. He was sure that this room was monitored and Spike would be stopped before doing what most villains dreamed, killing him. He had a choice of giving more ammunition to his captors and truly being defeated or enduring this torture more. Resolve began to form in his mind. He would escape this hell! If it meant risking his parent’s lives then so be it. They would not want him to be in this situation just to have them live. Breaking his word would also mean the end of his hero career however. Could he leave the people of this planet to the mercies of Lex Luthor or Brainiac? No, he had to escape but he had to keep his hero code of conduct and be victorious against this evil that had him. If he told his secret, then they would find much more about him and his duty as a hero would be compromised. However the time it will take for them to unearth this information would give him an opportunity to turn the tables on them. It was a risk, but it was one he had to take. “Yes, I will be a good boy.” He whispered.
Spike looked a little disappointed, but he nodded and patted Superboy’s matted down head. “Then get your pansy ass back to the lab!” He purposely grabbed Superboy’s broken arm, causing him to scream in pain, and dragged the hero to the door and threw him out. Superboy fell to his knees as he started crying. This was not so much for the pain, but the fact that his torture was over. Sobbing, he used his good arm to get him on his feet and he stumbled half blind to the lab. As he entered, Scot Peters dropped his notes and rushed to the hero. He helped Superboy into another room with an exam table in it. Superboy sobbed as he was helped on the table and the doctor started to treat his wounds.
“Sunlight,” Superboy whispered. “I need sunlight to heal and regain my strength.” It was more than he wanted to reveal but it was the quickest way to heal his broken body. Scot looked intrigued by this new piece of information, but he nodded and told the hero he would be right back. He returned 10 minutes later with a small backpack on his shoulder. Dr. Peters helped the hero to his feet and half carried him to the elevator outside his office. He pressed the button with the top floor and helped Superboy to the door to the roof. This was the highest point of the island and would have maximum sunlight. Lucky for the hero it was a cloudless day and very warm. He laid a blanket on the roof and then the hero on the blanket. As Superboy soaked up the rays he could feel his body healing and his powers slowly returning. Scot used a wet cloth to wipe away the blood and tears to help the hero feel better. As he did he ran his hands over the hero’s chest softly caressing it. As the rough treatment earlier, it felt very good to the hero. Scot lay down besides Superboy and softly kissed him. The kiss nearly took Superboy’s breath away. It was so soft, tender, and gentle. Superboy opened his mouth to ask the doctor to stop, but Scot placed a finger on his lips.
“This is because I am sorry I put you through this torture.” The doctor said gently as he caressed the hero’s cheek. Superboy felt uncomfortable with such attention from a man, but it was nicer than his rape last night and his beating today. If he could get the doctor on his side, then he had a much better chance of escaping. His thoughts were interrupted by another kiss that grew more passionate. Superboy moaned softly as Scot broke the kiss and started to move down to his nipples. As his nipples was softly kissed and sucked, Superboy felt pleasure rising in him. In his half weakened state, he was vulnerable to such pleasures. Soon his nipples were abandoned as Scot went to where the treasure was. He ran his tongue of Superboy’s bulge which was getting bigger as the doctor buried his face into his crotch. Scot slowly worked a finger his Superboy’s ass searching for his prostate to further pleasure the hero. Superboy gasped at the intrusion, but as pleasure hit in even more, he found he did not have much strength to stop it. Soon his cock was at full mast and ripped through the tight briefs that tried to imprison his cock. As Scot ran his tongue of Superboy’s perfect erection, he knew that he had hit a jackpot. He made sure the backpack was near him as he took out his own erect cock and coated it with a special lube that he had worked on creating the moment he discovered what kryptonite would do. He gently pushed his cock into Superboy’s ass causing the hero to gasp. Scot then slowly started to fuck the hero. Superboy moaned as he was violated again, however this time was without the pain of kryptonite and much gentler than last time. His cock was gently yanked as his ass was fucked by the doctor. Scot reached into his bag and took out a flask. This was made from the strongest material that he could find. He was unsure how strong Superboy’s orgasm would be, but in his half weakened state, it should be able to withstand the force. As he jerked Superboy closer to orgasm, he felt his own orgasm building. As much as he wanted to fuck Superboy silly and cum in his ass, he had work to do. Besides if his plan worked, he would have Superboy’s sweet ass anytime he wanted. He jerked Superboy faster as he slowed down his fucking. Superboy’s moans grew louder and louder until he gasped as his second orgasm was upon him. Dr. Peters made sure that the flask caught every drop of the prize he worked so hard to get. Once every drop was harvested, he put the flask in his backpack and withdrew his own cock from Superboy’s ass. Superboy lay on the roof paralyzed by his orgasm. Numbness and pleasure flooded his mind and body is such a degree, that when the doctor bent down to kiss him, he actually kissed back.
Scot stroked the hero’s hair as he leaned close to Superboy. “Tell me the secret that you have been hiding from me.”
Superboy looked dreamily into the doctor’s eyes. “I have a Fortress of Solitude in the Arctic, which has been constructed by my race’s technology. It has all the history and knowledge of the Kryptonian people. It is there I can find out about my origins and the source of my powers.”
Scot smiled as he kissed Superboy again. He patted Superboy’s softening cock. “Thank you Superboy, you are done with me for today.” He tousled Superboy’s hair and left the hero in his orgasmic daze.
Everything went exactly to plan.

Lois Lane was a bit nervous as she rode the elevator to Lex Luthor’s office. Superboy has not been seen in a few days and she did not relish making this confrontation without his help. She laughed to herself as she realized how much she was dependent on the hunk of hero. She firmly told herself that she took care of herself before Superboy and would be able to do so again if he was not around. She shook her head as she realized how much love could make your brains turn to mush. She after all dated Lex before Superboy and she knew that she could handle the Tycoon if she was careful. Luthor was a brilliant man and one mistake would mean that he would be on to her. She did not think that he would actually kill her, but if her suspicions were correct, he already tried once. As she left the elevator, she walked into Luthor’s waiting room and let Mercy know that she had a lunch date with him. Mercy gave her an unreadable look that sent Lois’ heart to fluttering. Could he already know why she was here? No, she indicated nothing over the phone. However knowing Luthor’s intelligence, she began to think that maybe she should have brought Superboy along. She kept her composure of confidence as she waited for Lex to call her in his office.
Five minutes later, Mercy came out to escort her to Lex Luthor’s office. He stood up from his desk and warmly smiled at Lois. “My dear Lois, it has been too long since I have seen you. I simply devoured your and Kent’s story of the battle in Metropolis a few weeks back. Brilliant writing, my dear, but that is nothing new for you.”
Lois smiled as she embraced Luthor. The man would never change, charming but equally as lethal. “Thank you Lex. I am glad that I still got it. Thank you for seeing me on such short notice. I know that you are busy. I am told that Lexcorp has graciously offered to help with the rebuilding of the city.”
Lex nodded, “This is also my city too, Lois. It pains my heart to see Metropolis in such a way. I guess that is the price we pay for depending on an alien to protect us. So my dear any exciting stories that you are working on?”
Lois nodded. Luthor’s hatred of Superboy was still there. It was a clue that made her feel a bit cautious. She had to tread very carefully. “I don’t know if you heard on the news, but there was a dreadful explosion in the Ritz Hotel a few days back. It seemed to be a terrorist attack, but no one seems to know why. I was wondering if I could use your connections to see if I can identify the man. His name was supposedly Allen Tripp, but I suspect that was not his real name.” Lois took out a picture of Allen and handed it over to Lex. She watched as Lex studied the picture and was disappointed when there was no glimmer of recognition. Lois’ heart sank. She was almost sure that Allen was connected to Luthor in some way. “I also managed to get the police report on the bomb, but they could not identify the make of it. It was too well put together to be a work of an amateur.” She handed the information to Luthor and watched as his face darkened. Bingo, so it was his bomb after all.
“I recognize this make since it was my labs that created it. However a few weeks back some prototypes were stolen. We are trying to investigate who did the theft and think it was done by one of my people.”
Lois nodded. He was too smart not to admit this was his bomb, since he knew that eventually it would be tracked to him. The problem was that he was either telling the truth or this was an alibi to discredit his involvement. The best thing to do was to get Lex to give her information on his investigation and see if anyone of his employees end up dead. The bad part was that he knew that she was looking and suspected him since she come to him for information. He would have her watched to see if she gets too close to pinning anything on him. It was a game of cat and mouse and she definitely was the mouse.

Lex continued smiling until Lois left his office. There was nothing she could pin on him about those bombs. How she was able to figure out that those were his was remarkable. But then again, he dated her because she was remarkable. Though she was nowhere as skilled as he was when it came to maneuvering. The fact that she still suspected him was evident.
“Mercy,” Lex said. “I want Miss Lane watched, but very carefully. She will be expecting to be watched after showing me what she had uncovered. Send one of my best men to do the job.” Mercy nodded and left to make the arrangements. The advantage that he had was that his bomb that killed this Tripp character was not by his doing. The bomb was indeed stolen and he already knew who did it and why. The fact remains how he could turn this into his advantage.

Chapter 9

Jimmy Olsen walked the streets of Athens admiring the sights. This trip has always been a dream of his and thanks to his new found confidence he was able to take it without paying a cent. No matter where he went there was a man who was willing to pay for him. In the past few days, he had sex with 15 men and all of them in awe of him. It got him a suite in the best hotel. He ate at the best restaurants, and he got in to all the best clubs. Never once did he take off the ring with the red jewel on his hand. Something in his head told him it was not time yet. As his adventure in Athens continued, he walked the streets trying to find what it was that drew him here. As he walked he noticed a good looking man and smiled. The man caught his eye and shyly smiled back. Jimmy walked over and ripped open the man’s shirt and felt up his well developed chest. The man moaned softly and became putty in Jimmy’s hands. Oh yes, Jimmy would find what drew him here. Fortunately he had plenty of entertainment until he found what he sought.

As Superboy finally felt recovered from his beating and then seduction, he picked himself up from the roof. Feeling more powerful than he felt for a long time, he hovered a few feet from the roof embracing the rays of the sun. His first gentle encounter with sex had felt incredible, more incredible than he liked to admit. He had always considered himself to be straight; he never felt an attraction to other men before yet feeling of pleasure that he had when getting fucked was enough to make him have doubts about his own sexuality. Being raised on a farm in Kansas, he had grown up with very conservative ideals. Even when the Fortress of Solitude was built, he carefully avoided most of the files about Kryptonian sex. Perhaps it was time to finally review these files the next time he was there. He gently landed back on the roof and tried to decide his next move. He had not planned to tell Dr. Peters about his fortress, but the afterglow of his orgasm made him tell the information that he tried hard to conceal. If the doctor told William Porter, then his enslaver would have more ammunition to keep Superboy in check. He was supposed to be a hero not a plaything for anyone’s amusement. Superboy decided that he needed to meet with the Doctor before he acted on sharing the information. He went back to his room and put on a new pair of briefs. Then he went into the lab where Scot Peters works. The doctor was working on his notes and looked up and smiled at the hero entering. Superboy gave his most winning smile and approached the doctor.
“Can I have a moment of your time, Dr. Peters?” Superboy said respectfully.
Scot smiled back at the hero and motioned to a chair. “Sure, have a seat. I can only spare a few minutes though as I have much I still need to do.”
Superboy took the seat and smiled again. “I was wondering if we could come to some sort of arrangement. I really would like what I shared with you to remain a secret.”
Scot sighed and shook his head. “Don’t you know that this room is monitored as is much of the rest of the mansion? Making an alliance with you would cost me my life. As much as I like you, I cannot take that risk.” The doctor reached over and fondled Superboy’s bulging cock as Superboy slumped in his chair in defeat. There had to be another way, his mind raced for a solution, but the attention to his crotch made it hard to think.
Superboy stood up and tried to cover his expanding bulge with his hands. “I am sorry to waste your time then Doctor.” Scot looked at Superboy thoughtfully as he left. Superboy thought for sure that the doctor would help him. But if everything was truly monitored then his chances of finding allies are slim. As he walked down the hallway back to the elevator, Superboy suddenly jumped as his ass was slapped.
“Do you want to come back and see me Superboy?” Spike said with an evil grin. “Today was just the first lesson and I have much to teach you boy.”
Superboy paled at the thought of more lessons and ran down to the elevator. As the doors closed, he heard, “You will be back to see me Superboy and I will break you once and for all!” Superboy heard laughter as the elevator started to go to its destination.

Later that night, after Superboy serviced Mr. Porter and was allowed to catch a few hours of sleep, Superboy entered his hovel of a room and tried to lie down. Although William Porter did not use kryptonite this time, he did have to suck his cock during dinner. Then Mr. Porter had a group of employees come in to watch Superboy dance and play with himself. Superboy’s face still turned red at the thought of those men leering at him while the hero acted like a slut in heat. When he hit his mat, he felt something poking him from under mat. Superboy reached his hand and pulled out a note.
I know I said I could not help openly, but I have not told Mr. Porter what you told me this afternoon. I will keep that secret away from him, but I would like you to meet me on the beach at midnight. Please be careful, both our lives are on the line.
Superboy read the note in disbelief and excitement. At last something was going his way. This could be his chance to escape from the clutches of this nightmare. He slowly crept out of the room scanning for the cameras in the hallway. His room had no windows so he could not escape that way. Lucky for him the stairs to the roof was near his room, he used his super speed to rush to the roof before the cameras could pick up that he was there. Once on the roof, he hovered in the shadows to see where Scot was waiting. He quickly picked up his location and silently flew to where his could be savior waited.
Scot smiled as Superboy landed and embraced the hero giving a steamy kiss. Superboy gently pushed Scot away and shook his head. “Please do not do that, my night has been tough and I am not much in a mood.”
Scot nodded though his smile turned to a frown. Superboy wondered if he made a mistake. If the doctor was in love with him then even a gentle rejection could be disastrous for the hero. “I have kept your secret from Mr. Porter and I do not think he suspects that I am holding back, however I am not sure I can help with whatever secret that he already knows. I can help with that if you can trust me or I can leave you to figure it out on your own. However I do have some contacts that could be willing to help as a favor to me. It all depends on how much you trust me. “
Superboy nodded slowly. He was unsure on what to do. The Doctor was doing him a great favor with withholding the information of his Fortress of Solitude, but he was not sure he could trust Scot with the secret of his identity. Even if he helped him escape that information could make him a slave to the doctor instead of Mr. Porter. What Superboy wanted most was just to be free. He could feel the doctor’s eyes on him as he thought and the lustful look on his face was enough to know what he wanted from the hero. “I must think on this,” Superboy said as he flew back to the roof. Leaving the Doctor without and answer was a risk, but he would just not transfer ownership to another man even if the man had good intentions toward him. As Superboy crept back to his room, he was suddenly grabbed by the wrist and pulled all the way into the room. Spike was there with an evil grin as he opened the dreaded lead box. Superboy weakened immediately as the deadly rays hit him. There wasn’t enough room in his room to keep the kryptonite safely at a distance. Superboy felt sharp pains as he fell to his knees.
“I don’t think you had permission to leave your room, Stupidboy!” Spike snarled. He grabbed the hero by his hair and rubbed his face against his crotch. The criminal was watching his room and he failed to notice! Superboy struggled weakly as Spike took out his cock and slapped Superboy’s face with it. The thug’s precum smeared across the hero’s cheek as it kept slapping his face. “Not that it matters, I am going to get what I want, I will be the one to finally kill the great Superboy!”
Superboy felt himself getting weaker and weaker. The pain from the kryptonite was throbbing in his body and he felt he would not have been able to stay up on his knees if Spike did not have an iron grip on his hair. The criminal forced Superboy’s mouth open and started to fuck his mouth with his cock. “When you die, the last thing you will remember is that you died sucking my cock!” Spike laughed as Superboy gagged on his cock. As darkness started to overtake the hero, he was suddenly thrown to the ground as his door was smashed open. “What the fuck!” Spike yelled as he was shot in the head. The criminal fell to the ground dead as Superboy heard the click of heels enter the room. The kryptonite was picked up and placed back in the box. As Superboy felt his life entering his body again, he heard the sounds of gunfire as it seemed that a war broke out across the island. He felt strong soft hand haul him to his feet as he was brought to Mr. Porter’s room. Superboy was thrown to the ground and saw that Lex Luthor was in the room confronting his master. Behind him, Luthor’s body guard, Mercy, was the one who rescued him from death.
“How dare you invade my home!” William snarled. He glanced down at Superboy. “You did this all for that pathetic hero? Superboy is mine!”
Lex laughed. “You always thought you were smarter than you are, William. Did you not think I would find out who stole my bomb to kill your lackey? It was a nice try at a frame job, but you should know that I keep track of all my people and weapons, especially the kryptonite. As far as Superboy is concern, you can just consider him mine for now on.”
William glared as a group of armed men entered the room. “The island is secure, Mr. Luthor. Communications have been jammed and all personnel have been apprehended.” The leader of the group stated.
“Superboy!” William Porter barked. “I command you to take these men out! If you want your secret safe then you will do this immediately.”
Lex laughed. “It seems your little hero is in no condition to help you, William. He was being attacked by one of your men. He was nearly dead when we rescued him. Judging by the way he looks, he still is weakened. No, William, I am afraid that you are out of luck. It will be a long time before someone even notices that you are gone. By then Superboy will be mine, body and soul. But first we have to talk. You know things that I am dying to find out. Dr. Peters, you may come in now.”
William Porter glared as Scot entered the room. “You, you betrayed me!” he screamed.
Scot smiled slyly as he winked at Lex Luthor. “No, I deceived you. Did you really think I could steal a bomb and kryptonite without Mr. Luthor knowing? When you came to me with your little proposal, I went straight to him. It was his idea for me to come to work for you. I was his eyes in your operation. It was a great opportunity since I got to study this alien and the bonus I get will be worth delivering him to Mr. Luthor’s hands.” William sputtered as Scot turned to Lex. “Sir, I think I know of a way to keep Superboy docile while you transport him to his new home.” He took out a small piece of kryptonite the size of a pebble. “This amount should not be enough to kill him, but it will keep his powers from returning. With your permission, I will insert it where I think it will do the most good.” Lex motioned to go ahead as Scot bent down and pulled Superboy’s briefs down. Superboy tried to get away as Scot pushed the pebble into Superboy’s ass and placed it against his prostate. Superboy moaned as the green rock only burned slightly but against his prostate, it caused his cock to harden. “I think you will like the side affect, Mr. Luthor.”
Lex laughed as Superboy was turned over and saw his hardening dick. “Good work, remind me to send you another bonus for this delicious humiliation.” He turned to his group of armed men. “I want this place thoroughly searched. Bring me all video feed, papers, and books in the house. Dr. Peters I want you to take Superboy to the yacht and make him comfortable in my quarters. I will be there momentarily to see that the hero’s accommodations are adequate. He and I have a long talk ahead of us. “
Superboy moaned as he was roughly picked up by a huge guard and was lead out by Dr. Peters as Lex closed in on William Porter. “Come William, we have a lot to talk about.”
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По умолчанию Nightmares of Metropolis Part One

Chapter 10

“Why?” Superboy moaned as Scot placed him on Luthor’s bed in the yacht. “I thought you wanted to help me.”
Scot laughed as he lightly slapped Superboy’s erect cock. “I used you for my research. That afternoon that I fucked you was to get a sample of your sperm. The note was to get you out of the mansion so Mr. Luther could attack without your interference. I even had Spike be in your room when you returned so you would be too weak to save your Master. I don’t know what secret Mr. Porter knows about you, but Mr. Luthor will find out and use it to leash you. I was telling the truth when I told you that Mr. Porter did not find out about your precious fortress. However my true boss does know and will discover your secrets.”
Superboy moaned as his eyes widened. “Please don’t leave me in his hands, Scot I’ll do anything!”
Scot leaned in close and softly kissed Superboy’s lips. “You had your chance to run away with me on the beach. You could have told me that you were Clark Kent and trusted me to help protect your family. But you did not, so you must meet your fate at Lex Luthor’s hands.”
Superboy’s eyes grew wide. He knew along his secret identity. “You knew?” he stuttered. Scot laughed again as he ran his fingers up and down Superboy’s shaft while caressing his cheek with his other hand. “I am not stupid, Superboy. People like Porter and Luthor often forget about their employees and let slip out information. No, I will not help you escape this. You will face Lex Luthor’s wraith and I will research you. Your career as Superboy is over!” Scot gave Superboy’s cock one final tug before he left for the deck.
Superboy could not believe that he was played so easily. He struggled to get up from the bed and managed to get on his feet. His erection slapped against his stomach causing a flash of pleasure. He reached behind to his ass and tried to get the pebble out that was lodged in there. After several minutes of trying, he gave up and sat on the bed exhausted. It took a lot of energy to finger his ass. It caused several more waves of pleasure and his cock was leaking precum all over his belly. He wished his erection would go down, but the pebble was doing its job all too well. Maybe he could sneak out and somehow hide on the island until he could figure out how to regain his powers. Looking around the room, he saw a dresser in the corner of the room. As he crossed to open the drawers, Scot came back down holding his costume.
“Mr. Luthor wants you dressed in your old costume.” He explained as he dragged Superboy back over to the bed and pushed him on it. As he dressed the hero, he took his time to fondle and grab his magnificent body. Soon Superboy was back in his uniform even though his erection strained against the fabric. Scot patted his erect bulge and he brought the hero to his feet. “Quite impressive, Superboy, too bad you are now reduced to a weak little muscle boy.” He laughed. Superboy hung his head in shame. “Don’t look so sad, Superboy,” Scot chided. “Part of you is enjoying this.” He grabbed Superboy’s erection through his costume and yanked. “I’m looking forward to experimenting with you. “ He then took out a collar that had a gold tag on it. Scot showed Superboy before putting around his neck. The tag said:
“Superboy, property of Lex Luthor”
He then led the boy of steel to other side of the room where a curtain was blocking the view. Scot pulled a cord and revealed a steel cage. “This is where you will be until we get you to your new home.” He opened the door and pushed Superboy in before closing the door and locking it. “Be a good boy and I may come to milk you.” Scot smirked before laughing again as he went to the top deck. Superboy slumped to the floor defeated, humiliated, and used. Could things get any worse?

Lex watched as Mercy tied William Porter to a chair in his office. “You won’t get away with this, Lex.” William snarled. Lex’s men were trashing the office looking for any files that may need Luthor’s attention.
Lex turned and gave a cool eye to his captive. “I will give you one chance to tell me what you know about Superboy. If you do not, I will have you tortured. One way or another, you will reveal what you know.”
William spat in Lex’s direction. “You won’t get anything out of me!”
Lex gave Mr. Porter a cold smile. “We shall see. Hendricks! Deliver Mr. Porter to his new accommodations. Let me know when you get any information from him.” Lex walked out of the office followed by Mercy. “I finally have Superboy right where I want him. There will be no escaping from me this time.” Mercy nodded as she followed her boss. Lex led them to the first floor of the house where his crew was tearing everything apart. “Once we have all the information that we need, I want teams set out to intercept anything that William had in place. I know him well enough to know there are back up plans for whatever Superboy is hiding. Also check the status of the team that was deployed to the Arctic. I want to be informed the minute that they discover anything. This fortress of his will be a gold mine in technology and knowledge. Make sure you keep monitoring the movements of Brainiac. If he shows up anywhere near the Arctic, I want to be notified. I’ll be damned if I am going to let that machine get this information.”
Mercy nodded and took it all in. She was a remarkable find, and Lex would be hard pressed to replace her. As they left the house and walked to the dock, Lex noted that the landscape around the beach would be perfect for a fire. They could make this look like an accident or failing that, they could link Superboy to this island and set the blame for him. One way or another, this will never be linked back to Lex Luthor.
As they boarded the yacht, Lex turned to his crew and instructed them to pull out to sea as soon as possible. Lex wanted to get Superboy to one of his secret laboratories so he could start with his plans for the hero. He had planned long and hard what he would do if Superboy ever played into his hands. This dream was achieved as the hero was down below locked securely awaiting for his pleasure. Lex motioned for Scot to come as he saw him on the deck waiting for his boss.
“Are all the preparations complete?”
“Yes, sir,” Scot replied. “Superboy is dressed as you specified and waiting in your quarters for you. He is scared to death of you sir. He even offered me anything to escape from your clutches.”
“Ideal for you that you refused,” Lex said softly.
Scot shook his head. “I want to experiment on him and you are my best chance for that. If we can harness his power then the world will be yours for the taking.”
Lex nodded as he went down below deck to his quarters. He was unsure about Scot Peters. He would have to watch him to make sure that his ambitions did not get the best of him. Lex understood ambitions quite well. He took great risks to capture Superboy and he would not have this blow up in his face.
As he entered his room, he looked and saw Superboy sitting in his cage. The hero’s eyes widened at seeing one of his arch enemies and back away in fear. Good, Superboy was smart enough to be afraid. He smirked when he noticed the huge erection in the boy of steel’s tights. He took off his coat and threw it on the floor. Loosening his tie, he walked over to the captured hero.
“We meet again, Superboy, but this time, it is I who has the upper hand.”
Superboy nodded as he eyed his new Master. “Please, Lex.”
Lex arched an eyebrow and reached in the cage slamming Superboy forward against the bars. “You will address me as Mr. Luthor!” He said calmly as he released Superboy.
Superboy stumbled back. “Mr. Luthor, please don’t do this to me. I beg of you to release me.”
“I gave you a chance to work for me. Before you came, I was the heart of Metropolis, but in a very short time you took over my city. Now it is time to pay for your insults against me.”
Superboy shuddered as he stood in his cage, collared and sporting an erection in his tights.
Lex smiled coldly at the hero. “Be grateful that you still live and remember that your life is in my hands.” He then went to his desk and took out a leash. “You are going to be taken to one of my secret laboratories. There you will be studied by my top scientists. It will not be pleasant for you, but I will enjoy watching the process. “
Luthor opened the door to the cage and attached the leash to Superboy’s collar. He turned and dragged the hero to the deck. As they emerged, Lex’s people turned and noticed the great Superboy on a leash with a huge erection. Laughter erupted from them as Superboy hung his head in shame. Luthor walked over to one of the armed men and handed him the leash. “Take Superboy down to berthing. Any of the crew can play with him as they wish. However do not fuck him nor cause him to bleed. When you all have had your fill, then you may return him to me.” The guard smiled and nodded then took the leash leading the hero to the berthing below deck. Lex turned to Scot, “Come to my room, Dr. Peters, We have much to discuss.”

Chapter 11

Lois wanted to bang her head in frustration. It seems that the bombs that Luthor made were indeed stolen, she could find no evidence that the CEO of Lexcorp was lying. The problem was her gut instinct was telling her that Lex did not know Allen Tripp. If Lex did not kill him then how could she be sure that he was not behind her kidnapping and Superboy’s attempted murder? Part of her wished Clark was here. Even though they have not worked together for very long, he had shown her how important a second eye could be. She had thought about going to Perry about her problem, but she wanted to be sure of the evidence before getting him involved. Maybe she needed to visit Clark on William Porter’s island. Even though she knew Clark was doing an important exclusive, she knew he would be interested in helping her get on the right track for this investigation. Her only other lead was Jimmy Olsen. He and Allen became fast friends and Jimmy might have seen more of Allen Tripp than anyone else on staff at the Daily Planet. However Perry told her that Jimmy took a leave of absence for personal reasons. That seemed rather vague to her and completely unlike Jimmy. His work here at the Daily Planet was the center of his life. It was something she could appreciate since it was also the fact for her. So as she reviewed her notes, she had two choices on where to go forward. She could visit Clark and see if he could find something she missed, or she could track down Jimmy and find out what he knew about Allen Tripp. Looking at her notes, she doubted there was anything that Clark could uncover and if Jimmy came up with nothing then she could always track Clark down. With her mind made up, she left her office and went outside to flag down a cab. Jimmy might have the key to cracking open this case.

Lex sat down at his desk in his berthing on his yacht and motioned for Scot to also take a seat. Mercy stood outside by the door and was ready to come if she was needed. “You have done well working for me. Your service in discovering kryptonite and then spying on William has been above and beyond your line of duty to Lexcorp.” Lex studied his employee as he took a sip of coffee. “However from what I have accessed so far from William’s video surveillance and your reports to me, I have to question your commitment in studying Superboy. Finding out about his fortress in the Arctic was extraordinary, but the fact you said you could not find out what secret William was blackmailing Superboy does not add up to your previous performance. I have trusted you with tasks that I would be hard pressed to pick someone to do, but if you have not reported everything that you know then I would question putting so much trust in you. I would be forced to re-evaluate your performance.”
Lex watched as Scot looked uncomfortable under his penetrating gaze. “I have been a faithful employee to you Mr. Luthor and will continue to do so. I have reported everything to you and would not dream of holding anything back.”
Lex nodded slowly holding his cup of coffee in his hand. “I will trust your word, Dr. Peters. You may continue your duties and when we return to Metropolis, we shall discuss your future duties to Lex Corp.”
Scot stood up and nodded. “Yes, sir, thank you, sir.” He turned and left as Lex watched him leave. A few moments later Mercy entered the room.
“Sir, I have reports that we have extracted the information from Mr. Porter. Clark Kent is Superboy.”
Lex nodded. It made perfect sense how William managed to blackmail the hero now. He was certain that this Allen Tripp was the person who discovered this information. However if he was to do the same, then very few people would be in on this secret. “Kill all the men who are on the island. This will be information that only you and I shall know.”
Mercy nodded and left to make the arrangements. There has been so much death at his hands this week, but it was worth it to take Metropolis as his city once again. As he sat there was a knock at his door.
“Sir, I think I have a plan that will help your cause further.”
Luthor listened as one of his employees explained and raised an eyebrow. It was risky, but it had potential to work very well in his favor.

Superboy was dragged down to the crew’s berthing by the guard that Lex had handed him to. His powers were denied to him by a kryptonite pebble that was inserted in his ass. In fact it was pressing against his prostate making an embarrassing erection in his tights. After days of being William Porter’s prisoner and forced to wear tiny briefs, the hero should have been overjoyed to be wearing his costume once again. However his freedom from William Porter meant being imprisoned by his greatest enemy Lex Luthor. As they entered the berthing, the guard pulled the leash towards him causing the hero to stumble forward.
“I think for your first task, you can suck my dick, Superboy.” The guard sneered as he forced the boy of steel on his knees. Superboy wanted to resist however he knew that his he did not comply it would be forced on him. Hanging his head, the hero reached from the guard’s zipper and pulled it down. Fishing out the guards cock, Superboy began to kiss the head. Running his tongue over the length of the hardening cock, he engulfed it in his mouth and began to suck on it with all the skills that he was taught by his time in Porter’s mansion. The guard moaned with pleasure as he was serviced by the hero. He thrust his cock in and out of Superboy’s mouth as the boy of steel gagged and sucked the best that he can. As Superboy sucked, he heard footsteps enter the berthing followed by laughter and cat calls.
“Hey, Stevens, How is he?” One crew member asked as he leered at Superboy.
“This cocksucker is quite talented.” Stevens answered with a grin. “Who knew that a powerful being like this was really a limp wristed fairy?”
Another crew member sneered. “The way he wears those tights, I knew he was a fag. He probably sucks cock when he wasn’t fighting crime.”
Superboy wished more than anything to get his powers back so he could teach these men a lesson. But the damn kryptonite stripped away any advantage that he would have against them. It also made it look like he was enjoying this depraved act. Soon he had Stevens moaning and cumming in his mouth. The taste of semen hitting his tongue was repulsive, but he had no choice and swallowed every drop.
He was not left time to recover as the next crew member had his cock hard and ready as he thrust it into Superboy’s mouth. Again the hero sucked until his mouth was rewarded with more cum. One by one the crew took turns making Superboy suck their cock. The entire time his cock was rock hard and without release. Steven supervised the entire time grinning as the hero was humiliated and used by the crew members.
“Anyone else wants a go at this pathetic weakling?” he asked.
“I believe I will have a go at him.” A familiar voice said.
Superboy looked up and saw Scot Stevens coming into the berthing. “In fact I will take him off your hands for right now. I have an important experiment to perform and will need some room.” Scot took a hold of his leash and took him to the far end of the berthing. “If all goes well, then you boys can have the hero here all night for him to serve you.”
Several cheers rang out as the crew waited near the entrance of the berthing as Scot slapped Superboy’s ass. “I have thought about your offer and I will help you if you consider my proposal.” He whispered softly as he put the hero over his knee and began to spank him. The crew cheered as Superboy was getting spanked. “Luthor suspects that I know your secret identity and it is only a matter of time before he gets the information from Porter. Once he finds this out then you are history. I also suspect my life is at stake since I know too much. I will help you escape but I need your word as a hero that you will protect me. If I help you, I will be hunted the rest of my life. Your friends and family will also be hunted. I do not know if Luthor plans to tell everyone who you are, but you also will be in danger. Think about it and let me know if you want me to help. After you are done servicing the crew, you will be taken to me for experiments. We can discuss matters more there.” Scot finished spanking Superboy and threw him to the floor. “I knew it!” he said loudly. “The big baby likes getting spanked.” The crew laughed as they came to see Superboy crying from his spanking with his erection and the front of his tights covered in precum. “Mr. Stevens, have the rest of your fun with him, and then bring him to my lab. Superboy’s night is only just begun.”
As Scot left, the crew dragged Superboy to his feet as they mocked him and spanked his already sore ass. The hero sobbed and cried as he was spat on and laughed at. They made him crawl across the berthing while swatting his ass, laughing as tears ran down the hero’s face. He could hardly think of the doctor’s proposal as humiliation upon humiliation was thrust on him. Some crew members wanted Superboy to suck their cock again. Others got satisfaction from overpowering the once powerful hero. The worst was when one crew member started to play with Superboy’s tight encased erection and would stop whenever the hero came close to orgasm. At first Superboy tried to get release himself, but the other crew members pinned his arms down. After several times getting him close to orgasm, Superboy was begging for release. This caused even more laughter as his erection was slapped, tugged, and fondled. The great Superboy was reduced to plaything yet once again.

Jimmy walked down an old dirt road about 30 miles outside of Athens. In this area there was little as far as population. There seemed to be pieces of old Greek ruins littered around the landscape. Something in Jimmy’s mind told him that it was time to do what he came here to do. Almost in a trance he walked the countryside. The ring on his hand seemed to pulse greater with every step that he took. The only thing he had with him was the clothes on his back. As he walked he eventually came to a site that was roped off. If he had been in control of his mind, he would have known that this was a recently discover ruin that archeologist have been raving about the findings so far. Jimmy easily evaded security as he descended down the stairs to an underground temple. The style was definitely of ancient Greek that seemed to be in worship of an unknown god. As Jimmy maneuvered the passageways, he came to a huge stone door that no one was able to open. The ring on his finger pulsed a rich red aura as Jimmy knew he had finally come where he was supposed to. He raised his hand and the stone door before him swung open. Without hesitation, Jimmy stepped inside and walked to the altar in the center of the room. Strangely there was no debris or cobwebs that littered the rest of the temple. Jimmy took off the ring from his finger and laid it on the altar. As he did his mind finally awoke and he scrambled back. What had he done? He thought. The ground suddenly shook as the ring floated in the air above the altar. Jimmy ran for the door as fast as he can as the pillars that held the Temple up began to collapse from the tremors. As he went through the stone door, he stumbled and saw that the room behind him was totally collapsed. Ignoring the pain in his ankle he tried to make it to the surface before he was buried alive. As he climbed the final steps to the surface, he was suddenly grabbed by to security men who were supposed to guard the site. As they hauled him to safety, the earth shuddered once more causing the rest of the temple to collapse. A sudden ray of red light burst from the ground right from where the center of the temple lay. The guards saw this and screamed as they pushed Jimmy aside and ran for their lives. Jimmy gasped as he tried to crawl away as the red beacon grew in size. Jimmy could not get away as the red light engulfed him and he felt himself passing out. The last thing he heard before the blackness took him was one word. FREE.

Chapter 12
Lois walked into the press room of the Daily Planet. She was a bit frustrated. It had taken a lot to figure out where Jimmy went. He had told no one, even his friends and family about his sudden trip. She had to break into his apartment to figure out that he went from there to the airport. The problem was that he did not even pack for the trip. That was odd even for him. When went to the airport in Metropolis to see if she could figure out where he flew, there was nothing to be yielded there. She had to resort to calling her contact with the Metropolis Police Department to track down his destination. It seemed Jimmy flew first class to Athens, Greece. How could a cub photographer like him afford that? She began to get the feeling that there was foul play involved. No one would just simply get up and fly to Greece with no luggage or planning. Could the killer that bombed Allen Tripp’s hotel room have gotten to Jimmy somehow? Since she talked to Jimmy’s parents first there was no foul play concerning his family. What if somehow, Allen did not die in the explosion and has lured Jimmy for whatever reason. Knowing how close Jimmy got to Allen, it was entirely possible that it could happen. However she doubted Allen was still alive. That did not mean that his killer has decided to use Jimmy in some way. Her mind was made up, she had to fly to Greece and see if she could save Jimmy from whatever was threatening him.
As she entered the press room, it was popping with activity. This could only mean that something big was happening. Perry shouted instructions to people as they passed. When he saw Lois, he shouted for her to come.
“Lois!” Perry shouted. “I need you to fly to Greece as soon as you can. There was a huge earthquake near Athens that has almost destroyed the city.”
“What?!” Lois gasped. “Jimmy was supposed to be in Athens!”
“Jimmy?” Perry asked astonished. “What the hell was he doing in Athens?”
Lois pulled Perry into his office and shut the door. She explained what she had uncovered and her thoughts of the evidence so far. Perry scowled as he listened.
“This still doesn’t explain why they were interested in the Daily Planet. It’s good that you are going then. You can investigate both stories at the same time. Scientists are completely baffled about this earthquake. There are no faults anywhere near the city and there are reports of a strange red light that shot up from the ground. It could be this Brainiac come back to wreck some havoc. I need you there in Athens ASAP! I tired contacting Kent to have him go with you, but I was unable to get a hold of anyone at William Porter’s island. I’ll keep trying to get him, but until then you are all I have to go.” Perry handed her a plane ticket. “Hurry and pack your bag, your plane leaves in three hours.”
Lois nodded and promised she would be in touch. As she hurried back to her place, her mind was racing. Was there a connection with this earthquake and Jimmy being in the area?

Superboy was dragged by the scruff of his neck by Stevens into Scot’s room on the yacht. The doctor was sitting as a small desk going over his notes. Superboy never felt so humiliated to be seen like this. His costume was covered in cum. One of the crew decided it would be fun for all of them to jerk off over the hero. Superboy remembered with revulsion as a dozen cocks one by one shot cum all over his body while he lay there helpless. His ass was aflame with pain even though Stevens made sure that Luthor’s instructions were followed and no one got to fuck the studly hero. However that did not stop them from taking turns spanking his ass so they could see the great Superboy blubbering like a baby. His jaw was sore from sucking cocks also. He lost count how many he sucked, but some of the crew kept coming back for more and more blowjobs. The worst was the teasing as he was brought to the brink of orgasm and then not allowed the release he needed. His cock had been erect for several hours and it had started to hurt a long time. Now the pain was throbbing as his erect cock was. He was laughed at and ridiculed. It was truly the worst part of this nightmare and for the thousandth time Superboy wished it was a dream.
“Here you Doc,” Stevens said grinning as he dumped the hero on the floor. “Sorry it took so long, but a chance like this doesn’t happen every day.”
Scot nodded and looked at the disgraced hero. “I understand. I will take care of this pathetic hero now. Thank you for delivering him into my hands. Our poor Superboy still has some tasks to perform tonight and judging by the state of his erection, I think he is looking forward to it.”
Stevens laughed and spat on the hero. He then turned and walked out leaving the two of them alone. Scot walked over to Superboy and helped him to his feet. “God you stink.” He said as he sat the boy of steel on the bed.
Superboy looked up at the Doctor with fresh tears forming. “Please,” he begged pathetically. “Help me.”
Scot said nothing as he examined the hero. Superboy was very close to breaking. If he was going to make his move, it was now or never. “Let’s get you cleaned up first.” He said helping Superboy to the bathroom. He turned on the shower and let the hero rest against the wall as he undressed. “I would undress you but we need to get your uniform clean. Once he was naked he helped Superboy into the shower and let the hot water run over the hero. The warm water was a heaven sent to the boy of steel. It also caused his skin tight uniform to cling even more to his body. Scot saw this and grew excited himself as his erection pressed against Superboy’s as he cleaned the hero. Superboy began to feel one hundred times better. His relief was short lived as Scot started to kiss him passionately. He tried to resist but his night of abuse left even weaker than usual. As the water cascaded down on the both of them, Scot kissed all over Superboy’s face and body. Superboy moaned as pleasure began to build within him. His erection throbbed and begged for release and the feel of Scot’s erection pressing against his sent shivers down his spine. He shouldn’t be having feelings like this. It was against everything that he was taught, but the pleasure he felt from the attentions from the Doctor told a different story.
Scot stopped his sexual assault on the hero and turned off the water. He then started to take off Superboy’s costume, stripping the hero of his only protection against Scot’s advances. Soon Superboy was naked and his erection slapped against his stomach as it was finally free from its restraints of his tights. The doctor maneuvered the boy of steel to his bed where he gently eased Superboy on it while kissing him yet again. He grabbed his own erection in his hand and placed it on Superboy’s own massive hard on. The Doctor began to rub his cock on Superboy’s and soon both were moaning as their cocks fucked each other. Superboy was the first to cum as he exploded with moans and gasps of pleasure. Cum hit all over his body and face. It even hit the wall behind him. If he was his powers intact, it would have taken out the wall behind him. Seeing Superboy in such a powerful orgasm sent Scot overboard as he cummed all over Superboy. He then collapsed on the hero spent from having a dream of his come true at last. Superboy was in an erotic daze that he never felt before. His previous orgasm at the Doctor’s cock was great but this time he had an erection for hours and sexually teased for almost as long before this release. He was surprised that he had enough energy to keep his heart beating. Scot lay on the hero for several minutes occasionally running his hands up and down his perfect body. He looked down and saw that Superboy still had an erection. Taking that note in his head, he marveled at the job his little kryptonite pebble was doing. He looked at the clock and realized that he had little time if he was to act. He looked over at Superboy as he lay there in a daze.
“Superboy!” he said urgently. “If I am going to help you, I need to do it soon. Lex will want you back and once he has you again, I will not be able to help you.”
Superboy struggled to clear his mind but it was still in the fog caused by the orgasm. “Please help me escape, he mumbled.
“I want to but you need to protect me, if I do. Take me to your fortress and the two of us can figure out a way to stop Lex from hurting you more. I have called some people and they have rescued your parents and taken them to a safe place. This will give us time to come up with a plan so you can be free again. But I need your word that you will help me if I help you.”
Superboy looked deep in Scot’s eyes as he tried to think this proposal through, but his mind was sluggish as he attempted to think. The thought of being in Lex’s hands again terrified him though. Without really thinking, he nodded and whispered. “I give you my word that I will help you if you help me.”
Scot sighed with relief as his gamble paid off. He got up and walked over to his desk where he took out a pair of forceps. He told Superboy to brace himself as he fished for the pebble taking it out of Superboy. There hero sighed with relief as the pebble was place back in a lead box. He felt his powers slowly returning and at the same time his cock started to soften.
Scot scrambled as he pack a quick bag. “Quick you must get dressed and get ready to go.” He said urgently.
Superboy flexed his muscles as he felt more powerful than he felt in eternity. He looked grimly at Scot, “There is no need for escape. I am going to tear this boat apart.”
Scot’s eyes widened as he grabbed Superboy’s hand. “That would be foolish. Lex still has kryptonite and if he takes you again, he just may decide to kill you instead of keeping you. And then I will be dead as well. You promised to protect me. Let’s just quietly escape and follow my plan. You will have your revenge, I promise.”
Superboy nodded and headed for the bathroom where his soaked costume lay discarded on the floor. When he was dressed, he used his super speed to twirl around instantly drying his costume. He walked to the main room and saw the doctor was ready to go. “I want you to keep your hands to yourself,” he warned. “I appreciate your helping me, but I will not be molested again.”
Scot nodded impatiently as he crept to the door. “Let’s go, we must be quiet and quick.”
Superboy followed the doctor and gently took him around the waist. Soon they were air bound for the Fortress of Solitude.

Mercy entered the Lex’s berthing and found her boss lying on the bed reading a book.
“Are they gone?” Lex asked as his answer was a nod from her. “Good, then all is going to plan.” He smiled as he turned his attention back to the book.
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Chapter 13
As Superboy and Scot landed at the Fortress of Solitude, the doctor could not believe his eyes. The entire fortress seemed to be made of crystal, but once he took a second look, he could tell the advanced technology that was infused through the entire fortress. Superboy walked over to one of the consoles and pressed some buttons. He motioned for Scot to come to him and the doctor felt a tingle.
“Now the security measures will not be affected by your presence.” Superboy explained.
Security measures, Scot thought. He did not anticipate that possibility thought he probably should have. He followed the hero further in marveling at the possibilities that were open to him in this marvelous technological place. If this was a little piece of Krypton, then he was sad that the planet died.
Superboy showed Scot to a room and told him that this was where he would be sleeping. “I think I am going to take a shower,” the hero said. Scot watched as Superboy left the room and headed to another room across the hall. Scot grabbed his bag and took out a lead box that he hid in his clothes. Superboy was a fool to still trust him; this time that he was going to have his cake and eat it too. Creeping softly across the hallway, he slowly opened the door to the other room to hear water running in a shower. Peeking in, he could see the hero washing himself not aware that he was being spied on. Scot quietly entered the bathroom and opened the lead box revealing the kryptonite. Kicking open the shower door, Superboy gasped as he felt the draining effects of the kryptonite. Scot grinned evilly as he yanked the wet naked hero out of the shower.
“Why?” Superboy asked moaning in pain. He was thrown against the wall in response as his cock and balls were grabbed and yanked hard causing Superboy to scream in pain.
“You are pathetic and trusting, Superboy. Twice now I deceived you and now you will pay the price.” Scot scolded as he let go of his victim’s genitals to slap them hard. Superboy screamed again in pain both from the kryptonite and his cock slap. “Now I have access to all your treasures, Superboy. Your life as you know it is now over. I planned long and hard how to take you down. It was easy to manipulate both Mr. Porter and Mr. Luthor and maneuvering them to do as I wanted. All I had to do was find out who you were in Metropolis. I knew you had to have some kind of identity. You weren’t seen fighting crime all the time. It was I who pointed Allen Tripp to the Daily Planet to find you. Not only did they get the scoop on you, but you saved too many of their employees too often. If you were trying to hide, you were sloppy. I even managed to get Allen to report to me before reporting to Mr. Porter. Unfortunately for Allen, he knew too much about me for him to live. Using Luthor’s bombs to do the deed pointed the murder to him. And even if he was able to prove he had nothing to do with it, Allen was officially working for Mr. Porter. There was no way that anyone could track the crime to me.”
Scot smiled as he ran his tongue across Superboy’s lips. “You are too much a hunk to let Mr. Porter keep you though. That’s why I had arranged for Luthor to raid his island. Lex thought that my interest in you was purely science, a chance to study an alien up close and personal. He had no idea that I desired you. I desired to break you Superboy. You will become my sex slave. I will harness your powers for my own desires and your desires will be to please me. Mr. Porter had it all wrong to blackmail you. Eventually you would have found a way to escape him and if he did kill your parents it might have forced you to kill him. You’ll be amazed what trauma does to a man.”
The doctor smirked as he ran his hand up and down the hero’s body. “No, in order to truly dominate you, Superboy, you will need to be broken first and then rendered helpless. This fortress will help me do this. Thanks to your foolish trust, I have access to your little club house. All the data available about Kryptonian is here at my fingertips just waiting to be discovered to exploit you. The best part is that no one knows where it is to rescue you. Lex’s raid will eventually be traced back to him, but when they try to find you through him, they will find nothing. By the time that Lex discovers that I betrayed and manipulated him, you will be my pawn and he will not be able to stand against me.”
“I will stop you!” Superboy whispered as he weakly struggled against the doctor.
“You can try, Superboy, but I don’t think you will have the strength.” Scot took out the kryptonite pebble and turned Superboy around. Pressing the hero against the wall, he kicked Superboy’s legs open and inserted the pebble back against his prostate. Superboy groaned as he felt his cock hardening once again against his will. Scot left the hero as he slumped to the floor and put the bigger piece of kryptonite back in its box. When he came back to the hero, his cock was rock hard and throbbing. Oh he was going to enjoy this indeed.

Jimmy groaned as light suddenly hit his closed eyes. His head was throbbing and his body felt like it was thrown about like a rag doll. The last thing he remembered was trying to escape from some sort of underground temple. He had no idea how he got there, but he tried to escape with his life. His last thoughts were thinking that he was dying as life seemed to drain from his body. Now as he opened his eyes, he could see that he survived the destruction. As his eyes focused, he saw the most elaborate furnishings he could imagine. He was lying on a strange type of couch that was in many shades of red. In fact the entire room seemed to be decked out in some sort of shade of red. Jimmy would think that so much red would clash and look like a murder scene, but it made him feel at piece and seemed to be the most beautiful thing he ever seen.

As he pushed himself up from the couch, he marveled at the beauty of the room. The delicate columns, the marble fireplace with its gentle flames, and the elaborate furniture seemed to invite peace and harmony. As Jimmy walked toward the door, it quietly opened and in the door frame was a hunk of a man. He seemed to be in his early to mid twenties. Dressed only in a small loincloth, his body was close to perfection. The only reason Jimmy thought it was close to perfect was because Superboy’s was better than his, but not by much. The young man’s wavy blond hair was poised right over his pretty blue eyes. Jimmy felt his mouth go dry just looking at him.
The young man smiled at Jimmy that made his knees go weak. “I am glad you are awake.” He said. Jimmy nearly fainted even his voice was sexy. “The Master was worried that you could not be saved. He will be pleased to see that you have recovered.”
Jimmy opened his mouth to answer but no words came out. This young man seemed to put a spell on him and he desired nothing more than to have sex with him right then and there.
The young man walked toward Jimmy with such grace like a jungle cat. He caressed Jimmy’s face causing the photographer to softly moan. “The Master would like to see you if it pleases you.” He said in that soft and sexy voice. Jimmy stared into those blue eyes and nodded not trusting that his voice would work. He took the arm that was offered to him as they walked out of the room. The Hallway before them was breathtaking. Jimmy had to tear his eyes off of his escort to look around. Columns framed the marble walkway with roses and flowers in the shade of red decorating the hallway. There seemed to be several other doors that lead to different parts of this house. At least Jimmy thought it was a house. Soon he was lead to a room that made his jaw drop in amazement. Everything he had ever seen looked dull and drab compared to this room. It was the most beautiful place he had ever seen. The plants seemed to be greener and the shades of red seemed to change and glow with a life of its own. In the center of the room was a being that made even his escort look ugly. As Jimmy gasped as he saw this being that longed in a chair, he felt his cock turn instantly hard. It was the most stunning man that he had ever seen. He was wearing what looked to be some kind of toga, but the lean muscle underneath made any physique he ever seen look flabby. Even Superboy could not compare to this being. He had short black hair that seemed like the darkest night, but his skin was pale white with a hint of a reddish glow. As the being looked at the two who entered his room, Jimmy saw that he had sparkling green eyes that made emeralds look dull. His escort instantly fell to his knees and Jimmy could see that his escort had an erection that lifted his loincloth. Jimmy could not help but to fall to his knees also. He wanted nothing more than to worship this man. The fact that this being looked at him sent a surge of pleasure through his body that he never experienced.
The being rose to his feet and motioned for them to stand. “Thank you, Harry for bringing young Jimmy to me.”
Jimmy’s escort smiled and bowed. “I live to serve you Master.” He said softly as his blue eyes looked at his Master with desire. As his Master smiled at him, he suddenly gasped as his cock suddenly began to orgasm. Cum flew everywhere as Harry moaned.
Jimmy looked with amazement. It was the most powerful orgasm that he had ever seen and it was all because of a smile. Once Harry was able to control the pleasure that rocked through his body, he bowed again as he left them to be alone. Jimmy trembled as the being motioned for him to come. He did not think the he could move, but one foot was put in front of another as he came to the man who he yearned to call Master.
“You are the one who freed me, Jimmy.” The being said smiling. Jimmy gasped as he felt an orgasm build. The being placed a perfect finger on his lips and whispered, “Not yet.” Jimmy felt disappointment as his orgasm died down. “Don’t worry,” The Being said, “You will get to orgasm, but we need to talk first.”
Jimmy nodded and knelt as this perfect being’s feet. His erection was so hard and pleasurable that he would tell him anything to get to orgasm.
“It has been long since I have been able to touch this world, Jimmy. Those who imprisoned me did not think that I would be able to escape. But I am a patient god and waited for this perfect timing. You will get your reward for helping me be free, Jimmy. But first, I need to know about this hero you call Superboy. From what little I have learned, he has caught my attention. I am told that you have met him and know quite a bit about him. Tell me what you know and I will reward you.”
Jimmy opened his mouth and everything he knew about Superboy spilled from his mouth. He wanted so much to please his master and he did not think twice but to tell him what he knew. When he was done he barely noticed that his voice was hoarse and his throat dry. The being motioned for Jimmy to take a goblet of wine and drink which he did immediately
“Thank you, Jimmy for telling me what you know. Eventually I will have to face this Superboy to take this world as my own. I have seen him in my visions and know he will be the most formidable foe in this world.”
Jimmy put down the goblet. “He will not be able to stand against you, Master.”
The man smiled at Jimmy fondly. “You truly wish to serve Torjorion. I was once a god in this world, when it was ruled by several gods such as me. But the other gods have departed and their power in this world is weak when it was strong once. Now that I am free, I will take this world as my own and the humans will have a god to worship once more.”
“Please!” Jimmy begged. “Let me worship you master! I want nothing more than to serve you.”
Torjorion looked at Jimmy; his penetrating eyes seemed to inspect his entire body and soul. “Normally you would not be worthy enough to serve me. My pets are only the best in looks and body, but you have performed well for me and I will not let that go unrewarded.” He raised his hand and Jimmy’s body was engulfed in a red glow. Warmth of pleasure tore through his body and Jimmy moaned as he felt himself transform. When the glow faded, Jimmy’s skinny body was replaced with an exquisite muscular body. Jimmy smiled as he flexed his new muscles and looked at the mirror at the stud that he had become. He looked back at his master and his much larger and thicker cock sprang to attention.
“Now, my pet, I have a job for you. Return to your Metropolis and seek out this Superboy. When you find him, you may contact me.” Torjorion grabbed Jimmy by his hair and suddenly kissed him. Jimmy felt a powerful surge hit his cock and he exploded in an orgasm that he never thought possible. It seemed to last forever and when the god released the kiss, Jimmy fell to his knees in a puddle of his own cum.
“I will obey, Master.” He said breathlessly. His master waved a hand and Jimmy felt himself fade back to the world below.

Chapter 14

Lois Lane tapped her foot impatiently as her taxi was caught in traffic at this rate, she would never get to her plane on time. Even for a city as big as Metropolis, this was ridiculous. She was starting to think that it might be quicker to get out and walk. As she contemplated doing just that, her cell phone rang. Looking at the number, she saw it was Perry. Opening the phone, she was about to answer when the earth started to shake. Dropping her phone, she looked out the window of her cab and her jaw dropped to the ground. Above the city was a giant spacecraft in the shape of a robot face. Her face went pale as she recognized it. It was the same spacecraft that Superboy battled when he fought Brainiac. The second invasion of Metropolis had begun and the hero had not been seen for a week and a half. Rushing out of the cab, Lois grabbed her purse leaving her bags behind and raced to get to the Daily Planet. She had to get a hold of Clark. He was the only one who had ever been successful to get a hold of Superboy.

Superboy wanted to die. He had thought he had escaped. His alliance with Dr. Scot Peters was supposed to help him get his old life back. But instead he had been caught by the Doctor in his own fortress and it was revealed to him that the doctor was the mastermind behind his entire nightmare. He stood in the bathroom soaking wet from being interrupted from his shower. His cock was erect and his powers robbed from a tiny kryptonite pebble that was inserted in his ass and pressed against his prostate. He wanted to run and try to escape, but he knew it would be futile. His captor was blocking his only escape route.
As the doctor came back toward him, he looked at him and started to plead. “Please don’t do this. I beg of you.”
Scot laughed. “Still using that same old line, Superboy? I would think that even a nitwit like you would know that I am not going to let you go. I have worked too hard to capture you just to let you go. “
Superboy gasped as the doctor took a hold of his erect cock and led him out of the bathroom. It made it awkward to walk being led by his erection like a leash, but Superboy followed the best he could. Scot led them to the main control room and pushed the hero to the floor.
“How does this computer work, Superboy?” Scot asked looking at them with greed.
Superboy knew that there was little chance to escape, but he would not let this pervert tap into all of his people’s history and information. He tensed as the Doctor looked down on him.
“Not going to talk, are we?” he said with a smile. “Fine then let’s see what it takes to get you to talk.” He grabbed Superboy by his hair as Superboy yelped and tried to scramble to his feet. He pushed the hero on a table and slapped his cock as hard as he could. Superboy screamed in agony as pain shot from his crotch into his stomach. He wanted to curl in a little ball, but the doctor grabbed him by his throat and slapped his cock again. His cock was slapped again and again and soon Superboy could not even muster the energy to scream any more. His voice was gone and his throat was parched. Still the slapping continued as tears ran down his face.
After an eternity, Scot finally stopped. “Will you cooperate?” He asked quietly. With blurred eyes, Superboy whimpered but shook his head bracing himself for what torture would come next. The doctor frowned and grabbed Superboy by his chin. “I will break you eventually, Superboy.” He said is a very quiet but solemn voice. He threw the hero off the table.
Superboy hit the cold hard floor and grunted as new pain hit his body. He wanted to crawl away but cried out when his hair was grabbed from behind. He barely had time to struggle when the doctor suddenly rammed his cock in his ass. Superboy wanted to resist, but was in condition to as his ass was furiously fucked from behind. Gasping pain started to mix with pleasure as his sore cock leaked precum. As Scot fucked him, he occasionally smacked the hero’s ass just for the extra pleasure of seeing Superboy grunt or cry out. Soon Superboy felt Scot’s cock explode in his ass as his own cock shot cum all over himself and the floor. The Doctor grunted as he slowly withdrew his cock and pushed Superboy to the floor leaving the beaten and fucked hero where he lay.
As the Doctor put his pant back on, he turned to Superboy. “I’m going to enjoy having you around, boy. It will be easier on you if you cooperate, but I will enjoy it if you do not. It will all end the same though. You will give me the information that I desire and you will be my toy to play with as I want.”
Superboy groaned softly as he felt himself passing out from exhaustion on the cold hard floor of his fortress.

Superboy found himself in a cage. He slowly got to his feet and tried to break the bars. As soon as he touched them, he screamed as his hands burned. He looked down and saw that he was only wearing a small loincloth with his emblem in the center. What was going on? He thought. He jumped as he heard someone approach. A good looking young man with short dirty blond hair approached. He wore the same style of loincloth as the hero except for the absence of the emblem. Opening the door, the young man smiled. “Come with me, Superboy.”
Superboy leaped on the young man hoping to overpower him to get free. The young man grabbed Superboy by his face and pushed him back in the cell. “There will be none of that, Superboy.” He scolded. “The Master will not be pleased if you try that with him.”
Superboy grunted as he hit the wall. He knew he had to escape somehow. The young man took Superboy and tied his hands behind his back. Superboy tried to break free but his powers seemed to be gone. He was escorted out of the dungeon and taken to a throne room in a beautiful palace.
The throne room was littered with hunky young men dressed like his escort. They were of all colors and races. They all turned as Superboy was brought in. They all looked at the hero lustfully as he was brought to the throne. Sitting on the throne was the most beautiful man Superboy had ever seen. Just looking at him caused his cock to rise.
“I bring you Superboy as instructed, Master.” His escort said as he bowed. His cock was also hard causing the loincloth to rise.
“Thank you,” The man on the throne said smiling. “As a reward for your service, you will play with Superboy tonight after I am done with him.
His escort smiled and bowed. He then joined a group of young men. Superboy felt vulnerable as stood scantily clad, erect, and bound. The man on the throne descended as he circled Superboy.
“You are quite the boy,” he said softly as he inspected his new slave. Superboy felt yearning of desire as he was inspected like a piece of meat. The ropes that bound his hands suddenly disappeared as the man stopped in front of the hero.
Superboy rubbed his wrists as he stared at the man with growing lust. He actually whimpered as his cheek was stroked. “I have waited long to have you Superboy,” his rich sexy voice said softly.
“Take me,” Superboy whispered as he felt his lust overtaking all his senses. He suddenly felt the touch of several hands from all the young men who gathered around him. His didn’t even notice them around him as his attention was on the man who he yearned to call Master.
The young men exploded every part of Superboy’s body as his loincloth was ripped off his body. Superboy moaned as his nipples were both sucked and bitten at the same time. His cock was stroked while a finger explored Superboy’s rectum. His mind went into overload as he was stimulated as he never had been before. The young men who were not playing with Superboy’s body were rubbing their erect cocks on any part of the hero’s body that they could. A cock was inserted in his mouth, and the boy of steel began to suck on it. His cock was harder than he thought possible and began to leak precum. It would have fallen on the floor but several men started to lick his cock and balls and it fell on their lustful tongues. Superboy was covered with a sea of men who took their time pleasuring the hero. As Superboy moaned and gasped as he approached orgasm. When he did, he screamed in ecstasy his cock shooting out so much cum that his entire upper body was almost covered with his spunk.
“This is your future, Superboy!” The Master said as Superboy drifted from this dream to a dreamless sleep.

Lois was panting as she made it to the press room of the Daily Planet. The National Guard had been alert since the last attack and by the time she made it back to her workplace, they were already engaging Brainiac. However the technology of this Brainiac was too far advanced for them to have an impact. Their only hope was to find Superboy to drive back this invasion once again. The building shook as planes flew nearby firing on the space craft. Lois ran to Clark’s desk and started tearing it apart looking for anything that would give her information on how to contact Superboy. Frustrated at finding nothing, Lois hurled the computer of his desk. Where was Superboy? She thought wildly as the building shook again.
“Lois!” Perry shouted as he entered the Press room. “We need to get out of here. The National Guard is ordering everyone to evacuate.”
Lois looked at Perry. She eventually nodded and joined her boss as they ran up the stairs to the roof. Perry explained to her that he had a helicopter waiting for them so they can get away from the battle. As they reached the roof, they saw that their only chance of getting away was engulfed in flames.
“What do we do now?” Lois screamed over the sounds of the battle. Perry grabbed her and pulled her back to the stairs. They were trapped! The building shook harder as the battle was moving towards them. “We need to get a hold of Clark. He knows how to get in touch with Superboy!” Lois shouted.
“I’ve tried to call William Porter’s island a hundred times. I can’t get through!” Perry shouted back.
Lois ground her teeth in frustration as their options seemed to be running out. Without Superboy, it seemed that they were going to lose this battle.

As Lex’s yacht pulled into the harbor of Metropolis, Lex Luthor stared at the smoke clouding the city’s skyline. What was going on? He thought as he stared at the destruction of his city. “It must be Brainiac,” he whispered to himself. He had hoped to use the robotic invader to destroy Superboy, but now that he had the hero right where he wanted, it had not crossed his mind to do something about it. Now that his beloved city was being destroyed, he wished he still had the hero on hand. It had seemed a good idea at the time to let Scot manipulate Superboy into taking him to his fortress. Lex frowned as his brow wrinkled in thought.
“Mercy, do you think we can get to Lex Corps?”
Mercy was on the phone talking with the National Guard. “I’m not sure. From what little I got from the National Guard, it seems they are losing badly to Brainiac.”
Lex nodded unsurprised. Brainiac’s technology was too much for this world’s technology. If he did not think of a way to stop this invasion quickly, they may resort to nuclear missiles and then Metropolis would be lost for good. He worked too hard to have his city destroyed by this monster. With Superboy out of the picture, it was up to him to save his city. “Keep on course for Metropolis. We need to get into Lex Corps if we are going to have a chance to stop Brainiac.”

Dr. Scot Peters looked down at his prize that he worked so hard to get. Superboy was passed out on the floor after being tortured and then fucked. It wasn’t enough to get him to reveal how to access this computer. As he thought about waking the hero up for more punishment, he changed his mind and walked over to the computer. He studied the buttons and used his intellect to decide which one to pick. He pressed a button and the screen suddenly flashed on. He smiled to himself. Jackpot! Looking at the screen, he saw that there was no security at all for the computer. Superboy probably never thought that anyone would discover his secret clubhouse he thought to himself. He touched the screen and managed to open files on the history of Krypton. Fascinated the doctor began to review the information. There was a treasure horde of information for him to glean. He forced himself to stop as he heard the hero stir. It looks like his little boy toy was waking up. Pressing the same button to turn off the screen, Scot waltzed over to where Superboy was lying on the floor. The hero was gorgeous, he thought as he admired his prisoner. He reached down and slapped Superboy’s bubble butt causing the hero to moan as his still erect cock hit the floor.
“It’s time to wake up, Superboy.” He said with a grin.
Superboy lifted his head and looked at his captor in fear. The hero knew that he had no chance to escape this time. Scot had manipulated him to thinking that he was an ally only to be betrayed in the end and to discover who the true mastermind of his entire ordeal was.
Scot grabbed Superboy by the hair and pulled him across the floor. Superboy cried out in pain as he tried to get to his feet. The doctor eventually let go of Superboy and laughed. “Not much of super boy anymore, are you?” he taunted as Superboy managed to get on his knees. His naked body was magnificent as he rested on his knees with his erect cock against his stomach.
The Doctor could not help himself as he knocked Superboy on his back and pressed his body against his. His tongue eagerly invaded the hero’s mouth as he ground his crotch into Superboy’s erection. It was such a thrill to be able to dominate the most powerful being on the planet. His own cock was erect again as he sexually tortured the great Superboy. He tore open his pants and released his raging hard on as Superboy began to plead with him. It only turned him on more as he started to fuck the hero again. Superboy was all his to do with as he please. As he fucked, he bent down and started to kiss and bit Superboy’s nipples. The hero moaned with pleasure as he was being dominated yet once again. Soon Scot could not help but to cum on Superboy’s ass again. He also marveled as Superboy came also. This load seemed to be as much as before even in such a short time. As he withdrew his cock, Scot looked around and grabbed a chair. He reached for his bag and brought out several feet of rope. Dragging the hero to the chair, he tied Superboy to it and was turned on seeing the hero held fast by ropes that normally he could snap like thread. He then turned back to the computer and peeked behind him to see Superboy in shock that he figured out how to access the console. Scot began to read all the wealth of information that was before him. It was two dreams come true for him.

Chapter 15

Lex and Mercy wasted no time when entering the building of Lex Corps. Luckily for them the battle against Brainiac had not reached his building yet. But judging from how things were going, it would be here soon. There had been some resistance from the National Guard from entering this part of the city. Lex eventually got through thanks to Mercy. He regretting having those men shot and killed, but they should have listened to reason. The lives were insignificant compared to his mission to save his city. Not trusting the elevators to work, they took the stairs to the floor where his most secret prototype was kept. Punching in the pass code, they both entered where a robotic suit of armor was waiting for them. If his calculations were correct, then this would enable him to have powers similar to Superboy. The tests showed that it might not have made him as strong, but it did enhance his strength and armor. Rockets were installed on the boots that allowed for flight. It was his greatest invention and Metropolis’ only hope for survival.
“Are you sure about this, Lex?” Mercy asked nervously. He understood where she was coming from as they have not completely tested this prototype. It was indeed a risk to try to battle Brainiac using this armor, but he saw no other way to save his city.
Lex turned to Mercy. “Get someplace safe. If I get killed, I want you to find Scot Peters and kill him. I also want Superboy’s parents killed also.”
Mercy nodded and bowed her head. “It will be done, I swear it.”
Lex nodded and started to don his armor. He knew she would get it done and if he was unlucky, then he could watch Superboy’s anguish from hell.

Lois and Perry waited on the roof of the Daily Planet watching the battle between Brainiac’s ship and the National Guard take place. Since their helicopter was destroyed, they both decided that it was better to see what was going on than to be inside and possible have the building come down on them. The reporters in both of them would rather watch the battle taking place and die than to wait and see nothing and die. Lois had hoped that Superboy would appear and save the day, but he was nowhere to be found. Had the hero decided to abandon earth and leave them to their fate? It seemed so unlike him to do so, but he had not been seen for so long. It chilled Lois to think that maybe Brainiac killed him before attacking Metropolis. Wherever the hero was, it seemed like he would not come to save them from their doom.
Lois watched as jets fired upon the spacecraft. It seemed to have no effect but they kept firing. Robots emerged from the craft and began to engage the infantry troops that were trying to get the civilians evacuated. Metropolis had turned into a war zone. Lois was sure by now that reinforcements were on the way, but she could not think that they had a chance to defeat this invasion.
Then Lois gasped as she saw a figure flying in the air towards some of the robots. Was it Superboy, she thought as hope rose within her. As she took a closer look, she saw that it was a man in a armored suit. Gasping she recognized him as Lex Luthor. He ripped the arm off of a robot and tossed it down the street. He fought robot by robot as he cleared the street. He then jumped back in the air, the fires of the rockets in his boots sending smoke behind him. He saw as another wave of robots came out of the space craft. Raising his arm, he shot a rocket towards them destroying most of them.
Lois gasped in amazement. Where did he get this suit from? Knowing him, he probably designed it himself. She watched in awe as he battled the robots as the space craft took notice of him. His battle seemed to energize the National Guard as they stopped firing at the space craft and concentrated on destroying the rest of the robots. She watched as Lex flew up toward the space craft firing rockets at it. The rockets did no hard as Lex had to dodge some kind of laser being fired at him. Unfortunately a laser clipped one of his boots and the rocket propelling him to flight was destroyed. Lois watched in despair as Lex tried to control his flight but was failing as he fell to the ground. What little hope she had left was crushed as Lex was defeated by Brainiac.
Thinking that the city’s fate was sealed, Lois saw a red streak cross the sky. A figure appeared from the clouds to face Brainiac. At first Lois thought it was Superboy, but this being wore a toga that showed his rippling muscles. Lois felt her mouth go dry when she got a better look at him. He was the most gorgeous man she ever laid eyes on. She felt her pussy get wet as lust burned though her soul. This man made Superboy look plain with his jet black hair and perfect body.
“I am Torjorion,” he said. Even though he was not shouting, Lois heard him like he was standing right next to her. “You are invading my world, and I will ask that you leave.”
Brainiac’s ship responded by firing a laser at this new intruder. Torjorion raised his hand and the laser bounced away from him and hit the shield that was protecting Brainiac’s ship. This new hero cocked back his fist and threw it at the ship. A red flare exploded from his fist and ripped right into Brainiac’s ship. Lois cheered as for the first time; she could see that they might survive this ordeal.
Robots spewed out of the spacecraft like locus and flew towards the new hero. Torjorion sent another red blast that destroyed the robot horde before they could even get close to him. The new hero then vanished as he teleported right under the space craft. He grabbed the bottom of the ship and with a heave of strength flung the ship into space. Lois and Perry cheered as the ship was flung out of view and vanished in the sky. They were saved!

Lex struggled to his feet as he had crash landed into one of the streets. He was doing so well in destroying the invading robots and could not believe that he was shot out of the sky. He was close to the glory that he craved. As he looked up in the sky, he saw a figure emerging from the sky. His eyes widened as he thought that it was Superboy. However it became clear that it was not as a red blast was shot from his fist into the space craft. Lex watched in horror as this being that named himself Torjorion easily defeated Brainiac.
“No!” he whispered. He had just gotten rid of Superboy when another hero proclaimed himself. “NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”
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Chapter 16

Superboy was in hell. His captor Dr. Scot Peters had orchestrated these series of events that humiliate, degraded, and turned the once great Superboy into a boy toy sex slave for his pleasure. He sat tied to a chair with rope that would have easily been torn apart by the smallest effort. His cock was rock hard and leaking precum causing his stomach to be covered with it. After several hours of being bound he had given up trying to free himself. He only watched with despair as the Doctor read files on his computer that was meant for his eyes alone. Sometimes Scot would take breaks and wander around the fortress taking down notes. But every time he passed the hero, he patted Superboy’s erection and smiled. Superboy was completely helpless and tangled in this doctor’s web. And to his horror, his only hope for escape from him was Lex Luthor. He was the only person who knew about Superboy’s fortress. However rescue from him would only mean to be enslaved once again.
Dr. Peters returned to the room and started to untie the hero. “Come on Superboy, I have a use for you.” The doctor helped Superboy to his feet and after sitting for hours it felt good to stretch his legs. Once again Scot grabbed his erection and used it as a leash to lead Superboy to another room. It was the room that Superboy slept in when he visited the fortress. However it had been modified to suit the doctor’s taste. A cage was in one corner of the room now with shackled on the floor and the ceiling. Another corner held a wooden ‘X’ with leather restraints on each end. At the foot of the bed was a large chest that Superboy used to store Kryptonian artifacts. There was also a table nor adorned with paddles, riding crops, handcuffs, and dildos. Superboy was horrified to think what was in store for him.
Scot led the hero to the bed and he could see his costume was there. “Put it on.” He was ordered and received a sharp slap to his ass cheek when he hesitated. Superboy did as he was told as he struggled to get his costume on. Soon he was dressed and looked every bit the hero with the exception of the huge hard on encased in his tights.
Scot smiled and ran his hands over Superboy’s impressive chest. “I learned many interesting things about you today, Superboy.” He hands ran down his chest to the hero’s crotch and gripped Superboy’s hard on tightly. “Soon I will be able to totally break you and make you completely mine.” The hero gasped as his cock was lightly slapped. “There are many ways to exploit you to bend you to my will.” He walked over to the table and took a ray gun from it. Superboy paled at the sight of it. “I am sure you know what this is. This is a mind control ray created by your people. I could use it on you and put in commands in your mind that you would never be able to escape.”
Superboy trembled, “Please don’t!” he begged. Scot laughed as he put the ray back on the table.
He then picked up an old lead box. “Or I can just make you mortal with this. It’s kryptonite but its color is a gold tone. According to your files this will permanently erase your powers. Could you live a mortal life, Superboy? No more flying, no super strength or stamina. How delicious it would be to see you have to be a mortal. How long could you last before despair filled your soul?” He put the box down and picked up a vial. “This looks to be an aphrodisiac. The files tell me that this causes Kryptonian to be in a sexual frenzy. I am betting it would work on a Midwest prude like you.”
Superboy flinched as Scot waved the vial under his nose. The doctor laughed as he put the vial down. The boy of steel fell to his knees. “I beg of you, please don’t do this to me.” He grabbed the doctor’s legs and looked up at his captor his blue eyes nearing tears. “I will do anything you want, but just let me be.”
Scot looked down at Superboy and shook the hero off his legs. “You will do anything I want because I have the means to finally control you, Superboy. I can destroy you just as easily. You are mine to play with as I desire. Nothing can save you from being my sex slave.” Superboy cried out as the doctor picked up the mind control ray gun. As Scot aimed the gun, Superboy prayed for a miracle.
White light suddenly engulfed the doctor. “What?” Scot gasped. “What’s happening?” He started screaming as the light tightened around him and with a flash, he was gone.
Superboy trembled on the ground wanting to break down and cry. A man suddenly appeared before him. His hair was long and white as was his short cropped beard. “You have landed yourself in quite the mess, Kal’el.” His quiet bass voice seemed to echo in Superboy’s soul. “Torjorion is freed from his prison and you have let these mortals trap and abuse you.” He helped the hero up and for the first time his erection went down.
“I’m sorry,” Superboy said respectfully. “But who are you?”
The man laughed softly. “I am Zeus, young man. I was once the highest god on this earth.” He touched Superboy’s shoulder and the hero felt a warmth course through his body as it healed his soul. “You see the gods once ruled this planet, but as mankind advanced, they outgrew the need for us. We decided to leave Man to forge his own destiny and we departed this world. The pact we made forbid it for us to interfere in Man’s affairs. The only reason that I have broken this pact was to free you from your enslavement. You are our only hope to fight against Torjorion.”
Superboy for the first time felt confident and like his old self. “Torjorion?” he asked.
Zeus nodded. “He was once a god in our order, one of my many sons. He was the god of youth. However his obsession with the world of men started to plant seeds of darkness in his heart. He declared that he would conquer man and make them worship him. He grew in such power from his ambition that it took an alliance of gods to defeat him and imprison him. When the gods departed from this world, we left wards on his prison to alert us when it weakened. However our pact forbids us to fight him once he was free. We monitored this world from afar waiting for a hero to emerge that could defeat him. When you came to this world, we sensed the power that you would wield. We knocked your rocket ship off course to land in Kansas where we deemed the Kent’s would be the best to raise you. They met all of our expectations and beyond.”
Superboy looked at the old god in awe. Did he really have that much impact on his entire life? It boggled his mind that his life might have been drastically different.
“Now you must recover your strength. If you do not fight and defeat Torjorion he will destroy man’s civilization. If this happens, then nothing will stop the earth from being destroyed in the near future. He will be hunting you now he is free. One thing that obsesses him is to find and break heroes. He destroyed Hercules when he rose to fame. When we found him, he was a broken man from my son’s touch. Other heroes were also targeted and destroyed. You will be a beacon for him shining like the brightest sun. I wish I could help you but I have done too much as it is. If I interfere more we would be forced back to this world and that would be just as disastrous for this planet.”
Superboy nodded as he felt his power coursing through his body. “I will not fail, however if this Torjorion finds out about kryptonite then I have no chance to win.”
Zeus thought about it. “I do not think he would use it against you. It has always been his way to beat his victims in a fair fight. Do not let this fact cloud your judgment. My son is very powerful in his own right. It will be difficult for you to defeat him even with your powers. Now I must go. I have tarried too long here. I pray that you be victorious in your battle. The fate of this planet is in your hands.” Zeus faded away in a white mist.
Superboy stood still in shock of this divine encounter. He walked over to his computer and accessed the news channels. He gasped in horror at the destruction of Metropolis. While he was trapped here, Brainiac laid waste to his home. It seemed though that the battle was over. The news channels all talked about their savior who named himself as Torjorion. Superman paled as he watched. The rogue god was already freed and defeated Brainiac. This act was enough to win the people’s trust as they also speculated why Superboy abandoned them to Brainiac. This damage was going to be hard to fix. He had let the people down and now they trusted a being that would enslave them. As he studied his opponent, he could not help but to admire him. He was beautiful, studly, and perfect in appearance. Superboy always knew that he was good looking but compared to Torjorion, he was mediocre at best. It added to the difficulty on how to defeat this god. Superboy leaped in the air and flew towards the sun. He was going to need every ounce of power for this battle that was to come.

Lois nearly had an orgasm as she stood with the other reporters interviewing Torjorion. This man was absolutely perfect. As she admired him, she wondered what she ever saw in Superboy. A simple smile from this hero sent her knees weak and she wanted to faint. She grew frustrated as his attention was on all the men and did not show any interest in the women present. Looking around she could see tents in all the pants of the male reporters. Everyone in the vicinity wanted this hero and was turned on just by his presence.
“Where did you come from?” A reporter named Buck Bradley asked as he stared lustfully at their savior.
Torjorion turned to Buck and smiled. If anyone could take their eyes off their new hero, they would have seen a stain form in Buck’s pants.
“I am an ancient Greek god,” he replied with that soothing sexy voice. “Normally I would not have interfered in your affairs, but I could not stand by when alien invaders destroyed the planet.”
The media seemed enraptured with their savior. They barely wrote anything down on their pads as they stared at the perfection of Torjorion. Their attention was momentary interrupted as a shadow fell over them.
“Torjorion!” Superboy shouted. “I think we need to have a talk.”
Torjorion smiled and looked back at the reporters. “This Superboy is a coward to appear after I saved you all.” Everyone laughed including Lois. They had a real hero now. They had no need of Superboy.
Superboy landed and walked to the evil god full of confidence. The trauma of his imprisonment seemed to be totally erased. “You may have these good people deceived but I know you for what you really are.”
Torjorion turned the full force of his charm on the boy of steel. “Do you, now? If you really did then you wouldn’t have come to face me.”
Superboy felt a stirring in his loins as the god stared at him with is emerald green eyes. He had to fight this feeling, but it felt so good to look at this perfect being and to have his attention on him. A tiny part of him wanted to give in to his lust that was building within him. However he kept his resolve. “I want you to leave right now before I have to make you.”
Torjorion threw his head back and laughed. “I save this city and you try to threaten me? I doubt you have the power to stop me, boy. I mean look at you. I barely look at you and you get an erection.” Cameras zoomed in on the erection that was indeed in Superboy’s tights. “I can have you on your knees if I desired to.”
Superboy fought the impulse to fall on his knees just to please this god. He tried to fight down his erection, but it took all of his will power just to stand up to his foe. Superboy gathered what little will that he had left and threw a punch at the fallen Greek god. Torjorion dodged the punch and countered with his own punch knocking Superboy on his ass.
The media all laughed as they witnessed their once great Superboy being easily overpowered. Torjorion knelt down at the hero and lifted his chin so he could meet his eyes. “You can’t resist me, Superboy. You are now yesterday’s news. You see how the people you protected have turned on you already. I will let you live for now, but the next time you try to fight me, I will have to teach you a lesson.” He pushed Superboy away as he floated in the air until he vanished before everyone’s eyes.
Superboy burned with humiliation as the media turned their attention to him. Superboy said nothing as he struggled to his feet and took flight himself. He flew back to his apartment and flung himself on his bed. It had been so long since he had been in his own home. As he lay on the bed, his erection raged from his encounter with Torjorion. He wanted nothing more than to pleasure himself but fought hard to not to touch himself. How could he fight a being like that? He suddenly felt himself growing drowsy as he tried to think of a strategy to fight his foe. With his erection throbbing, Superboy slowly drifted to sleep.

Superboy slowly opened his eyes as he felt himself being kissed. The body that lay on top of him felt good as their bodies rubbed on each other. As his eyes focused, they widened in horror. Scot Peters was the one kissing him.
“What?” Superboy said groggily as he tried to struggle.
Scot laughed as he easily pinned the hero on his own bed. “Did you think you could escape me so easily, Superboy. You are mine!” He forced his tongue back in Superboy’s mouth as the hero struggled. He felt so weak compared to the man who had raped and molested him. Scot finished the kiss and gazed into his prisoner’s eyes as he stroked his face. “You are definitely mine, Superboy. You can struggle, but you will lose. Why don’t you just give in and accept your fate.”
Superboy felt himself lost in the doctor’s eyes. He slowly nodded and thrust his head up to his master’s and kissed him passionately. Scot eagerly kissed him back as he ran his hand up and down the hero’s chest. Superboy moaned with pleasure as he finally gave in to his longings. The doctor hands slowly went from his victim’s chest to his waistband, where he tugged Superboy’s jersey out of the tights and slowly pulled his off the hero’s body.
Superboy normally would have been mortified to be stripped in this manner, but his lust was too much for him and he lay on the bed as the doctor started to kiss from his face down to his chest. A moan escaped from his mouth as he felt his nipple being softly bitten, kissed, and sucked. Shivers of pleasure shot through his body as he was being seduced. His pleasure was momentary halted when Scot moved on to the other nipple. This pleasure was almost too much for him to hand. The other sexual experiences that he had were bent more on domination and the pleasure of his masters. This time the hero was being made love to and the difference was intoxicating. Superboy’s cock had never felt this hard before and he thought his tights were going to be torn by the monster that his cock had become.
Scot stopped his assault on the hero’s nipples. He looked deep into Superboy’s blue eyes and smiled. “I have finally broken you.”
Superboy licked his lips and whispered, “Yes master.” He ground his crotch into Scot’s and moaned with pleasure. “Please use me, Master. I am your boy toy!”
“It’s about time!” Scot said lustfully and grabbed the hero’s encased erection and squeezed as Superboy moaned with pleasure. “I want you to strip for me, Superboy.”
Superboy leaped off the bed and began to take off his boots and cape. He did it slowly as he shook his ass to please his master. Scot watched with lust as the hero put on a strip show for him. It felt so good to the boy of steel to please his master. Soon he was completely naked and he knelt at his master’s feet. “Please let me pleasure you, Master.” Superboy begged as he kissed Scot’s shoes.
He felt his hair being grabbed as he was lead to his knees and his master pinched one of his nipples causing him to moan. “What turns you on, Superboy?” Scot asked with a soft smile.
Superboy felt very helpless as he knelt naked before the doctor. However there was no hesitation as he whispered. “I want to be spanked master.”
Scot smiled as he patted his lap and the hero crawled over it to expose his ass to his master. The first slap to his ass felt erotic to him as his erect cock pressed against his master’s leg. “Do you like this?” The Doctor asked as he started to spank harder.
Superboy moaned with pleasure as each slap to his ass sent an erotic jolt through his body. “Yes, Master!” He whimpered as he submitted himself to the dominance of his master. The spanking continued as Superboy felt any sort of control that he once had slip from him. Now he was just a toy to be used as his Master pleased. He was filled with regret when he was pushed off Scot’s lap and on to the floor.
Scot smiled and took out a lead box. “I have a gift for you, Superboy.”
Superboy shuddered as he remembered that the dreaded kryptonite was stored in a lead box like that. The box opened and Superboy saw that there was a cock ring with his emblem resting in the box. Scot took the cock ring out and motioned for the hero to stand. The boy of steel stood shyly as he felt the cock ring being fitted on him. It made him feel leashed and the thought of being leashed by his cock sent more exotic waves of pleasure through his body.
“You will wear this cock ring at all time, Superboy.” Scot instructed as he stood to face the hero. He grabbed Superboy’s erect cock and stroked it softly.
“Yes Master,” the hero whispered as he brushed his lips against his master’s. “I am yours to command.” He felt extremely helpless in Scot Peter’s presence, but it also felt very good to the once alpha male.
As they kissed once more, Superboy suddenly jumped as his ass was harshly smacked. As he opened his eyes from the rude intrusion, he saw that Scot was no longer there. He turned and suddenly was punched in the gut as the criminal known as Spike stood before him.
Superboy cried out in pain as he was thrown to the bed. Spike pinned the hero to the bed roughly and handcuffed his wrists and ankles to the bed post. Superboy shuddered with fear as his body was naked and spread before a criminal who wanted nothing more than to torture the hero.
“I told you that you will never escape me!” Spike said viscously as he punched Superboy in his balls. The hero screamed with pain as he tried to summon strength to break his bonds. Spike took out a whip and started to flog the hero on his body. Superboy tried to avoid the whipping but in his position all he could do was move an inch or two as his body was punished. Tears started to form in the hero’s eyes as the whip was applied to every part of his prone body. Soon Superboy was crying as well as screaming as the whipping continued. Pain overcame the pleasure of being in such a position as he called for mercy from the hulking criminal.
“You think you are tough, Superboy?” Spike taunted. “Look at you crying like a little girl. Without your powers, you are nothing but a sissy!”
Superboy sobbed in agreement as the whip tore into his body. His face was wet with tears and snot began to pour out of his nose from all the crying. His high pitched screams did sound like a girl as he was whipped without mercy. Even though he was too weak to break free, Superboy still tried praying that his powers would be mysteriously returned to him. However there was no such mercy as his body was tortured by the criminal Spike.
Then the moment that he begged for finally came. The whipping stopped. Superboy still cried as he felt completely broken by this torture. We wanted to wipe the tears and snot from his face, but he was still held fast by the handcuffs.
“You’re pathetic, Superboy!”
Superboy tried to force his eyes open as the voice sounded familiar. Before him was a very good looking young man that looked familiar. “Jimmy?” He asked in amazement. It vaguely looked like Jimmy but he had been transformed to a perfect specimen. His once skinny body was now muscular to the point of perfection. Superboy could barely recognize the once skinny and timid photographer that has transformed to a masculine stud. “Please, Jimmy. Set me free!” Superboy begged as he tried to break free from his bonds.
“Look how pathetic you have become, Superboy.” Jimmy sneered. “I used to worship and admire you, but you have let yourself become a toy for who ever wanted to play with you. How can you call yourself a hero when you let yourself be blackmailed, fucked, and dominated? You started off a great hero and now you can’t even stand up to anyone.”
Superboy flinched as his former friend berated him. A mirror suddenly appeared on the ceiling showing the hero how pathetic he truly had become. His once magnificent body was bruised, bloodied, and beaten. His eyes were red and swollen from crying, and his face and chest were covered with tears and not. He looked nothing like the hero that he once was. He looked broken and beaten.
“You think you can protect this city, Superboy?” Jimmy asked. “You can’t even protect yourself.”
Superboy felt the emotional pain of that statement. Is this was where he was headed? Was he destined to be beaten time after time until his enemies got tired of playing with him and decided to kill him. There must be a way to get back to the way things were.
Jimmy spat on the hero and turned and walked away. As he faded away from sight, Superboy was alone on his bed to consider the road that he was on.
“How can I escape this fate?” He yelled into the empty room. He felt a surge of strength as he snapped the handcuffs that had bound him to the bed. As he got up he found himself surrounded by clouds with Metropolis below him. Even though he felt energized, he still felt despair. Even with all his powers, he was helpless once they were taken away from him. All his life he had depended on his powers and once it was shown that they could be robbed from him, he was helpless against the mortal man that he was once superior to. In order to survive, he had to learn to fight even without his powers. He had to use his mind to come up with strategies and be ready for anything. The days of Superboy thinking that nothing could hurt him was over. If he was going to fight back, he had to learn to fight without his powers when the need came up. The only problem was he did not have much time to learn. As Superboy contemplated his fate, he was suddenly jerked down towards Metropolis. A large bang sounded as his thoughts were interrupted. What was happening?

Superboy jerked awake as his front door was being pounded on. He shook the sleep from his body as he used his x-ray vision to see who it was. His breath caught when he saw it was Lex Luthor and his assistant Mercy. Using super speed to change into Clark Kent, he carefully hid his costume away. Even though Lex knew his secret Identity, he could not compromise it to the other tenants in the apartment building. It seemed foolish to him to have to do this, but if he could get the upper hand again then he could possibly get his life back to the way it was. Now that William Porter and Scot Peters were dead, it was only Luthor who was a threat to his greatest secret.
Cautiously opening the door, Lex smiled as he held up his hand. Superboy gasped as he stumbled back. On the villain’s hand was a ring with a kryptonite rock on it.
“I think we need to talk,” Lex stated bluntly as he and Mercy entered the apartment and closed the door.
Superboy backed away from the deadly radiation as his powers were draining as well as his life. Lex took the ring off and placed it near the front door as he led the hero to the bedroom. At the distance, Superboy still felt weak but he did not feel like he was dying.
“I am sorry about the ring, but I did not know how you would react to the visit. It also confirmed the information that Dr. Peters gave me about your secret identity.”
Superboy glared at his foe. “Why are you here, Luthor?”
Lex raised an eyebrow at the bluntness of the hero’s question. “I could kill you right here and now if I wanted. But it seems we have a common enemy right now. This situation demands that we work together. I saw your confrontation with Torjorion and you could not even lay a finger on him. If you want to defeat him then you need to work with me so we can do it together. After he is defeated then we can have our fight.”
Superboy looked at his foe in amazement. “Are you suggesting an alliance?” he gasped.
Lex sniffed and shook his head. “You truly are a moron, Superboy. Yes, I am proposing an alliance to defeat Torjorion. He claims that he is a Greek god, but none of the mythology mentions him. If the Greek gods did exist, then I am sure that he would have been mentioned. The only conclusion that I can draw is that he was an enemy of the Greek god and not their ally. It would explain the absence of records concerning him.”
Superboy nodded. “I had a visit from Zeus and he said that Torjorion was a rogue god who was imprisoned for trying to enslave mankind.”
Lex nodded. “There also have been disappearances throughout the world since Torjorion has arrived. They all are young males who many consider to be beautiful and sexy. I believe that he has taken them for his own pleasure. We need to stop this god fast. By the time the general public finds out his true intentions it will be too late to stop him. As much as I hate you, I have to be able to work with you to beat him and save my city. So I propose a truce until Torjorion is defeated. I promise not to make a move against you until that point. I want your word as a hero that you will do the same.”
Superboy hesitated as he considered Luthor’s words. He knew that he could not trust the villain, but after his confrontation with Torjorion, he was afraid that he would indeed need Luthor’s help. If he entered this alliance then he had be to always aware of betrayal at anytime. Finally he nodded. “We will work together on this then, Lex.”
Lex grimaced as if he did not want this but had no choice. “This apartment is not safe for you. I do not know the extent of Torjorion’s powers but I am sure that he will be watching this place. I have also not been back to Lex Corp since he appeared. I do not know if he considers me a potential threat but I cannot take that risk. I have a secret underground bunker that we can hide in and plan our strategy. If we are going to be safe anywhere then it is there.”
Superboy nodded. “Then let us go there. The longer we wait the more influence Torjorion will have.”
Lex nodded and motioned for Superboy to follow him. Superboy had no idea if this alliance was going to be enough to defeat their foe, but with his powers and Luthor’s brilliance they had a better chance.

Chapter 17

Torjorion laughed to himself as he lounged in his palace. After he was freed by the actions of Jimmy Olsen, he knew that he would need a place to pick for his stronghold. After the millennia of being imprisoned, he had lost complete touch with the mortal world. But as his prison weakened, he was able to see more. He knew that his greatest thread was the alien known as Superboy. He had watched the hero for weeks and as his power grew even invaded his dreams. However when he saw that the mortals had managed to capture the hero, he knew it was the perfect time to strike. He even let the mortals who had taken the hero have him while he manipulated Jimmy into setting him free. As he surveyed the land around the great city of Metropolis, Torjorion knew that he would have to strike here first so he could defeat the hero Superboy. Once Superboy fell then the rest of the world would be his for his for the taking.
He ultimately decided to make his palace on the same island that William Porter had his mansion. When he surveyed the land, he saw the island being razed with fire. The god moved in and instantly killed all the men who still lived. Once they were dead, he used his powers to construct a palace worthy of him and his pets. This way he was close to Metropolis and his plans could move forward.
One of his pets came forward holding a tray with a goblet of wine on it. Torjorion smiled at his pet dressed in a skimpy loincloth, his erection lifting it up to show his balls. As the pet knelt, the god mussed his brown hair. It was good to be free. All the manliness of his pets sent waves of energy to him. He drank his wine and watched as two of his favorites were brought to him and they started kissing each other. Without his influence, these young men would have been revolted to be making out with each other. But all their desires have been replaced with their desire to please their new god. These hunks felt great pleasure when his attention fell on them. Soon he would have a new pet, Superboy. He would be the centerpiece of all his pets when he finally had him. It was hard not to take him during their confrontation, but Torjorion learned one thing during his imprisonment, patience. His plan was coming together just nicely and soon the world will be his.

Lois Lane did not like how things were turning out. She had always had ambition to get anything she set her heart on. First she became a start reporter for the Daily Planet. Then Superboy made his appearance and she was set on romancing this studly hero. But in the past few weeks, Superboy disappeared seemingly abandoning them to the attack of Brainiac. Ever since Allen Tripp came into their lives, everything had seemed to go wrong. Although they were saved by Torjorion, things did not seem back to normal to her. Whenever she saw the hero, she lusted for him like everyone else. No one seemed immune to his charms. Ordinarily this would disturb her since even very straight men lusted after this being. But when she was not in Torjorion’s presence, she felt a feeling of dread like the world was coming to an end. The city seemed to live and breathe for the approval of Torjorion and somewhere in her soul she felt it was wrong. It confused her since her lust for the hero was overpowering. Her dreams were filled with pleasures that she never experienced before. Something about this chain of events bothered her. Even Perry did not act like himself. The only person who may understand was Lex Luthor. She did not trust him but his brilliant mind could see what she was trying to figure out. However when she went to see him at Lex Corp, he was nowhere to be found. That was troubling since she knew that his Company was his baby and he would never be away from it for long. This only led her to believe that something was indeed wrong and Lex was able to see it. For the life of her though, she could not figure it out. Maybe if she could track down Superboy, he could help her. Even after his humiliating confrontation of Torjorion, he must be somewhere hiding. However finding him would be a slim chance. All she could do is to wait for him to resurface. Until then, Lois Lane would work and hope that things would turn to be alright.

Lex sat at a small conference table across from Superboy. The hero was back in his familiar blue and red uniform. Lex would love nothing more than to kill the hero right then and there. However the need to get rid of this god, Torjorion, was even greater than his hate. It was not the first time that he had to work with someone he despised to get to his goals. Still the mere fact that he was working with this alien when a few days ago he was his prisoner was somewhat ironic to him. He could have blackmailed Superboy into doing what he wanted, but he felt that the guise of working with him would be more effective than force. His mind burned with questions about the fate of his scientist, Scot Peters, but they had far more pressing tasks to accomplish.
“As far as I can determine, Torjorion has some sort of mind control powers. Every person that he comes in contact with seems to be enraptured with him. Even I felt desire when watching him from afar. I did not trust myself to get too close to him for fear of falling under his spell. And from your failed confrontation, you seemed to be vulnerable to his charms. In fact I believe that he was only toying with you and did not use his full powers on you.”
Superboy grimaced as he remembers how easily he fell to this god. “If he was just toying with me, then we need to find away to protect myself from them.”
“That is going to prove to be difficult,” Lex explained. “I did send one of my men to get close to him, but he has vanished. I would guess that his powers have some aspects of magic. My knowledge of the arcane arts is limited as I have no talent in that area. However I also doubt that it is this simple. What we need is more information, but the methods of gathering it is difficult as anyone who gets to close will be compromised.”
Superboy thought quietly as he sat. “What we need is bait for Torjorion while the information is gathered.” He looked at Luthor and pondered how far he could trust him. “If you have a way to analyze him, then I will be this bait. I can draw him into a fight, but if he kills me then you are on your own to defeat him.”
Lex slowly nodded. “It seems like it is the only way to find a way to defeat him. However if you do let yourself get killed then there is little hope in defeating this god. Besides if anyone is going to kill you then it will be me.”
Superboy sat uncomfortably under that gaze of hatred. He wondered if he was wise to be in such an alliance, but there was little choice on his path of action. As they fleshed out their plan, it was made clear that this was a plan of desperation. If they were not careful then earth’s only defense against this monster would be crushed.

Lois woke up startled as there was a knock at the front door. Grabbing a baseball bat, she went to the front door and saw that Lex Luthor was there.
Opening the door cautiously, she glared at her former boyfriend. “DO you know what time it is, Lex!” she demanded.
Lex smiled. “You should know by now that I am unpredictable. May I come it?”
Lois sighed and fully opened the door to usher her ex in.
“I am sorry for the late hour, but I do not know if I am being watched and did not want to put you in danger.”
Lois eyes grew wide. “Danger?” She asked. “Who is after you?”
Lex smiled coyly and winked. “Who isn’t these days?” He shrugged. “I noticed that you were there when Torjorion humiliated Superboy. I am surprised that you did not come to his defense.”
Lois blushed as she recalled that fateful event. “All I could think about was Torjorion at the time. It did not hit me until several hours after what had happened.”
“And what is your opinion of this new savior of Metropolis?” Lex asked quietly.
Lois looked disturbed as she thought of the question. “I am unsure. I feel uneasy about him when I am not near him, but as soon as I see him I want nothing else but him. I have never been turned on by such a man before.”
Lex nodded thoughtfully. “You have always been strong willed, so I thought you may be a little resistant to his charms. Superboy and I have formed an alliance to defeat this god before he enslaves us all.”
Lois gasped. “Why? He saved us from Brainiac when Superboy was nowhere to be seen.”
“I have evidence that Superboy was captured at the time of the invasion. He has not come right out and said anything, but I fear the experience was not pleasant for him. It was not easy to ally myself with the alien, but I feel Torjorion is a bigger threat. And if I know you my dear, I think deep down you believe that to.”
Lois sat down on her sofa as she thought about it. It was hard to think anything bad about Torjorion, but as she struggled she seemed to get a bad feeling about this sex god. Slowly she nodded as she fought to sort through what she really felt. “You’re right,” she said slowly. Saying those words were extremely hard. “I don’t know how I know, but I believe you Lex.”
“I need your help tomorrow afternoon. Superboy and I are planning to assault Torjorion to gather more information about him, but we need someone we can trust to help. Will you help us?”
Lois felt the urge to say no and warn Torjorion about this plan. But if Lex was working with Superboy then things must be dire for them to ally. Lex had an unholy obsession with destroying Superboy and it must have been agony for him to work with his worst enemy. Slowly nodding, Lois resolved that she would be strong. “I will help; tell me what I can do.”
As Lex explained the plan, Lois listened. It was risky, but it was their only hope to be free once again.

Chapter 18

It was a beautiful afternoon in the city of Metropolis. There was hardly a cloud in the sky as a streak of blue and red flew across the sky. Superboy hovered near the Daily Planet and looked for any sign of the evil god, Torjorion. He took a deep breath and yelled at the top of his lungs. “TORJORION!” If he did not carefully control the power in his voice, all the glass in Metropolis would have shattered at such a shout. Superboy was on guard as he waited for the god to appear.
“You are foolish to try to summon me, alien!” a sex voice whispered behind him. Superboy flew at top speed several hundred feet away and turned and saw his foe hovering behind where he was. Even the few seconds that the god was close to him was enough to make his cock twitch.
“Your reign ends here, fallen god!” Superboy declared. His eyes turned red as he fired his heat vision toward the god.
Torjorion blurred and vanished right before the rays would have hit him. He materialized behind the hero and kicked him in the head. Superboy reeled from the assault and managed to shut his heat vision off before it would have hit one of the buildings. He threw a punch with all of his might into the god’s chest. Torjorion was thrown several hundred feet away from the impact from the punch. Superboy shook his head to clear the spots in front of his eyes. Once his vision cleared, he saw a red blast was heading fast his way. Using his breath, he froze the blast and then punched it into little pieces.
“You are just full of surprises, aren’t you Superboy?” Torjorion laughed as dodged another blast of heat vision.
“I won’t let you enslave this world, Torjorion!” Superboy declared as he kept his distance from the god. He was purposely trying to fight long range as to minimize the effect of being charmed and aroused by the evil god. Already his cock was half hard from being too close to him. But he knew it was part of the risk if they were going to gather information about his powers.
“You can’t stand up to me Superboy,” Torjorion taunted. “You will fall just like the other heroes who have tried to vanquish me.”
Superboy shot quick busts of heat vision to keep the god from going on the offensive. He did not know how much time Luthor needed, but he was going to prolong this fight as long as possible before retreating. The long he was near the god, the more his resolve faltered. His cock was growing more erect as time went on and he felt his desire to please Torjorion growing. The god vanished again and Superboy flew at top speed around the city. If he did not stay in one place then it would be hard to get him, he thought as he circled the city.
He suddenly gasped as his cock was grabbed as he flew. The god sat on his back like he was riding a horse. His legs wrapped around Superboy’s waist and the heels of his sandals pressed against his erection. He laughed as he patted Superboy’s head. “I think I will use you as my mount. You are hung like a horse, so you will be treated like one. I will create a saddle just for you and have grooms brush and tend to you.”
Superboy moaned as the idea was turning him on. He tried to get the will power to resist but he could not. Ideas of pleasing this god destroyed his resolve as he was flying his master around the city. Suddenly he was hit by a missile that dislodged his unwelcome guest. Superboy fell through the air before he was able to regain his flight. Looking toward the direction of the missile, he was the Lex Luthor was hovering in the air wearing a battle suit.
The evil god easily recovered and shot a red blast of energy at Lex. Lex was already flying away and easily dodged it as Superboy shot a blast of heat vision that hit Torjorion in the back. The god snarled and turned to face Superboy. Superboy flew away as fast as he could, hoping that he could out fly him and get away. Hopefully it was enough information for them to come up with a better strategy to defeat him. As Superboy flew across the United States, he started to believe that he got away. He hoped that Lex also got away. As much as he hated it, he needed Luthor to defeat this god.

Lex entered his secret bunker with Mercy trailing him. “That was close,” he told her, “but I think that Superboy got away. Go find Lois and bring her here. I do not know if Torjorion knows her involvement, but I do not want to take any chances.” Mercy nodded and left to follow her orders. They were a small alliance but it would have to be enough to free Metropolis from the evil god.

Superboy, Lex Luthor, and Lois Lane all gathered in Luthor’s bunker. All three sat in silence as they each tried to find a clue on how to stop this evil god. Their time was running out for this bunker would be discovered eventually.
“My equipment did not get much information on the source of Torjorion’s powers.” Lex said breaking the silence. “I have Mercy going through the data again to see something could be found.”
Lois was going through her notes that she had taken the last few weeks. “Do you think that the earthquake in Greece had anything to do with Torjorion? He wears a toga in the style of ancient Greece. He claims that he is a Greek god. I can’t believe I did not put the 2 events together before.”
Lex nodded. “That would make sense. The earthquake could have been him escaping from whatever prison that he was in.”
“I was on my way to Greece to cover the story when Brainiac attacked. In fact even before the earthquake, I was going there to track down one of the Daily Planet’s photographers, Jimmy Olsen. He mysteriously took a leave of absence and I tracked him to Athens.”
Superboy looked up from his thoughts. “Jimmy was in Greece? Do you think that he may have been somehow involved with Torjorion’s escape?”
Lois shook her head. “I doubt it. I was trying to talk to him about Allen Tripp. But if he was there when the earthquake hit, then he may know something that we don’t. However no one has seen Jimmy for weeks even after the earthquake. He might have been killed, but we received no word about American casualties.”
Lex frowned. “We know that Allen Tripp was trying to find information about Superboy. I don’t see how this Jimmy Olsen figures into this equation.”
“Allen Tripp made quick friends with Jimmy,” Lois explained. “In fact Jimmy worshiped Allen. But the day after Allen was killed; Jimmy disappeared and went to Greece. When I broke into his apartment, there were no signs of preparation for travel. It was strange even for Jimmy.”
“What does this have to do with Torjorion, Lois?” Lex pressed. “If he worshiped Allen like you said, then his actions were hardly abnormal. People do strange things when they are grieving.”
“I don’t know if he had anything to do with Torjorion, but my instincts are telling me that Jimmy may hold a missing piece of the puzzle.”
Lex mused over the information as Superboy stood up and paced thinking. Lex and Lois were much more intelligent than him so he let them bounce off one another while he kept quiet. What troubled him was his strange dream that he had before Lex proposed the alliance. Jimmy was in it but he was transformed. His dreams in the past few weeks have been disturbing. Even now his cock stirred thinking about them.
“If Jimmy is involved then he must be in Torjorion’s hands now. I do not think that it will be easy to rescue him. He probably does not want to be rescued if he is a slave to him.” Superboy said slowly.
“Is it worth the rescue?” Lex asked.
Lois looked at him in shock.
“It may be heartless, Lois, but it is a practical question. Even if he does have information that we can use, I doubt it is that vital to risk going to Torjorion’s liar. We don’t even know where he had made his home. I would guess that it would be near Metropolis since he has been spotted here the most. I think it is too dangerous to go snooping around when we are too weak to fight him.”
Lois sighed as she realized that Lex was right. “Then our only option is to go to Athens and look for clues about the cause of the earthquake. I think it is related to Torjorion somehow.”
Superboy nodded. “I can take you there if you like, Miss Lane. I cannot stay though since I need to be here.”
“While you look for clues there, Lois, we can go over the date we have here. I don’t think we have much time though. If Torjorion has not discovered this base yet, he will soon. We are going to have to face him sooner rather than later.”
A chill ran through Lois as she admitted to herself that Lex was right. If they were caught then there would be no escaping this time.

After Superboy dropped Lois off in Athens, he was going to fly back home when he felt a pull towards a northward direction. As he followed his instincts, he saw a lone mountain in the distance. As he got closer, he felt the pull more strongly. There was someone who wanted him to come here. He did not think it was Torjorion manipulating him. This was a different feeling that his encounters with the evil god. As he landed near the mountain top, he saw signs that there was once a palace here. Could this be Mount Olympus where the Greek gods once lived? The mountain top did not have signs of ruins but that the palace was moved. The indentation in the rock was ancient, but there was no rubble or signs of destruction.
Superboy felt an air of ancient holiness as he walked the mountain top. It was a strange aura that he never felt before. He could also feel much power in this place that he never felt before. He sat down and drank in the aura that was around him. He felt a calmness that he had not felt in a long time. The events of the last few weeks seemed to play in his mind and for the first time he could rationally think about them. The thing that puzzled him the most were his dreams and his encounter with Zeus. If this was Zeus’ home then why does this place have such a different feel to it?
Superboy suddenly went pale as a new thought crossed his mind. A lot of puzzling aspects of this affair suddenly made sense as he took off in the air and flew at top speed back to the United States. Not only was everyone in dire danger but they have been manipulated the entire time.
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По умолчанию Nightmares of Metropolis Part One

Chapter 19

Lois watched as Superboy flew in the air after dropping her off. Her love for him was starting to emerge once again. She realized that her feelings for Torjorion were lust, even as powerful as it was. But Superboy was different. She lusted after him but it was different almost in a loving way. If they survive this, she knew that she would do anything for her boy of steel. She checked into a hotel and made herself comfortable. The city was still recovering from the earthquake, but Superboy dropped her off in a part of town that was not as devastated from the disaster. They were certainly glad to have her business as tourism had dropped drastically since the earthquake. As she unpacked, she decided she wanted a shower. Undressing she turned the water on and adjusted the temperature to a degree that she wanted it. She took her time washing as she enjoyed the warmth of the water washing over her body. She regretfully cut the shower short as time was running out for them. As she got out of the shower, she gasped as a man was standing in the bathroom. Grabbing the nearest towel she covered herself up.
“What the hell are you doing in here?” She demanded.
“Don’t you recognize me, Miss Lane?” The good looking red headed man asked smiling.
“Jimmy?” Lois exclaimed. He was different in so many ways. His body was now ripped with muscles and he oozed a sexiness that she had hardly seen in a man. How could this be possible?
“Yes, it is Jimmy.” He said with a smile. “I have changed since you last saw me. Do you like the changes?”
Lois cautiously wrapped the towel around her body. “What are you doing here, Jimmy?”
“I have been instructed to bring you to my Master, Miss Lane. He is a wonderful Master and has transformed me in the man you see before you.”
“You are working for Torjorion, aren’t you?” Lois whispered fearfully.
Jimmy winked and threw a strange powder in Lois’ face. As Lois breathed the substance in, she felt herself getting sleepy. “Don’t worry Miss Lane, you are just bait. All will be revealed in due time.”
The last thing Lois saw before she passed out was Jimmy catching her in his arms.

Lex typed on his lap top as he waited for Superboy to return. As much as it galled him to work with the hero, he was glad that it happened. It opened up so many possibilities to betray the fool when their task was done. He had several plans in place for several eventualities. One way or another, he will destroy Superboy. It was more thrilling for him to know that Superboy was expecting his betrayal.
He looked up as the doors to his bunker slammed open. “What the…” he said as he leaped up. He felt a sharp pain in his arm. He looked down and saw a tranquilizer dart imbedded in his arm. This bunker was compromised. As he felt darkness take him, he tried to claw to his lap top to lock it. His secrets cannot get out. His last thought before passing out was that Superboy better survive this so he could be the one to kill him.

Superboy landed outside his parent’s farm in Smallville. He regretted not coming here before, but the events that over took him the last few weeks did not leave him the time or liberty to visit. He wanted to get his parents to a safe place so they could not be used as leverage against him. As he entered the house, he gasped as the living room was ransacked. His enemies got there before he did. Frantic he used his x-ray vision to search to see if his parent were here. Finding no sign of them, he went into the kitchen where he found a note on the fridge.
Your parents are in my care now. Don’t worry about them, they still live and will be healthy as long as you cooperate.’
Superboy crumpled the note in frustration. There was no information in the note to even give him a clue to whom had done this. His first thoughts were that Luthor did this, but he did not think the villain would betray him this soon. It could even have been William Porter’s men who did this. He wished he had time to look for them, but time was too short as it is. The world had to come first before his parents even though that thought was painful to admit. He was going to stay here to rest for the night, but he knew that this place was watched. There was truly nowhere familiar that would be safe. He could not be sure how much his movements would be tracked. Superboy thought about it and decided that there was no place he could go safely and since his parents were already kidnapped, he might as well stay here. Using his super speed, he cleaned the house back up in a matter of minutes. He did not know how long his parents have been gone, but he did not want the neighbors to think that something was wrong. After he was done, Superboy went into his old bedroom and lay on the bed. Closing his eyes, he did not have to wait long before sleep overtook him.

Superboy opened his eyes and found himself in his old bed at his parent’s house. He stretched and climbed out of the bed. He discovered that he was naked. It was strange since he never slept naked. He walked over to the dresser and opened the drawers to get some cloths and only found white briefs. Confused he went over to the closet to find there were no cloths there either. Going back to the dresser, he picked out the biggest pair of briefs and slipped them on. The briefs were tight and revealing as the bulge of his cock threatened to escape the confines of the cotton material. As he walked out of the room, he found himself in one of his old classrooms in Smallville High. The class was full of former classmates of his as they all pointed and laughed at Superboy wearing his too tight briefs.
Superboy turned red as he took his seat. The teacher came in and started to take roll. Once he was done, he started to write out a math problem on the black board. “Mr. Kent, please come up and work out this problem in front of the class.”
Superboy reddened as his classmate snickered. Standing and walking to the front of the class, he felt every eye on his almost naked body.
The teacher raised an eyebrow at his apparel. “I don’t think that is the way to dress for my class, Mr. Kent.” He walked over to the hero and grabbed his ear. “I think a punishment is in order.” He dragged Superboy to the center of the room.
“Please, sir,” Superboy begged. “I will go change into something self.”
The teacher slapped Superboy’s ass causing the hero to yelp and jump. “Quiet, Mr. Kent!” He snapped as he spanked the hero in front of his class. To his horror, his cock came alive and began to stiffen. It strained against the fabric of the briefs as it grew harder and harder.
“Look,” A fellow student exclaimed. “Clark is getting turned on by his punishment.” The entire class focused on Superboy’s growing cock and pointed and laughed at him.
His best friend, Pete Ross, jumped up and sauntered up to the hero. Superboy tried to cover up his embarrassing erection but his hands were slapped away from his crotch.
“Part of your punishment is to let the students see how perverted you really are.” The teacher lectured.
Pete leered at his friend as he grabbed Superboy’s briefs and pulled them down his legs. Superboy moaned as he was fully exposed to the class by the actions of his best friend. He reached up and grabbed two manacles that were hanging from the ceiling. Superboy did not remember them being there before. Pete slapped the manacles on Superboy’s wrists leaving the hero hanging from the ceiling.
“Do you mind if I take over, Teach?” Pete asked.
The teacher nodded and stepped aside. “I want you to uncover Clark Kent’s biggest secret for the class.”
Pete grinned as he slammed his palm against Superboy’s ass. “You heard the Teach, tell me your biggest secret.
Superboy cried out as his ass was beaten by a person whom he called friend. His ass began to burn with pain from the beating as he cried out with each slap. His cock was fully erect and began to leak precum. He kept himself from blurting out his secret though. He had to protect that at all costs.
Another student named Billy jumped up to the front of the class. “Can I help?” he asked.
The teacher nodded and gestured for him to join the fray. Billy walked over to Clark and started to kiss him. Superboy wanted to kiss back but he could not kiss for long as his ass was still being slapped. The mixture of being punished and erotically teased at the same time was intoxicating to the hero. As Billy sent kisses down his face to his chest, Superboy noticed the spanking was getting lighter and more erotic itself. The light slaps to his ass sent shivers of pleasure down his spine. His cock was leaking precum continuously.
Billy started to lick and suck on Superboy’s nipples. The combination of assaults on his nipples and ass sent Superboy in a passionate ecstasy. He barely noticed as another boy joined the fray and began to kiss his cock. It was enough to almost send Superboy over the edge.
Pete leaned close to Superboy’s ear and whispered. “Will you tell us your secret, Clark?”
Superboy moaned and fought hard to keep silent. As he felt an orgasm build, the boys suddenly stopped and backed away from the hero. Superboy bucked his hips trying to get his cock to touch anything as he wanted to cum more than anything.
Pete smiled. “Tell us your secret and we will continue.”
Superboy struggled to break free from his bonds. He had to cum! The need was overpowering as Superboy blurted out. “I’m Superboy!”
The teacher grinned and clapped his hands. “Very impressive boys, you all get A’s for this assignment.”
Superboy moaned as he wanted someone to touch him again. “Please make me cum. I will do anything you want. I will be your cock slave if you make me cum.”
Pete grinned as he motioned to all the other boys in the classroom. They all circled the hero and let him free from his bonds. Before Superboy’s hand could even get to his cock, they pounced on the hero. Superboy was surrounded by a sea of flesh as the boys touched and kissed every part of his body. He was in an aura of ecstasy as he drew closer and closer to orgasm. He knew that this was wrong somehow, but he did not care. As the orgasm built inside of him, Superboy screamed with passion. YES! He thought. I’M GOING TO CUM!

Superboy woke up with a jolt and looked around. He was still in his old room at his parent’s house. He shuddered as he realized that it was all a dream. It had seemed so real, he thought as he looked down at the hard cock encased in his tights. These dreams were become more frequent and more erotic. It was a sign that time was running short and if he was to defeat Torjorion, he needed to do it quickly. His hands yearned to go to his erection and sexually relieve himself. He fought hard to ignore his need to orgasm. He leaped from his bed and threw his clothes off of him in super speed. Superboy jumped in the shower and turned the water to the coldest that he could get. With a sigh of relief his erection slowly died down although he was still horny as fuck. When he was done with the shower, he dressed back in his costume and left the house flying north. There had to be some way of defeating this god, he thought to himself. Within minutes he was back in his Fortress of Solitude. Like his parent’s farm, he had a feeling that this place was being watch. His enemy likely knew all about him and nothing he could do to prepare was going to be done in secret.
As he walked over to the main computer, he turned it on and tried to access the files of the sexual drives of Kryptonian males. It was a file he never looked at before as he was always too embarrassed to look at them. However given the nature of his enemy he needed to be able understand his natural sexuality better so he could control it.
Frowning at the screen, Superboy could not locate the files. He went right where it always was but the computer told him that the file could not be found. Using a search engine, Superboy tried to do a general search for the files. Still nothing came up in his searches. Superboy realized in horror that the files must have been deleted. Someone did not want him to have access to this information. There was no way of knowing if it was the work of Scot Peters when he had the hero captured here or if Torjorion was responsible. He went to his storage room where he kept artifacts from his home planet. The room was ransacked and many artifacts were missing. Unfortunately for him, he never kept a log of the artifacts that he kept. There was no way to know what was missing. Frustrated that he was going to leave empty handed, Superboy decided that he needed to regroup with Luthor. He hoped the villain had figured some way to fight their shared enemy. If not Superboy was going to have to fight him again and in his current state he did not stand much of a chance to win.

Superboy entered Luthor’s secret bunker to find that it was completely trashed. He saw Mercy unconscious on the ground but there was no signs of Lex. He used his x-ray vision to look around but could not see a thing. The bunker itself was embedded with led making is x-ray vision obsolete. Looking around the old fashion way, he sorted through the papers that were thrown all over the place. It looks like whoever did this was not looking for anything in particular. It was set up to look like it was a robbery. Whoever took Lex did not want Superboy to be working with him. The odds were being stacked against him as anyone who could be a potential ally has been taken. First his parents and now Lex has been kidnapped. Superboy no longer thought that it was separate acts anymore. If he was a betting man, he would wager that Lois was kidnapped to. Like it or not, he was going to have to face this battle alone. He prayed that it would be enough to win.

Chapter 20

Torjorion lounged on his throne watching his favorite pets having sex with each other. Their moans of ecstasy filled the room as they succumbed to the pleasure and pleasing their Master. Things were going exactly to plan. Soon Superboy would come to confront him and he would capture the hero and transform him to his favorite pet. Torjorion smiled as he thought of all the delicious acts the Superboy would happily do to serve him. Now that he had taken all of the hero’s allies, Superboy was alone and without help to face him. Then as despair filled his soul, he would crush the hero and enslave him to his service.
His thoughts were interrupted as the palace shook as if an earthquake started. Torjorion leaped up in surprise as his pets stopped their love making and looked at their master in fear. He closed his eyes and scanned the area of his island. A blur of blue and red streaked by as it destroyed the gates of his palace. Smiling, Torjorion knew that his greatest triumph was here at last. The last battle between them had begun at last.

Superboy slammed into the gates of Torjorion’s palace. It had taken some time for him to figure out where the fallen god was located. He had been amazed to see William Porter’s island transformed to this magnificent palace. After using his x-ray vision and seeing that it was filled with almost naked great looking men, he knew that he was at the right place. Superboy walked up to the huge pillared double doors and slammed his fist into them. The doors shattered as he used all of his power to break them. A sexy brunette ran up to him and threw his arms around him.
“Oh Superboy, we have waited so long for you to come to us.” He exclaimed breathlessly as he hugged the hero tight. Superboy gently pushed the young man away as he tried to control his lust. It was difficult since he started to feel very horny. Picking the man up he took off in the air and flew to a corner of the island where he set up a cage perimeter to keep the men that Torjorion had enslaved. As they flew Superboy gasped as the young man started to massage his bulge. Superboy’s flight began to waver as waves of pleasure hit his body. They began to descend and fell to the soft sand as the young man started to kiss every part of Superboy’s body. The hero moaned as he felt his willpower fade. The pleasure was so great and his lust reigned out of control. He wanted to make passionate love to this man he was trying to protect. Superboy cried out with pleasure as the man started to kiss his tight encased cock.
NO! Superboy thought wildly. I have to stop this. He moaned as he felt his cock stiffen from the unwanted attention. Superboy gathered his fading willpower and strength and managed to knock the young man out. Laying on the sand and panting, Superboy started to think of thoughts that would calm his cock down. After several minutes, he got up and moved the young man into the caged perimeter that he set up.
He is going to have to be careful now. Torjorion was most assuredly aware of his presence. Superboy leaped in the air and flew back to the palace. He saw another servant dressed similar to the other that he rescued. Superboy did not give him time to react as he knocked him out and took him to the perimeter. Superboy used his super speed to go as fast as he could to gather as many captives that he could find to get them out of harm’s way. He was not going to hold back in his fight with Torjorion and he did not want innocents to be hurt.
As soon as he got all the innocents cleared from the battle zone, Superboy used his x-ray vision to find where Torjorion waited for him. Instead of walking the halls, Superboy smashed through all the walls in a most direct route to where his toughest battle lies in wait.
“Superboy,” Torjorion said giving him his best smile. “I was wondering what was keeping you.”
“It’s over, Torjorion. You manipulations end here.”
Torjorion threw his head back and laughed loudly. “You think you know what’s going on, do you? Well enlighten me on how smart you are. It will make my dominance over you more thrilling.”
Superboy glared at his opponent. “You thought you could fool me by pretending to be Zeus? You wanted me to fight you, didn’t you?”
“Very good, Superboy, you may not be a total moron after all. But that is only part of the picture.” Torjorion started to shimmer and change as he transformed to his true form. “I am a demon of lust, Superboy. I feed off the lustful thoughts and actions of men. However the most delicious meal that I have enjoyed has been you. Soon I will bend you to my will and I will be strong enough to enslave this world feeding off your lust. You will be my most impressive pet, and I have plans just for you.”
Superboy felt lust rising in him as he tried to fight it. He had to stay strong. If he gave in to his lust then he would be enslaved to this demon. Despite his efforts his cock began to twitch as the demon used the full force of his power against him. Superboy had to stop this or he would fall. His eyes turned red as he fired his heat vision at the demon. Torjorion vanished before the rays could hit him. Superboy looked around to see where the demon had vanished. He could not let himself be touched.
The ground began to rumble as the palace seemed to fall from the powerful earthquake. The marble of the throne room turned to dust as the ground opened up. Superboy floated safely in the air as the palace crumbled around him. There were red flames that leaped up from the new hole in the ground. Superboy tried to evade them but they snaked around his boots and pulled him into the hole. Superboy tried to use his strength to break free but soon he was engulfed in the flames as they took him to the underworld.

Lex Luthor felt himself lying against cold stones as he slowly gain consciousness. As he opened his eyes, he winced as his head pounded. What had happened? He thought groggily. He remembered that he was in his bunker when men burst into it. He tried to lock his lap top but he was shot in the arm with a dart. As he sat up, he saw that he was in some kind of cell. Cursing, he tried to see if he could use something to help him escape. There was nothing in the cell at all except for him. This must be Torjorion’s doing. The fact that the god thought him a thread meant that he was close to finding a way to fight him unless Torjorion wanted Superboy to face him alone. He had to find a way out to get to Superboy. The fool would fail without him and he vowed that if anyone was going to defeat the boy of steel, it would be him.
As he paced the cell thinking, his thoughts were interrupted as the entire cell began to shake. His first thought was that it was an earthquake, but it seemed to come from above him and not from the ground. It must be Superboy, Lex thought. He hoped for their sake that the hero had a plan of attack. If Superboy was going to fight Torjorion straight on then the hero was going to be defeated. As much as Lex wanted to see Superboy defeated again, he knew that his defeat would mean the doom for the world. The shaking stopped as Luthor tried to kick open the cell door in the hope that is had been damaged from the shaking. The doors groaned a little but held fast as Luthor cursed.
Suddenly the area was flooded with light as the doors to the rest of the building were opened. Lex braced himself for what may happen. He would not break for these idiots. He laughed as he saw who was descending the stairs. It was Mercy who was coming down.
“Mr. Luthor!” She exclaimed with relief. “Are you yourself or have you been brainwashed like the rest of the men in the palace?” she asked cautiously.
Palace? Luthor thought. Where was he? He shook his head, “I am myself Mercy. How did you find me here?”
Mercy explained that she woke when Superboy was searching the bunker for clues of the kidnapping. “I pretended that I was still knocked out and managed to plant a homing device on his cape. Once he was one his way to the island, then I took your yacht and followed him. I waited until he destroyed the gates to come and find you. We have to hurry, Mr. Luthor. Superboy has been evacuating all the enslaved men from the palace. I think he means to destroy this place.”
Lex nodded as Mercy opened the cell. “Let’s get back to the yacht then. Did you bring my armor?”
Mercy nodded. “We are on William Porter’s island although the island has been transformed to something out of a Greek fantasy.” They both rushed up the stairs as the palace began to shake again. Running as fast as they can, Lex and Mercy managed to escape right when the palace began to crash down. Lex turned and saw Superboy trying to fly as red flames pulled him down. Through the rubble, he saw a hole in the ground that the hero was being pulled down into. As Superboy was swallowed, he suddenly vanished. He must have been teleported to another place, Luthor thought to himself as he rushed to the yacht. That idiot was going to need his help if they were to win.

Superboy landed on his knees when he fell to the ground of the strange place he was teleported to. The ground was hard and dusty. There was little light except for red flames that danced around him. He had no idea where he was, but he somehow knew that Torjorion was close by. As he climbed to his feet, the hero walked to the door that looked like it was the only exit.
“Superboy!” a familiar voice called. He turned and gasped as he saw Jimmy Olsen. “Thank god you came. I have been trapped down here forever. I thought that I was forgotten.”
“Jimmy!” Superboy exclaimed. “How did you get trapped here?”
“It was I who freed that demon from his prison. At first I thought he was a god, and he seduced then transformed me into a muscular man. He then made me have sex with several men as he watched. When he discovered that you were my friend, he sent me here to use against you. Please, Superboy, get me out of here. I don’t know if I can stand another minute in the darkness.”
The boy of steel walked to his friend and held out his hand. “Come with me, Jimmy. I do not know the way out but if you stick with me, then I will protect you.”
Jimmy took the hand and Superboy gasped as he started to feel drained. Jimmy laughed as he drew the hero close to him. “You are a fool, Superboy!” he taunted. “This is the realm of Torjorion. It is here that he is most powerful.”
He leaned in close and started to kiss the hero. Superboy moaned as his cock was at full mast and strained against his tights. Pleasure that he never knew existed overpowered him as he felt so weak. Superboy looked up at Jimmy and tried to get away. “Please, Jimmy. Fight his control over you. I know you are strong enough to get free.”
Jimmy smirked as he unfastened Superboy’s cape. “I have wanted you since I first saw you, but you scorned my love by giving your attention to that tramp, Lois. This time, I will have my way with you. I am stronger than you now, Superboy.”
Superboy grimaced as he felt himself growing weaker and weaker. He had to escape this fate somehow. He activated his heat vision and was shocked when it leaped from his eyes and hit Jimmy in the face. Jimmy screamed as his face smoke from the impact of the heat vision. He let go of the hero as he grabbed his face as it burst into flames. Superboy recoiled in shock as his friend burned from his action. Jimmy ran from the room screaming and cursing as he vanished in the blackness.
Superboy fell to his knees in shock. Did he just hurt Jimmy with his powers? Guilt weighed heavily on him as he trembled from the impact of his actions. As despair threatened to crush him, he turned and faced the door. Torjorion was the one responsible for this. He had to crush this demon and then he would face the consequences of his actions. Determination grew within him as he stood and confidently walked to the door. As he opened it up, darkness engulfed him as he vanished from the room.

Lex made minor adjustments to his armor suit as he and Mercy looked down at the portal that sucked Superboy in.
“You have your instructions if we don’t return from this. I don’t want you coming after me.”
Mercy nodded slowly as she obviously did not like her instructions. Her loyalty was commendable which is why he depended on her to take care of affairs if he died in this battle. Superboy had much to answer for if they made it out alive. Lex Luthor took a deep breath and jumped into the hole. The red flames engulfed him as he vanished to follow the hero.

Superboy found himself in another room that looked like the room he just came from. Looking around he did not find a sign of Torjorion. Rage filled him as he thought of the events that happened to him the last few weeks. He had been humiliated and used at the hands of men who should have been in jail. He suffered greatly all because of this demon. If it was the last thing he did, Torjorion would pay. He was not sure how he knew that it was all Torjorion’s fault, but there was no doubt in his mind that it was the demon’s fault.
“I’ve got you now, Superboy!”
Superboy whirled around and saw Lex Luthor standing before him. “What are you doing here!” he demanded as his rage grew stronger.
“I’ve got you at last, you pathetic hero. My scientists are going to love dissecting you to find how you tick.”
Superboy glared at his nemesis. “I’ll stop you Luthor!” As he lunged for his enemy, he suddenly cried out in pain as Lex revealed his ring with the kryptonite jewel.
Luthor laughed as Superboy fell to his knees in agony. “I want you to suffer, boy!” he sneered as he slapped Superboy across the face with his ring. Superboy screamed in pain as blood flew from his nose. There was a burn mark across Superboy’s once handsome face from the impact of the ring.
Superboy’s building rage snapped within him as he fell to the ground. As Lex moved around the hero, he pulled off his boots and pressed his foot on his ass. “I have been waiting a long time for this!” Lex taunted as he grabbed Superboy’s arms and pulled his upper body off the ground. Lex laughed as Superboy squirmed as his shirt was pulled off of him. As the villain dropped Superboy back on the ground, he stepped away with pieces of his costume. Superboy used all his strength to roll on his back. As Lex came back to the hero, Superboy kicked his legs up and hit Luthor right in his crotch. Lex grabbed himself howling with pain as he fell to his knees. Superboy crawled to the corner of the room trying to get away from the kryptonite radiation. His hands found a gun sitting on the floor. Superboy blinded by rage took the gun and shot Lex in the head. As Luthor’s dead body hit the ground, Superboy suddenly felt his strength return. It was as if Luthor’s death destroyed the effects of the kryptonite. Superboy wiped the blood from his face and tore open the door out of this room. As he passed through the doorway, he vanished to another place.

Chapter 21

Superboy materialized into what looked like the same room that he was in previously. As he looked around he saw there were some changes. There was a big bed in one of the corners of the room. Superboy looked down and saw the he was only wearing his tights and trunks. Memories crashed down on him as he remembered that he disfigured Jimmy Olsen and killed Lex Luthor. What happened to him? He thought he was not capable of hurting people, but his actions damned him for all time. How could he be a hero for now on when he murdered and maimed people?
“Superboy!” a female voice called.
The boy of steel walked over to the bed where Lois Lane lay on the bed wearing a tiny slip.
“I have been waiting for you, Superboy. I want you now! Come and make love to me, Superboy.”
Superboy felt like a dream was coming true. Even since seeing Lois at the Daily Planet, he was deeply in love with her. He knew that she lusted after him as Superboy but he wanted her to love Clark Kent as that is who he thought he really was. But now seeing Lois in bed all horny for him, Superboy could not help himself but to crawl into bed with her. As he deeply kissed Lois, he sensed that something was wrong. He shook the feeling away as Lois kissed down his naked chest down to his tights. Lustfully she pulled off Superboy’s tights. Both Lois and Superboy was in shock, the hero’s cock was completely flaccid.
Lois took his cock in her mouth as she tried to get the hero erect. After several minutes, she gave up in disgust. “Some super boy you are!” she spat. “You are nothing but a sissy faggot, aren’t you?”
Superboy scrambled back on the bed covering his genitals. “No, Lois. I love you and only you.”
Lois jumped off the bed as laughed. “What good are you to me if you can’t pleasure me? I have no use for you can’t perform. I want you to leave, Superboy.”
Superboy got off the bed and went after his love. “Please Lois, I don’t know what’s going on, but I am not gay.”
Lois pushed Superboy away. “I gave all my love to you and want nothing more than to be fucked by you. Your useless flaccid cock can’t pleasure me!”
Superboy pleaded with his love. “I can pleasure you, Lois. Please let me try.”
Lois pushed Superboy away again. “Leave me alone, you pathetic sissy!”
“Don’t call me names, Lois. Let’s talk about this rationally.”
“You are not a super boy. You are a faggot boy. Go find some cock to fuck you in the ass, that’s all you are good for.”
Superboy felt rage rise in him again. “Stop it, Lois!” he demanded.
“I bet what can get you cock going is some manly aftershave. I am going to print your sexual needs all over the Daily Planet. All women should know the great Superboy is nothing but a queer.”
Superboy growled as he pushed Lois with all his might. Lois screamed as she crashed into the wall and fell to the ground. Superboy gasped as he rushed over to Lois’ aid. “I’m so sorry, Lois!” He cried. When he touched her body, he trembled as he realized that she was dead. He burst into tears. “I’m sorry!” he cried. He threw back his head and screamed with agony as he felt his heart being torn apart. He just killed the only woman that he ever loved. The door in the room suddenly opened as a red light bathed in.
“Come to me, Superboy,” Torjorion’s voice beckoned. “It is time to face me.”
Superboy was shaking as he got to his feet. Almost in a trance, he walked to the door. As he entered the doorway he vanished once again, but this time his destination would be what he came here for.

Superboy materialized in what looked like a picture of complete hell. Torjorion stood a few feet away eyeing the naked hero. “Welcome, Superboy. This is where I was imprisoned for centuries.”
Superboy wiped the tears from his eyes. “Why did you bring me here, you monster?”
“Monster, I am the monster?” Torjorion mocked. “You disfigure a man who called you friend and I am a monster. Jimmy idolized you and you repay him by disfiguring his face.”
Superboy paled as he whispered, “I didn’t mean to.”
“I can understand why you killed Lex Luthor; he has been trying to kill you for months now. Sure it might be ok for an ordinary citizen, but a hero would never kill his enemies.”
“I am a hero.” Superboy said as despair filled his soul.
“Then there is Lois Lane, the woman who you profess to love, a woman who you killed with your own hands. I think that if anyone was a monster, it would be you, Superboy.”
Superboy fell to his knees as he started crying. “I didn’t mean to kill her. I love her!”
Torjorion walked over to the hero and held him as he cried. “Why fight against me, Superboy. You are not even close to being a hero.” He lifted Superboy’s chin up and stared into his blue eyes. He had transformed to his other form and the hero could not help but to admire his beauty. “I can help you Superboy. I can make everything right for you again, if you submit to me.”
Superboy slowly nodded as he felt his cock harden. He felt so safe in Torjorion’s arms. He closed his eyes as Torjorion started to kiss the hero softly. As he opened himself to submit, he was suddenly thrown as a missile hit them from afar.
Lex Luthor stood in his armor. “I knew you could be inept to beat this demon.” He said with scorn. “You can’t have him, Torjorion. He is mine!”
Torjorion floated in the air as he faced Luthor. “You have been a thorn to me for too long mortal. I don’t know how you were the only one to resist my charms, but you made a huge mistake coming here to face me where I am most powerful.” He threw a bolt of red energy at Luthor.
Superboy leaped up and took the energy blast to his chest. He staggered back to where Luthor stood as he fired more rockets at the demon.
“You’re alive!” Superboy exclaimed. “But I killed you. How can you be alive?”
Lex scoffed at the hero. “Are you delirious? I would never let you kill me. I did not work so hard to save Metropolis just to have you kill me.”
Superboy nodded as he faced the demon. “This was all an illusion, Torjorion! You will pay for this.”
Torjorion laughed as he threw up his hand. Lex suddenly screamed as red flames grabbed him and threw him against the wall. As much as Luthor tried to struggle, he could not budge an inch. “Do you know why Lex Luthor is helping you Superboy? It is so he can kill you himself. He doesn’t want anyone to have that honor but himself. What he doesn’t know is that I don’t want you to be killed. I saved you in your fortress, so that you could live. I would not expend that much energy just to kill you myself.” The demon walked over to the naked hero as his voice grew sexy. “All I want is for you to have pleasure. I want to make your dreams come true.” He reached the hero and softly pinches his nipples as Superboy gasped with pleasure. “Submit to me and I will give you anything. Be mine and all the world will be yours.”
“Don’t be an idiot, Superboy!” Luthor shout from where he was pinned. Torjorion looked annoyed as he flicked his hand. Lex tried to talk but no sound came from his mouth. The demon turned back to Superboy who was fighting to resist the spell.
Torjorion softly ran his fingers over Superboy’s cock causing it to be fully erect. The hero softly moaned with pleasure. His will to fight grew smaller as his lust and horniness started to take over. Torjorion took a step back as Superboy felt the loss of touch on his body. With lust ruling his mind, he took a step toward the demon trying to be touched again. Torjorion smiled as he took another step back.
Moaning with frustration, Superboy licked his lips. “Please, please touch me. I fell lost without your touch.”
Torjorion stepped forward and caressed the hero’s cheek. “I will do anything you want, Superboy.” The boy of steel pushed his cheek into the enchanter’s hand as he moaned. Precum started to form on his hard cock.
“That feels so good,” Superboy moaned. “I never felt pleasure like this. Make love to me please.”
Torjorion leaned in and kissed the hero passionately. As he pulled away, his hand grabbed Superboy’s ass and pulled him against his body. “I will give you pleasure that you never felt if you just submit to me. All you have to do is call me Master and you will have your desires come true.”
Superboy gasped as his ass was grabbed and his hard cock pressed against the demon’s body. “Yes! I will do whatever you desire, Master. Just make love to me. Give me the pleasure that only you can give.”
Torjorion started to glow a red aura as the hero finally submitted to him. He kissed Superboy again as his hand ran all over the boy of steel’s body. Superboy moaned as pleasure built up to an extreme intensity. His cock wanted to explode right then and there, but it was stopped by the demon that enslaved him. His master was the only one who decided when he could cum. A bed suddenly appeared and Superboy was pushed on it. As the demon lay on top of him, he thrust his cock so it would be touching as much as his master as possible.
Torjorion ran his tongue of the hero’s nipples flicking it a few times before taking the nipple in his mouth. Superboy gasped as his nipples were suddenly sensitive to touch. “Oh god!” he whimpered as he was bombarded with pleasure. If the demon did not control his cock then he would have cum at least three times by now. As his other nipple was assaulted, Superboy felt a feeling of dread as he felt that the path of no return was coming close. His mind however was pushed aside by the feelings of pleasure that racked his entire body.
Torjorion moved down to Superboy’s quivering cock and ran his tongue over it. Superboy moaned as he thrust his cock to his master’s mouth. “Please, Master, make me cum! I need to cum, Master.”
As the demon took the hero’s cock in his mouth, Superboy cried out as the pleasure intensified. Suddenly the demon winced in pain as he began to float in the air. Superboy looked up in amazement as he begged for his master to return and pleasure him.
“You can’t have him, Torjorion.” Scot Peters said as he entered the liar. “You promised him to me! I set events in motion for your freedom if you delivered Superboy into my hands.”
Torjorion turned as he faced the man who conspired to free him. “I held up my part of the bargain, mortal. I never said how long you could have Superboy. I gave you to tools and power to discover Superboy’s secrets. I followed our agreement to the letter.”
Scot glared as he spat. “No one messes with me and walks away.” He held up his hand to reveal a ring with a red gem on it. “I now have the power to imprison you again, demon!”
Torjorion gasped as he saw the ring. Where did he get it? It was supposed to be buried in an ancient Greek temple. “How did you get that?” he demanded as he landed back on the ground.
Superboy tried to get up as two of his enemies confronted each other. Torjorion waved his hand and Superboy was suddenly bound spread eagle on the bed.
Scot laughed watched Superboy easily bound. “You should have been more careful in the fortress when you banished me. The three Kryptonian artifacts were transported with me. Their powers fused with my body creating a new person. The mind control ray, gold kryptonite, and aphrodisiac are all part of my being. It was child’s play to get the ring from where it was buried.”
Torjorion looked nervously at the man who had set him free. “You don’t have to do this, Scot,” he said his voice turning sexy as he focused his powers on the doctor. “We can make a new deal if you just give me the ring.”
Scot grinned evilly. “Your powers of persuasion do not work on me anymore. An interesting side effect of my new mind control powers is that I have a natural defense now against it.”
Torjorion grunted as he realized that could not manipulate the doctor anymore. “What will it take for you to leave me be? If you want Superboy, you can have him after I take him. You will have exclusive access to him once I leech his powers. I cannot give you the Kryptonian out right; I need him to extend my powers.”
Scot smiled as he glanced at the hero who struggled helplessly against his bonds. “I refuse to have sloppy seconds, Torjorion. You have nothing you can offer me now.” He raised his hand and smashed the ring on the ground.
Torjorion screamed in agony as his link to the world was broken. Red flames engulfed him as he faded back to his prison. The bonds that held Lex Luthor and Superboy dissolved as both of them were free.
Lex walked over to Scot, “I knew you were double crossing me. You’re fired!” He said as he glared at the doctor.
Scot sneered. “You have no power over me, Lex. In fact why don’t you sit there quietly until I have the desire to deal with you?”
Luthor glared at his former employee and opened his mouth to talk, but found he could not. He wasn’t joking when he said he had new powers.
Superboy finally climbed off the bed still completely naked. His cock was still half hard as he turned to confront the doctor. As he got closer to Scot, he felt himself getting aroused. He backed away as he remembered that part of his new powers was the Kryptonian aphrodisiac. He was going to have to be careful if he did not want to land in the Doctor’s hands again. “Why did you do this?” he asked.
Scot smiled as he saw Superboy’s cock getting hard again. “Why have competition for having you enslaved. I may have freed you, but you have not seen the last of me. As the demon’s powers are unraveling, you will find yourself free from his effects. But we will meet again.” He turned to Lex. “You will forget all of Superboy’s secrets.”
Lex’s eyes widened as the hero’s secret identity, his fortress, and his weakness to kryptonite faded from his memory. Superboy gasped in shock. “Why did you do that?” he exclaimed.
Scot laughed. “It is not permanent, Superboy. He still has the potential to rediscover his secrets, but for now you are safe from him regarding your secrets.” He walked over to Superboy and pushed him on the bed. Superboy gasped as his powers faded. It was not quite like the green kryptonite as he felt no pain, just extreme weakness. He did however become very aroused as the doctor came close to him. He moaned as his cock was lightly slapped. “I will be coming for you, Superboy.” Scot said as he leaned close to Superboy. He kissed the hero passionately as blackness engulfed them.
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