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Вопросы и ответы / Questions and answers Вопросы и ответы по работе форума, предложения по улучшению форума. Questions and answers on work with the forum, suggestions for improving the forum.

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Старый 09.04.2016, 18:46
v7f7a7 вне форума v7f7a7

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European Union
Gay pirates Гей пираты
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По умолчанию More capacity in Private Messages

I upload a lot of requests and almost every day I receive a few PM's, so the mailbox capacity gets full frequently.

Would it be posssible to increase this capacity? It would be very helpful.

Please, requests by Comment or Private Message. Thanks.
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Balls-Deep Bieber (12.04.2016)
Старый 12.04.2016, 08:40
Balls-Deep Bieber вне форума Balls-Deep Bieber

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United Kingdom(Great Britain)
Gay pirates Гей пираты
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По умолчанию

I have got to admit I think this would be wonderful, but I could see how it might be a problem for server space. However maybe a good compromise would be for certain user levels (definitely VIP users such as yourself, v7f7a7) to be given more storage.
If you like one or more of my posts, please consider joining the studio that produced the post when you are in a position to do so.
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Who Said Thanks:
yalta (18.05.2016), v7f7a7 (12.04.2016)
Старый 18.05.2016, 10:26
yalta вне форума yalta

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Gay pirates Гей пираты
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По умолчанию

If you reach capacity and have to start deleting messages but want to at least retain a copy of them for your own records, there is an option to download selected messages. Go to you messages, select the ones you wan to save, then go to the drop-down beside where it says 'Selected Messages:', select your pred option and then click 'Go'.

There is also the simpler option to "Download all Private Messages as:" -you just click one of the three options:

XML | CSV | Text
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jc9521 (21.05.2016), unwin (18.05.2016)
Старый 11.11.2016, 09:36
datop вне форума datop

Начинающий - Beginner

Gay pirates Гей пираты
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По умолчанию

thank you i didn't know that one can download the messages. this feature is very helpful. can we add an email option so it can be emailed instead of downloaded?
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